Opt for Best On Screen couple on Indian Telly

1 1. Shlok-Astha (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir): One of the most lovely couple on the telly right now. They are cute, arguing, much in love and look best together. Their love story started with revenge and later on, their souls united forever. Astha brought Shlok out of his past for which he values her a lot.

22. Saras-Kumud(Saraswatichandra): They are most understanding, supportive and loving couple. They are the best example of love, sacrifice and truth. Saras and Kumud are the idols for people who believe to have love in heart than to bring it in life. They have gone through many tests in life, but always been supporting each other.

33. Raman-Ishita(Yeh Hai Mohabbatein): The “Madrasan” Ishita and her so called “Ravan Kumar” Raman make the most loved couple. Ishita’s never ending lectures and Raman’s never ending taunts have made the show hit. Their acting is so natural that it looks like watching a couple next door. Raman and Ishita’s chemistry certainly rocks.

44. Raghav-Kalpi(Ek Mutthi Aasmaan): Their love track was the most watched one in the show. The characters became famous by their amazing chemistry and won everyone’s hearts. Kalpi’s love for Raghav is eternal while Raghav is stuck with Pakhi unwillingly just to take revenge for his dad’s death.

5 5. KT-Rachna(Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke):
KT has realized his love for Rachna seeing her goodness, seeing what she did to save his reputation. He thinks he can’t get married to someone else if he loves Rachna. Rachna and KT make a good couple.

6 6. Jalal-Jodha(Jodha Akbar):
The historic couple of the small screen. Their romance shot up the TRPs of the show. The romantic scenes between Jalal and Jodha were beautiful thanks to their good looks and their hot chemistry.

77. Ahil-Sanam(Qubool Hai): Their love track will be shown soon, as right now Aahil has hatred in his heart for Sanam. With Tanveer coming back, let’s see how Sanam wins her heart, but she seems least interested to do that. However, their bumping into each other and cute arguments scenes rock the show.

88. Raj-Avni(Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya): Raj sings for Avni and mesmerizes the viewers with their cool dance. Avni and Raj has freshness in them, which makes them stand in this list. The way Raj lifted Avni in his arms and gave her a magical touch was awesome.

16 9. Purab-Bulbul (Kumkum Bhagya): Bulbul is ambitious, modern and practical girl. She is in love with Purab who works for rockstar Abhi. They are the most talked couple these days as the show is getting much hype since its start.

910. Raja-Madhu (Madhubala Ek Ishq EK Junoon): Raja has raped Madhu thinking its justified between a husband and wife. Madhu has filed a Marital Rape case against him, and sent him behind bars. This is one couple who has only one sided love which is also not true. Strange, but let’s see how true love blossoms between them.

10 11. Zain-Aaliya (Beintehaa): Aaliya has always proved herself right and saved Zain and his family from many problems, which made her get a place in Zain’s heart. Zain and Aaliya are very much in love but Barkat is after them.

11 12. Rudra-Paro(Rang Rasiya): The tough looking BSD officer Rudra Pratap lost his heart to his wife Paro slowly seeing her love and affection. Paro accepted him even after knowing his long affair with Laila. Rudra respects Paro a lot.

12 13. Karan-Sakshi(Ek Nayi Pehchaan): Initially Karan was not happy with his marriage and slept on the couch on his wedding night, upsetting Sakshi. But soon, everything fell in right place and love entered their hearts. Their special date and love scenes showed their good chemistry.

13 14. Anshuman-Pakhi(Tumhari Pakhi): Pakhi who waited for Anshuman for 18 years, got accepted by him and they were very much in love. But she did not get respect at the end. Anshuman called her characterless believing Tanya’s evil plan which made Pakhi abandon her marriage. He soon realized his mistake and right now looking for Pakhi in Singapore to apologize to her and take her back home.

14 15. Swayam-Sharon(Dil Dosti Dance): They rocked the show with their good acting, sensational dance, and great chemistry. Their on screen presence and their romance blew the viewers. Be it their Salsa Dance, their love track, its very much watchable.

