An orphan falls for a goon (chapter-3)

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Chapter 2

Chapter3:-“The plan”
Here it goes

He becomes angry and is about to go back inside but just then the worker comes there and bihaan stops him.

WORKER:- yes sir. Any problem.

BIHAAN:- are you going home?

WORKER:- yes sir.

BIHAAN:- ok tell me one thing. Who made this rule in MY COMPANY that the person who drinks can not come in. ?

WORKER:- (he gets a bit nervous)
Sir wo.. actually thapki madam will…

Bihaan cuts in between.

BIHAAN:- ohh…I’ll show her.. (he fumes in anger)

WORKER:- but sir

BIHAAN:- I don’t wanna listen anything now. I’m going.. You may also leave.

He doesn’t listen to worker and sits in car and calls paan in car. He also sits with him. They goes to bar!

WORKER:- (in mind) sir didn’t even listen..he will misunderstand thapki madam now… I was saying that we just stopped his friend as we thought that if she can insult you so she will also get angry and insult paan on wine…Well I’ve to go (daughters) must be waiting for me

Worker also leaves.

Bihaan and his friend (paan) reaches bar. They goes in and bihaan’s other friends are also there. They gives hi-fi. Bihaan started to drink. While everyone was enjoying his one friend (named sahil) was lost in his thoughts. Paan snaps fingers in front of sahil’s eyes.

PAAN:- hey!!

SAHIL:- ah, what?

PAAN:- why you aren’t enjoying?

SAHIL:- Nothin man.. i am ok.

PAAN:- I didn’t ask this question. Are you depressed?

SAHIL:- no bro! I’m perfectly fine!

bihaan also notices his unhappy face and he also asks sahil.

BIHAAN:- tell me what happened.

SAHIL:- I said na..

Bihaan interrupts his words.

BIHAAN:- no! You’re are thinking something. You’re depressed. I know very well my each friend’s face. When they are happy and when they’re sad. So just don’t lie and tell us everything bro we are your friends and will definitely help you in every matter.

He hugs him.
Sahil started to tell.

SAHIL:- actually. There is a girl. she slapped me.

His friends burst into laughter. Bihaan also smiled.

BIHAAN:- haha then.

SAHIL:- See that’s why I wasn’t telling.

PAAN:- nobody will laugh now (laughs) he teases him.

BIHAAN:- bro I know you very must have done bad with girl.

PAAN:- did you flirt with her ? Hann?

BIHAAN:- Yes,, I think the same.

SAHIL:- no ya! I just asked her for a flower shop!

BIHAAN:- so what? You’ve been living in this city since several years you don’t even know about the shops here.

SAHIL:- But this city is so big and I haven’t gone to that place before. It was 11:00 o’clock that time and mostly shops were i asked for an open shop as I wanted to buy a rose flower for my girlfriend. And my girlfriend called me to that place which was new for me but she told me that she always goes there. So on the way I saw that random girl and asked for the shop and she thought I’m misbehaving with her and she suddenly slept me for no reason.

BIHAAN:- ok ok! I got it! What a crazy girl she is. Lol. Anyways so now you want revenge. Bro leave it. Just forget it she is a girl.

SAHIL:- sahil never forgives who insults him. (In serious tone)

BIHAAN:- anything for you my friend! I’ve got an idea! (Smirks and Snaps his fingers )

SAHIL:- what what?

BIHAAN:- just put a cloth on her mouth so that she can’t shout and hold her tightly from back.

SAHIL:- and hug her!

BIHAAN:- just shut up! I’m just helping you because I think that girl did wrong with you. I’ll never ever allow any boy to misbehave with any girl.

Sahil gets silent.

BIHAAN:- ok so I was saying that..just lock her in any hut then she will get to know the difference between innocence and misbehaving.

PAAN:- Will it be enough for your revenge?

Sahil smirks and gets happy on this idea!

SAHIL:- yeah bro thank you! You’re such an honest friend of mine! Love ya!

bihaan smiles.

They all leaves from bar. Sahil books a random small old hut for 2 days and he didn’t tell bihaan that he has booked for 2 days. He takes keys of hut from the owner and goes to bihaan. Sahil tells bihaan that “he has that girl’s number I’ll call her here and then we will do according to our plan!”
Bihaan nods. Sahil goes in corner alone and calls that girl but he doesn’t have sufficient balance. He goes to bihaan.

