Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) Ch-56

Chapter -56

So i am back,

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Let’s start,

They really reached rs villa and went in but the gaurd stopped them!

G:-Sir, who ever you are but ,mam is not at home she left an hour back without informing where is she going!.


Vansh:- who ever you are!???


G:- yes!


Vansh pointing his finger on him and again saying:- you told me who ever you are!?


G:- yes, sir. Hope you got clear with my words, thank you!.


Vansh in astonishment turned towards angre and sat in the car!



Vansh’s pov,

Her Guards are also like her arrogant. he asked me who ever I am .what he meant? he doesn’t know the great business tycoon ….urrggghhh…..ridiculous she has not even told the gaurds about me Or what!?that I am or I was or something to her!

Let me find her ΓΆnce where she left !?

Her behaviour was also odd . Where she went! ?



Angre:- bhai!


No response.


Angre:- boss!


No response!


Angre :-bhaiiiiii!


Vansh:- ha… Haa… Yes angre!?


Angre :- what to do now!?


Vansh:- head to kr mansion!


Angre:- ok!


They headed towards the KR mansion!

They reached,.


Vansh went in followed by angre! He called!

Vansh:- Kabir! Ridhima!

Ridhima!!! Come out… I want to talk to you!


Kabir comes out….



Kabir:- vansh, don’t shout… Pls…. She has discharged that doesn’t mean you will shout! It will affect you!

(Calming him)


Vansh:- sorry! But call ridhima!




Kabir:- she is not here! she would be at her dear heavenly villa!


Vansh:- what!?


Kabir:- what-what!?


Vansh:- damn it!!!!!!!


Kabir:- What happened!


Vansh:- she is not there! She left an hour ago according to her gaurd!


Vansh:- shit! I think she is leaving india!


Kabir:- are you serious!?


Vansh:- you think is this a matter of joke!? (Making face)



Kabir:- shit! I am sure if she will n… It will be impossible to relocate her..!

Let’s go to airport fast!


Vansh:- yess!


Angre, vansh, Kabir leave without informing anyone else!



At airport,

Ridhima was sitting on a chair with her head down on her hands!

She was all dresses up in decent clothes, making and adding to her officer qualities!


She was wearing a baby pink colored hoodie with white pants , a perfect pony. Minimal make up!

And had kept a navy blue shirt along with her in her bag .



She looked up only to see kabir vansh and angre searching for her frantically…

But she decided not to show up and leave the country for there betterment!


Ridhima:- shit! They came here too! This stupid guy will surely drive me crazy soon. Angre was supposed to make him rest and take care, but he himself is here… Being Irresponsible !

Now no more sensitivity, I will be leaving secretly under there nose!





She heard the announcement about the boarding the flight!

She took up her bag on her back. (shayd pitto bag bolte h commonly.. Shayd)


And a small hand bag and started pacing to wards the counter without looking at them!



Just then she heard a gunshot!!!!

All the passengers were shocked… But remained to there places …

Ridhima being officer kept her hand bag on the desk and reached out her hand for her gun!


But before she could take it out , she heard a announcement!

She recognized the voice immediately!!!!


Ridhima to herself:- bhai!!!!!



Kabir on announcement:-

If you can hear me out ridhima! yes I am talking about you Ridhima. the gunshot you heard just now was not of anyone else can but of vansh .he has just shot himself again in guilt of losing you and hurting you .if you can hear me then please come back if you want. Towardd the exit gate! …….



ridhima was shocked to core on hearing him!







That’s all for today’s guys!




Stay tuned!


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