15 16. Randhir-Sanyukta(Sadda Haq): They could not stand each other when they first met, and with time, Randhir starts developing feelings for her and gets jealous seeing her with other guys. Sanyukta hates him, but still cares for him more than anyone else. That is how love is slowly, but steadily in growing in their hearts, and soon the couple fell in love.

Poll closes on 17th June 2014 afternoon.

  1. One n d only Ragna…Raghav and Kalpana r d best jodi ever for life time!!

  2. Raghav and Kalpi the best jodi always.

  3. ragna rocks only only ragna

  4. Randhir and sanyukta….the best
    sandhir rocks

    1. who is randheer and samyukta?because i dont watch any ZEE TV serial after EMA debacle , even before we dont watch ZEE TV. who will watch years together like pavitra rishta? comparing – today serials–
      star plus is the best- but not all serials worth to watch,
      Isss pyar ka kya naam doon, EK HASINA THI is the best serial- Revenge story – writers are very brilliant one-
      yeg ishq-RAMAN & Ishita
      Life ok- almost all serial are good to watch- tumari pakhi beautiful story. best thing is – NO DRAGGING- cut n neat
      color-Beintahaa, Rangarasya.

      2 nd comes-life ok-then colors.sony .last in the list ZEETV.

    2. not every one watches these aunty type saas bahu serials….
      youth loves watching youth serials…… Randhir and sanyukta.. belong to sadda haq on channel v!! i dnt watch any of the serials u mentioned in the huge list!!

    3. I too don’t watch the regular saas – bahu series as listed by you… SADDA HAQ OF CHANNEL V IS DIFFERENT…….

    4. sadda haq is the best i dont lke to watch any saas bahu serials
      Luv sandhir

    5. what is wrong with u??? i may sound rude…. but seriously sandhir do not belong to any of the idiotic saas bahu serials u listed here…..
      sadda haq rocks….. sandhir is the best…..love sanyukta and randhir……muahhhh!!!

    6. even i dont like saas bahu serials. here i mentioned -serials very simple story – for relax not to take it serious- why i am saying so many viewers affected by EMA- in zeetv. i dont know much about other serials. my message i gave here is for who are affected after watching Ek Mutthi Aasman in Zee Tv.

  5. Ragna forever . Raghav and kalpi are the best they will always be best Jodie for me though they become official couple or not.

  6. Ragna are the best..they are eternal..they are divine..they are angelic..they are the bestest jodi..with out ragna no ema ..ragna is the best jodi i have ever seen..kalpi love for raghav is something beyond imagination..raghav loves her equally..they are the best..ragna ragna ragna ragna ragna ragna all the way..they can speak so much through their eyes..they are each others souls..ragna will create a history…ragna rocks

  7. luv u raghna u r the best

  8. yes all are correct we all loves raghav and kalpi doest matter sepration track going on but don forgt they are also true couple they loves each other soulful and husband and wife ith ganpati bapas blessing. even thought pakh and raghave marriage is court marriage no one there for blesssing and all. so real couple is raghave and kalpi. marriage is wo jo payar se bandhe do dillo ko jo sacrifise karne ke liye tayar houn ek dusre ke liye or dard sahe jo dusro ke baare main soche or khud dad main jye thats called true love raghave apne maa ke liye apne payr ke judai sah raha hai and kalpi raghave ke liye payar ke judai sah rahe hai pakkhi ke liye sacrifise kar rahe hai and pakhi sab jaanane ke baad bhi raghav jisse wo payar karti hai usse uske payar se door karne ke kasam kha rahe hai or raghaveko apna banane ka paran kar rahe hai how selfish. so we can se raghave kalpi is not couple now they are only the best coupld of on screen My and most of us votes goes to raghavkalpana. true love in between then with god blessings.

