#Opposites Attract Each Other #8 The only option?

Episode starts as..,

Scene 1 : 

Vansh : Whattt??? How’s this possible? Tell me..

Riddhima : See..I just know this thing.

Vansh : Why is Minty daadi away from us?

Riddhima : Because of her deeds!

Vansh : And why do our parents change their surname?

Riddhima : Because..House came..

Vansh : House came?

Riddhima : Idiot!

Vansh looks around. They both enter inside and see a huge crowd gathered.


The crowd turns towards Riddhima and Vansh. There are many reporters. 

R1 :- Riddhima ma’am..why are you roaming with this guy?

R2:- Continuously, you’re being spotted..

R3:- May we know why? 

Riddhima : Calm down..

She stands on the stage with the mics. 

Riddhima : Why am I roaming with this guy? Why am I being spotted? Why are you all bothered about it? Why are you getting tense? May I know why?

Reporter : Because we are reporters..

Riddhima : Because I’m Riddhima..Get that? Now go from here and don’t gather and create a HAVOC or the CONSEQUENCES won’t be that good..Security!

The reporters are saying “You can’t do this to us..” The security leaves them out. The doors are closed. Riddhima goes from there and Vansh goes to his place. 

Scene 2 :- 

Devyani : Woah! Neil..our plan will start working soon..

Neil : Yeah..I’m very happy on this..

Devyani smirks.

Neil : But what if Riddhima doesn’t do this marriage..

Devyani : Com’on, I know Anu..she’ll do this..

Neil : Hope the same..

Scene 3 :-

Bani and Veer are sitting. 

Veer : What all happened? This MEDIA..I feel like throwing them out of the country.

Bani : Same here..How they can defame them..

Veer: This is the starting..

Bani : How?

Veer : Tomorrow’s newspapers..

Bani : Yess..We’ve to stop them somehow..

Veer : But what is the way?

Scene 4 :

Anushka: Let’s declare them as fiancee..

Rajat : The last way..

Anushka : Or both’s images will be spoiled..

Scene 5 :

Riddhima : Marriage? No..No way! Why to get scared? Can’t friends roam? But Riddhima, you don’t have many friends, so they’ll think this only! But still marriage is not the only option..Is it?

Scene 6 :

In the hall : 

Everyone is in the hall.

Anushka: Riddhima, why are you not understanding?

Riddhima : What mom? To marry? Do you think this is the only option?

Rajat : Yaa..

Bani : Di, if it isn’t, then you only tell..

Riddhima : Uh umm..

Rajat : See..my decision is final, you are getting engaged this month..I’ll call the priest..

Scene 7 :

Neil : Vansh, they’ve fixed your wedding with Riddhima..

Vansh : What? (inside) Oho..Ridd..himaa..I’m coming..(teasy tone)

Devyani : Yess..and the engagement date is from 3 days..

Vansh (in mind) : Sone pe suhaga..

Vansh : Veer..explain..

Veer : Vansh, this decision is final..okay?

Vansh : Fine..

He goes whistling. 

Scene 8 : 

Riddhima’s room :

Riddhima : How? Why? Why I got a maniac like him? Mad! Idiot! Crazy! Childish! Couldn’t I get someone like me? Why he?

Bani : Because..Opposites attract each other! 

Riddhima : What rubbish? I don’t believe..You GO!

She shouts. Bani exits.

Riddhima : There’s nothing like Opposites Attract Each Other..

Precap : Engagement..

Thanks @Aanya , I finaly got your cover! It’s beautiful!

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