#Opposites Attract Each Other #5

Let’s first have a quick recap..

Riddhima releases Vansh from the jail, Anushka and Rajat reveal Bani being a naagin, not a human, Riddhima and Kabir’s fight..Neil (Vansh’s father) and Rajat (Riddhima’s father) were brothers but because of their mom, they seperated..Anushka (Riddhima’s mom) and Devyani (Vansh’s mom) were sisters too..

The unexpected encounter!

Scene 1 : 

Everybody is present at the dining table waiting for dinner

Devyani (to Neil) : Ask naa..

Neil : Riddhima beta, what do you do? Your profession? 

Riddhima : Uncle..vo..

Vansh : To scare people and..

Riddhima : Zip up your mouth..I am a businesswomen..

Neil : Hmm..

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) : Nowadays, squadron leaders are businesswomen too? 

Riddhima : Shut up or you see..

Vansh : As you say ma’am..!

Rajat : Vansh-Riddhima, what are you whispering? 

Riddhima: I have some work, I would leave..

Rajat : Byee..

Riddhima : Bye  dad- bye mom..

Anushka : Bye dear

Riddhima leaves..

Vansh (in his mind) : Not bad Riddhima..

Scene 2 : 

In the morning, The park : 

Vansh is waiting for Riddhima..She comes..

Vansh (in his mind) : I didn’t imagine, she can look so gorgeous..Riddhimaa..You don’t know, how awesome you’re looking, I’m feeling like..

Riddhima : Oh hello..

Vansh : Hyy..

Riddhima : I am not here to say hello-hi..

Vansh (murmurs) : Who started it? 

Riddhima : H? 

Vansh : Nothing..Let’s move!

Riddhima nods. They move..

Vansh : So, tell me why did you hide your identity from everyone? And what is your profession ? Why did you beat that man ? 

Riddhima : Man? Which man ? 

Vansh : Com’on , I am not an IDIOT , I know you have beaten a man yesterday..

Riddhima : That’s none of your business..

Vansh : Ok., so your profession is? 

Riddhima : Is Squadron Leader..

Vansh : No..I’m damn sure, not this only..

Riddhima : See, I told you..

Vansh (in mind) : She’ll not tell me like this..I’ll have to be angry and accuse her to know the truth..It’s making me curious..

Riddhima : What are you thinking ? 

Vansh : How will I tell the truth to Uncle and Aunt..

Riddhima : Go now! But wait..any proof they’ll trust you more than me? 

Vansh : Yess…They’ll..Either you tell me or..

Riddhima : I am not gonna..

Vansh : Oh! I know why, because you’re scared..Yesss…You’re scared of me..me..because the person in EGO IS ALWAYS scared..!!! You’ll have to make your EGO DIE because when the EGO DIES, THE SOUL AWAKES!! Egoistic!!

Riddhima : ENOUGH!!

Vansh (in mind) : She’s losing temper..Keep going!

Riddhima : ENOUGH OF YOU VANSH!!! What do you want to know? That I’m a Mafia ? I don’t want PEOPLE TO KNOW ME AS SQUADRON LEADER…Only MAFIA..YES, I AM AN ILLEGAL MAFIA…GET IT?

She leaves.

Vansh : MAFIA ? Ilegal mafia ?

Scene 3 : 

Riddhima, losing her temper, is walking in the hall, when hears someone talking..

Neil : I think our mission will be successful..

Devyani : Yeah..

Riddhima: Mission ? Which mission ?

Neil : I think we shouldn’t talk here, what if she listens it.?

Riddhima : Interesting..Very interesting..

Scene 4 : 

At Vansh’s job (clinic) : 

Boss : So,Mr. Vansh, today our Defence Force team is coming, do their check up well, I have some work..

Vansh : Sure sir! 

His boss leaves. The defence force team comes one-by-one and leave..At last, the squadron leader comes..

Riddhima : YOU!!

Vansh : YOU!!

Vansh/Riddhima (together) : What are you doing here?…Same question!

Riddhima : Huh!

Vansh : I am clinic incharge..

Riddhima : WHAT? I have to come here for a month and have to meet you..YOU!!

Vansh : Is it necessary?

Riddhima : Ofcourse..

Vansh : Huh! Stand here on the weighing machine..

Riddhima goes and stands.

Vansh : By the way, you look gorgeous in your uniform too..

Riddhima : Shut up! 

Precap : Riddhima points gun at _______ 

Tadaaaaaa…New update..I’m so happy, I can’t tell..Lemme narrate..Last night, I was switching off my smart TV when noticed Rrahul is live..OMG!! Yess, I opened internet on TV and then watched his  Youtube live, I was commenting in live chat with my TV , and I know it’s soo difficult to do..At Last, he noticed me and said “Good Night Jasmine” I jumped with excitement, kept on smiling till today morning..I am soooooo much happy man..My hands were literally paining after typing and when he replied, I just forgot it..He, after finishing the live, made it into video the night, but morning he deleted it..So, I found it and here’s a lil clip of it, Wanna watch it full ? Go search on YT Rrahul Sudhir Youtube Live 8 March, It was of 52 mins and literally at 48 mins, he spoke my name..Anyways, now guess the precap..Byeee


Do watchout..



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