Opinion – Is ITV biased towards it’s so-called best Bahu”s?

There are a lot of interesting shows on television and most of us might agree that the shows are primarily matriarchal in nature.

Shows like Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, Imlie, Anupamaa among other shows have showcased show the female protagonist, the ‘ideal bahu’ of the house is always appreciated if she does something good. But then there is too much expected out of her. And one thing which does she does not do or the situation she might not be responsible for, she is held responsible and not only that, she is bashed left, right and centre for it!For example, in Anupamaa, she was always told that she is illiterate but when she upped her skills and won battles on her own the family felt nice and proud. She brought the family together and gave strength during their weakest times but now the family is not standing for her.

Let us see what the audience has to say: 

Heena Parmar said, “Well, the bahu once enters the house, she is not only limited to the kitchen as we see in majority of homes where women have no say or aren’t working. Here, the bahu is shown to be working around the kitchen and at the same time fighting battles for the family for which she gets blamed, accused and wach time is like a test which she has to pass to maintain her respect in the family. It might look like the family loves the bahu but if I watch the show practically, that is how I see it!”

Amisha Thakkar shared, “Yes, it is true that a log is expected from the daughter-in-law and somewhere the way it is seen also raises the expectations of mother-in-laws who might be watching the show!”

Hiral Vaidya mentioned, “Look, I feel the bahu is shown like a goddess at times and at times, she loses that every once of respect if she does not stand up to her level.”

Rinku Thakkar expressed, “I feel the way the daughter-in-laws are projected in shows is very progressive. I enjoy watching the shows.”

Puneet Motwani believed, “No, I feel the character is designed such that they have to or have passed the ‘ideal bahu’ test”

What are your thoughts on the same? Mention them in the comments below!

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  1. Not from India, however, watched Imlie during the pandemic lock down. This show sends the wrong message to the world viewing audience. It depicted bullying and uncouth behaviour from villagers. Adulterous relationships. Marriage to siblings. Forced marriage. So my foreign thoughts from what this show is depicting ..People watching can get an impression of this is what you entertain in your country. Take an indepth insight into this nonsensical show. No wonder the ratings are low. The western world is not hypocritical as they hide nothing in their shows and life in general. I know that Indian people pride themselves in their religion, traditions/customs, culture, respect for elderly..etc
    My family and I joke about should we visit India we need to be careful cause we can get married forcefully or lose your husband or wife unknowingly.. Or we can barge into people’s lives and home without an invitation and make demands..
    1. Imlie – not an innocent village girl. You live in a village so you know its rules. Very immature, uncouth, manipulative, not respective of elders, claimed to want education but studying man subject. Dishonest – should of reveal her true identity when reaching the city. Has a sarcastic portrayal in insulting her elders whom she desperately wants to be part of. Claims doesn’t need to change but eagerly adorn herself when given the chance. Truth be told she is very younger than her forced husband and will eventually have to change to suit his lifestyle and status. Everything is fine in the beginning but when there is clashes of differences changes and resentment surfaces. Her whole life is ahead of her whereas he already been there done that. She should be able to enjoy her college life, see places and meet people to identify with the world outside of her village before commitment of this nature. Betterment for herself and even returning to her village to help educate them also. No love chemistry seen nor intellectual conversations to show interest in each other or compatibility. Probably teenager crush is depicted. Chemistry with her and Sundar is evident. Fighting for what rights? Your father and sister accept you. Content with it especially when they knew nothing about you. They still acknowledge that you exist and include you in the wealth. Not something people willing rush to do. Amazing how these villagers rush marriage with out knowing about the groom and background. Suppose he was a rapist? Very sly though to capture a wealthy man. Maybe it’s the God who answered her cunning prayers?
    2. Aditya – educated but lack brains. Dishonest with everyone including himself. Is forced marriage legal and is it is widely accepted?otherwise a report should of been made. Still he returns to the City and the Marry  someone who he has been with for the past years. Had opportunity to not do so but never did. He should be jail for this action if not legal in India. It reveals that he is married to 2 sisters and yet again still acceptable? Looks at imlie and treats her like a sibling or someone he owes gratitude towards. If adamant about imlie should leave his home and start afresh with her elsewhere. It’s an insult to his married wife as he is not divorced. He has already started easily changing Imlie to fit his life. However he will not change to be a villager. Should he resort to living there with imlie.. Its not his standard of living. In reality complications will arise after the ‘honeymoon’ phase. He is confused with love itself. Imlie slyness should show her taking him for all his wealth and home as she eagerly wants to be the daughter in law of the house as its her agenda depicted here.
    3. Malini – one look at her and its elegance and class. Cheated by Aditya infidelity she should of took him to court for every last dime. In the real world this happens. However that is not her nature. She felt sorry when she realise that she had a sister. Trying to include her to get her rights but is deceived by her father, sister and husband. Very tolerable. Educated but this suicide tendency and with their religious belief, people need another avenue to seek help and stop showcasing it as something great. In other parts of the world it is a grave sin to take one’s life as life is a gift from God. Chemistry and compatibility is seen with Aditya & Kunal as they are also Professionals. Picture yourself in Malini position. Time is an investment in someone lifetime. She invested this with Aditya. Not like Imlie.. Johnny come lately as the saying goes…
    4. Imlie mother – like imlie knows village life and rules. Got pregnant doesn’t happen by mistake unless raped. Capture a rich man.. Cunning. Fighting for her daughter forced marriage cause of shame to return her daughter home not married. False pride it is called. Its also a burden. women being a burden on their families. Surprise her mother didn’t force marry her also when she was pregnant.
    5. Dev – adulterous man. Guilt eating him in his old age. He added to his wife reaction to his cheating. Which woman feels nothing in this situation? He is unfair to his wife and daughter as trying to make amends for his sins.. Support your illigimate daughter if you want but not at your first daughter expense..
    6. Anu – a woman scorned and just seeking her rights as well as her daughter’s. Cheated by her husband. At some point she will be hurting & had enough. Period
    7. Imlie grandma/nani – uncouth, bully, ill mannered no positive words for her.
    8. The Tripathis-weak spineless family. People coming into your house and dictating to you. Their is a limit to what you can tolerate and from who. If you love your son let him go. If he loves Imlie let them go and live their life.
    9. Sundar-match for Imlie. Loyal to guest or who pays his salary? Too involved in the family for a servant. Nishant-go Australia and be with your wife. Concentrate on the life you have left instead of plotting with Imlie. Rupi-make a life. You’re young.. Mind your business and stop encouraging imlie. Weren’t they all at Aditya and Malini wedding? They should of object to it if they didn’t want Malini. Or did they attend the forced marriage?
    When producing shows think of your target audience and their impressionable minds and the message you want to get across. Let your show inspire them to aspire to greater things or learned a valuable message. I thought I have seen worst but then you show this! What’s worse than worse!!

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