Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) … Ch-67


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(Readers, birthdays inn dono ka h aur tha, gift mai sbko de rhi hu… Double updates๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

Let’s start,

With great difficulty she reached her hand to the wallet and phone kept below the audio system.

She was shock to her core the phone was his, the wallet was sane that she has gotten him 4 years back on his birthday.

She Remincised the moment with heavy tears!


Ridhima:- don’t open your eyes!

Vansh:- what’s do special !

No answer, she opens the blind fold and he was surprised!

Vansh:- for what!

Ridhima:- idiot, it your birthday, Its sharp 12 !

Vansh:- you know, how?

(That time he didn’t knew that she has taken out all the information about him)

Ridhima:- from your diary of childhood! You even forgot your birthday because of your work!

Vansh was having hard time! Tears began to form in his eyes!

The man who never cried, was almost on the verge to cry!

Ridhima became concerned and said!

Ridhima:- sorry if it hurted you…

I . ..am sorry…I will…remove it right now…. Wait… wait!

Vansh:- no ridhima, it not that! It is simply that I have never celebrated my birthday like this.I have never received this type of surprises!

Not even my own family surprise me like this!

Last time I remember was….I was 7 years when my mumma celebrated it in this grand way!

Ridhima:- ooo! No problem! I love you… your soul ….your everything! So in that sense if you are going to cry just now. …it will hurt me like hell ,so please!

I don’t like Tears in your eyes, I love my sweet and strict VR!


They together cut the cake and she gifted him!

Vansh:- what is in it?

Ridhima:- you see!

Vansh:- which one should I open first there are 5 packets?

Ridhima:- start n!

Vansh :- fine!

He started to open nad he found a white shirt in the first, a watch in the second , a black shoes in the 3rd , a frame and a pen in the 4th and a wallet in 5th!

Vansh:- I understood all the gifts but this wallet?

Ridhima:- I wanted to give something that is always with you and I am sure that will never forget your wallet! (Laughs along with vansh)

Vansh:- cleaver choice! ( he chuckles and they hug)

Flashback ends!

Tears were now falling off her eyes,

She silently with checking any further took baby steps towards Kabir!

Kabir held her by her shoulder!

Kabir (trembling voice) :- ridhu is…(cutting him)

Ridhima broke into a heavy cry, she was crying loudly!

Ridhima:- bhai… He.. He left me!

Kabir was distraught too but before he could say, she fainted in his arms!

Kabir patting her cheeks!

Kabir:- ridhu, ridhu… Shit!

She can’t… No.. No…!

He saw people around him but he didn’t trusted them enough to handover ridhima to let her each home back safely!

He looked here and there and saw aryan, sejal and dadi, sia, ishani, angre … At a distance.

He ordered a constable to let angre come in!

Ridhima in kabir’s arms , and he talking with angre!

Angre in a trembling voice:- is it all true! ?

Kabir nodded!

Angre was distraught, his eyes red with anger with God to snatch his only person from him, tears for ridhu and vansh!

Kabir jerked him!

Kabir:- don’t loose hope! We both have to handle our people too!

Angre just nodded!

Because it was difficult for him!

Kabir handed over ridhima to angre and he told to take all to VR Mansion only!

And take care! And mainly of ridhima, as she is in depression and may do anything!

Another suspence, keep your theories dropped in comment section!



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