Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF) Ch-71


Kabir:- it was not your absence. she ..just checked the car and thought that man to be you .she thought you left her forever. It is not called an absence, ok

and you also know that how much she loves you!


Vansh:- I didn’t mean that ok it was such that you could have taken care of her!


Kabir:- will… (Cutting off)

Sejal:;(loudly) shut up! Think about her health it is our priority now not your stupid Banter, ok!?


Kava:- sorry!

All were waiting impatiently for her to wake up!

After 2 hours,

Doctor went in to check her up!

In the room,

Ridhima woke up! She examine her surroundings and then saw doctor Abhay there and shouted, :

R:- why the hell you hellbent on saving me every time. I was happily going to my vansh!


Dr. Abhay:- but you had severe panic attack and your family brought you here, mam!


Ridhima:- then to you would have let me die! (Shouting)



All heard her screams on the doctor!

All looked at each other and then at vansh.


Everyone except dadi at same time :- who will go inside first?

All looked at each other!


Everyone:- vanshhh!


Vansh(gulped ) :- please guys ,can’t you see my wounds,please anyone else Go in first.I don’t want to go in first!


KaAnya(Kabir+angre+aryan) :-you will they pushed him in!


And all of à sudden all the screams were stopped, as if someone had poured water on fire!


In room,

Ridhima:- yo.. U!


Vansh:- yes sweetheart, me!


Ridhima look up towards the ceiling and said ” see your love is made with this mad that I am hallucinating you”.


Vansh took steps forth and pinched her and moved little back!

Vansh:- you are not hallucinating I am alive!


Ridhima innocently gestures him to come to her. And he does so!


He comes near her and she instead of hugging him ,she grabbed his collar.

And then left him.


Vansh:- (terrified) what happened to you!?


Ridhima:- just checking that you are still alive or not or I am having hallucinations. by the way you are alive .the reason for this nonsense blo*dy drama?


Vansh took gentle steps and sat on the stool placed beside the bed . and said:


Vansh:- sweetheart believe me it was a prank but this was not in my prank .I never intended to fake my death, I promise.

(And told her everything)

(By now while Family was standing in. The room.. Silently)


She immediately pulled him in a bone crushing hug.

And said:-


Ridhima:: – thank god, that stupid person is not a alive Or i would have took him to the door of death, with my bare hands.

And you, Mr. stupid Raisinghania! Dare you pull up any pranks now, you always put yourself in danger in these pranks . You are very bad at pranking,I must say.



(Still hugging, he answered)

Vansh:- sorry, sweetheart!


ridhima broke the hug and shouted at him again. “stand up and take back steps”.

He understood that she is again angry. Not to stress her anymore he obeyed her!


She got down from the bed in anger Grabbed the bouquet , brought by a nurse.

And marched towards vansh!


Everyone thought that she will smashed the bouquet on his face




Done or over !

That’s all, guys!


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