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Vansh is arrested!!

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(So, Pratishtha commented “Bakwas Fanfictions” Thanks a lot ♥)

Episode starts with..,

Scene 1:

Riddhima is walking in the hall when she gets a call.

R : Hello

Other side : Oh Hello..Ms. Riddhima..

R : Why did you call me ? 

M : Actually, you’ll get something, I have sent something for you..! Hope you like it..

The call ends..

Riddhima : Interesting..Very interesting! 

She walks towards her room when something sticks to her eyes., a paper..She picks it up and reads..

R : How is this possible ? 

She starts sweating, Anushka who is passing by notices Riddhima and says,”Riddhima, what happened?” 

Riddhima : Nothing mom..

Anushka : OK..

She exits..

Riddhima : How is this possible ? No..no…This can’t happen….never..

She faints..Rajat looks at her..He picks her in arms..

Rajat : Riddhima..wake up..wake up..

Everyone gathers, Riddhima is lying on the sofa, water is sprinkled on her..She wakes up..

Riddhima : What am I doing here ? I..I was and my paper..Where is it?

She goes and picks up the paper..

Rajat : Riddhima, what happened? 

Riddhima : Nothing Dad..Maybe Dehydration!


Riddhima : Don’t overreact! 

She leaves with Angre..

Angre : What happened ma’am ? 

Riddhima : See this!

She hands over the paper to him..He looks and says,”But how is this possible?”

Riddhima : This is a shock for me! How can it be possible? 

Angre : I think we should confirm, maybe it’s his plan..

Riddhima: But why did I think this?

Angre : Because you panic after seeing this topic..

Riddhima : Yess, you’re right..! But I need to call him..

Angre : Sure! I may leave now..

Riddhima nods. She calls someone..

Man : OH hello again! So, how was my prank ? 


Man : Chill dude!! Don’t panic..

The man smirks..Riddhima hangs up..Angre comes..

Riddhima : Angre, it was him only..

Angre : I said, right ?

Riddhima nods and says,”But you had gone to..”

Angre : Yess but before that I got the news..Vansh is arrested..

Riddhima : WHAT!?

Angre : Umm..what is needed to panic? He is not something to us..

Riddhima : I know! But right now, he is living at my place, it’s my responsibility..Let’s go!

Angre nods..They both reach the police station..

Scene 2 : 

Veer and Bani are crossing by..

Bani : Hi Veer!

Veer : What is the work ? 

Bani : I talked just like that..

Veer:  I don’t like to talk uselessly..

Bani : So, you think I talk uselessly?

Veer : Ofcourse, without any doubt dear…

Bani : Huh!!

Scene 3 : 

Neil : Deyani, if these two truths came out, they’ll change our and our children’s life..

Devyani : I know! Our motive will get destroyed..

Neil nods..

Scene 4 : 

Anushka: Rajat..

Rajat : Hmm? 

Anushka : I..have got a marriage’s proposal..


Anushka : Not for me! For Bani..

Rajat : You know naa she is..

Anushka : Yess, I know very well but we need to marry her,she can’t live like this..

Rajat : But what if her in-laws get to know ? 

Anushka : They won’t! Not so soon!!! 

Scene 5 : 

Police : Yes , what happened? 

Riddhima : I have heard you arrested Vansh Rai Singhania..

Officer : Yes, you heard it right..

Riddhima : Under which degree? 

Officer : Why will I tell you? I know you’re lady don of Mumbai , but on only that basis I can’t tell you anything..

Riddhima :  Ohh..

She takes out a card from her wallet and shows the office..

Riddhima : I am…

Precap : Vansh : Why have you hidden your identity from everyone ? 

Riddhima : I don’t feel the need to tell you..

Vansh : I heard you talking to a man..Is something related to him ? 

Riddhima : NO!!! Absolutely not!!

She moves her face…

Vansh : Yess, Before I tell anything to Rajat Uncle and Anushka Aunt, tell me..I’ll help you..

Riddhima : You can’t help me! You’re not a SERIOUS PERSON!

Vansh : It’s not always SERIOUS TO do good….

That’s it for today’s episode..I hope y’ like it…What has been hidden by




And why did the police arrest Vansh ?? 2nd identity of Riddhima ? What is it?? And also, the 2nd identity is related to the show ‘Shastri Sisters’ ☻ Have a good day ahead! 

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