SAHIL:- bihaan can I have your phone. I don’t have balance.

BIHAAN:- of course yes.

He gives his mobile to sahil. After few minutes the girl reaches the place and finds everything dark because of night. No one was there. Suddenly one of sahil’s friend comes from behind and puts handkerchief on her mouth. Bihaan and paan holds her hands from front she sees their faces. She tries to get free herself from them.

BIHAAN:- Over to you sahil.

PAAN:- lets lock her in the hut.

SAHIL:- let me tie this handkerchief on her mouth.

He ties the handkerchief. And also ties her hands so that she can’t open it. And nobody can be able to free her from hut. Her handbag falls. One of the friend picks her bag and gives that to bihaan.

SAHIL:- bro! I can’t keep this bag with me. And we can’t throw it anywhere like this because anyone can find her through this.

BIHAAN:- so take this with you.

SAHIL:- no! I can’t, I live with my aunt as you know and she will ask me about this bag. please bihaan you take this. Nobody of us can take this with ourselves in home.

BIHAAN:- lets put this in my office. Nobody enters in my cabin without my consent and I’ve the keys of my cabin.

They all drags her and locks her in the hut.
Bihaan and paan sits in bihaan’s car. They gives hi-fi to their friends and leaves.
On the way.

PAAN:- (confused) bro! You respect women very much!

BIHAAN:- yes! But I can do anything for the sake of my friends.

PAAN:- ha! I know very well! You drink and you’re naught. You’re careless too but you can never disrespect anyone.

BIHAAN:- I told you na! I can do anything for my any friend. And that girl was wrong.

PAAN:- ok ! Let’s go to your office I wanna take my bike from there.

They both goes there paan takes his bike and goes to his home waving his hand to bihaan.

Bihaan goes to his home. It’s 1:00 o’clock now!
Dadi is still awake for bihaan.
Bihaan enters.

DADI:- I think my son has become punctual. You’ve started taking interest in business now. Right!

BIHAAN:- (he feels happy) thanks dadima. I’m so much tired and sleepy. Talk to you in morning.

DADI:- ok beta! I think you’ve already had your dinner.

BIHAAN:- yes! I did it with my friends.

DADI:- good now go and sleep.

BIHAAN:- maa? Where is she?

DADI:- she will come after a month because her friend is extremely ill.


DADI:- yes

BIHAAN:-Ok good night see you in the morning dadi!

Bihaan goes to his room

He lays down on his bed to sleep.

BIHAAN:- (in mind) where the hell this Samar is! He didn’t come today. Why?

within few minutes he falls asleep.
After half an hour.
A small yet beautiful apartment is shown. A little boy with his toy train is running towards his mother.

BOY:- maa maa!

MOTHER:- yes beta.. my cute boy.

BOY:- we will go to uncle’s house in a train like this!

His father is sitting on the chair reading newspaper.

FATHER:- haha how will you adjust in this my son!

MOTHER:- he is my genius son. He can do it haha (sees her son lovingly)

BOY:- YES (says proudly putting hands on his waist)

father and mother hugs him and kisses on his cheeks.

BOY:- you both are my life!

FATHER:-you too beta
MOTHER:-yes you too my child. (Kisses him on cheek)

Suddenly bihaan gets up from his sleep. He sighs.

BIHAAN:- oh a dream it was.

He smiles. And weeps too at the same time.

BIHAAN:- i was your raja beta na I was your life. Why you left us alone dad.

He takes out the bottle of wine and starts drinking it. He weeps.

BIHAAN:- good old memories! Why can’t you leave me alone (shouts).

After few minutes. He falls asleep again because of excessive drinking of wine.

(Note;-it’a winter season)
Bihaan is sleeping peacefully. Just then his phone rings and disturbs him.
He sees the mobile and it flashes the name of His company. He receives the call.

RECEPTIONIST:- sir today is your meeting and you have to come as Samar sir hasn’t come.

He gets angry and cuts the call. He gets up with headache but gets ready to go to company as this meeting is very much important for him. He leaves for the company after doing breakfast and hugging his dadi. He reaches.

This was the chapter3! Hope you guys liked it. Please.
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    Superb episode Didi..
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