    1. dd,what is your name ,where are you from?if you dont mind.because we are not only attached with RAGHNA as we are personally attached here. if one goes missing other asked abt where is the one naming missing one. so i asked abt you. dont mistake me

  9. Raghave singhania and kalpi raghav singhania are the bestest couple on screen

  10. Raghav and Kalpana. …..Ragna rocks with their onscreen chemistry

  11. Will give one more chance to RAGNA and EMA by voting to make story line meaning ful not like this when Raghav said Kamala that he married kalpi in front of God who she have faith but second day she changed the God Vitoba and took only Pakhi’s prayer and only prayed for her selfishness and happiness of paki

  12. here we can choose upto 4 couples, For me there is only one best screen couple ever, i ve voted for only one that is RAGAV AND KALPI . there is no comparison and competition – one and only “RAGNA”

  13. Ragha & Kalpi only RagNa Rocks. RagNa are the sole of EMA. No RagNa No EMA, No EMA No Zee TV simple.

  14. Thilakavathy Janardhan

    “What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life–to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting?” George Eliot -this is applicable only for Ragav and Kalpi and the word couple s meant only for them On screen neeldess to say they are the winners of all polls all contests and all awards not only in the channel where the srl is telecast even the polls awards contest held amongst all channels. They share a very good chemistry the attributing factor is tht they both are package of talents and this chemistry is only possible on screen bcz they share a very good rappo even off screen and their down to earth qualities offscreen escalates their chemistry on screen too. Nobleness enkindleth nobleness. This jodi Ragav and klpi recreated history and telelsoaps henceforth shall refer couple on screen means it is only ragna Y’DAY TODAY AND TOMORROW. needs no proof as the best and only judges for any srl is the viewers and for them it is only RAGNA. This can be counter verified by those who hve the guts to do so. Pls do visit FB pages for these couple and then u will know tht wht i hve stated in is just in a nutshell and audience given a chance will write voluminously abt this jodi RAGNA.

  15. Well, for me Raghav-Kalpi (Ragna) would always be the best couple, made for each other! n nothing in the world, or any one else’s opinion can change that!

  16. Raghav-Kalpi best couples ever!!!!!!!!

  17. we are least bothered abt wht CVs show, but for us it was, is and always will be RagNa Raghav Kalpana forever

  18. Raghav and kalpi rock …they both are made for each ….if u wake me in middle of night too my vote for raghav and kalpi ..

  19. raghv and kalpi …..
    no other

  20. The couple who creates magic with their lovely eyes, impressive voice quality , and gr8 body language is none other than apna raghav and kalpi

  21. raghav kalpi good pair. love their chemistry. its look like real.

  22. Yes its only RAGNA RAGNA RAGNA 🙂 But m not happy at all the way they have butchered the character of g8 Raghav Singhaniya, literally i hate him as a person, u can’t believe him now,……i hate his fav word “main mazboor tha/mazboor hun”. & still he wants her beloved to wait 4 him. Aur uske hallucination ke kya kahne he can do anything with Paapi ( oh i hate to take her name ). This is height of hallucination , plz Mr. Singhania go n get ur mental check up done , m telling u need a psychiatrist urgently. Am searching 4 magic they have created as Ragna , plz give us back. I knw my request is going to deaf ears but i will f8 for them as i love them together.

    1. Agreed, Raghav should come to his older form and need to keep distance with paki. And if sleep with Paki then his personality will end on same moment

  23. RAGNA & only RAGNA!!!

  24. Raghav and Kalpana ..

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  26. one and only raghav n kalpi

  27. I love raghav & kalpi

  28. Raghav and kalpi are the best couple!!!!! No one can beat them…. After ragna comes sanyukta and Randhir.. So cute

    1. no,after sandhir only raghav and kalpi

  29. Raghav and Kalpana. only…..Ragna rocks with their onscreen chemistry

  30. enough is enough! we are tired of messaging and giving feed back without knowing Pakhi(Shrina singh) is in the management of the DJ creation unit.now no hopes. PD,DJ surely promoting PAKHI-RAGHAV.india forum – Rachana – 50 last in the list.Ashish is no where.if it the story goes this way they will come to 10000 in last from the first.

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