Opinion : Are popular daily soaps turning the concept of Revenge-Love Stories cliched?

There are a lot of popular TV which mainly run on love triangles and a whole lot of drama. But, sometimes such storylines turn repetitive by using the same formula with different angles.

A lot of mainstream GEC’s present strong and interesting narratives much to the entertainment of the audience. They plan on stories that bring much interest to their shows and leave a cliffhanger more often for the audience to stay engrossed in the show. Sometimes such storylines turn repetitive by using the same formula with different angles.

One such concept is Revenge-Love Stories, well we have already seen it in many stories and yet again it’s trending with some of the top shows on television right now like Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Udaariyaan, Sasural Simar Ka 2, and Kumkum Bhagya.

The concept is all about seeking revenge from the man whom they once dearly love and for the sake of their attention the protagonist decides to marry his brother and stay in the same family. These unfaithful love stories have turned into a massive hit, but now the audience has gotten bored seeing the same in all the top shows.

We all have seen in GHKKPM, Pakhi marries Samrat to become an important part of his life and seek revenge for ruining her life. Whereas the same with Kumkum and SSK2, now Udaariyaan has also taken the same turn when Jasmine seeks revenge from Tejo by turning Amrik her love interest and woo Fateh at the same time.

Here’s what some audience has to say about it:

Ashi Manal: I don’t understand why does a love triangle turn revengeful after the viewers finally accept the new pair. This not only disrupts the chain but often turn into a loss of interest in the storyline further.

Samad Khan: Shows have really turned relatable, as well all face such situations with our lovers and parts of unrequited love. These stories indeed make sense to the new generation.

Rakhi Desai: The tv shows have turned monotonous with their storylines, Love triangles and revenge love stories seem outdated in the times of online dating and moving on.

What do you think about these shows? Mention your views in the comments section below.

  1. Shesha485

    Obviously yes. Third member has said the things without beating around the bush.

  2. Stephanie Cyril

    It’s a relatable plot.It was also there in Vedhika Agarwal story aapke aa jane se as her sister did showed greed.It was also there in Saath nibhaana Saathiya when Radha Sister of Gopi Also tried the same.Without any blood relation, Anamika the Chudail also showed revenge to Chaavi who was the present love of Jeet.

  3. 1. The characters who have value based good personality are suffering
    2. The criminal characters never lose and never face sentences even they are murderers
    3. The shows are promoting murdering, stealing, kidnapping etc as the prominent way of succeeding
    4. Education is not praised
    5. Women are slaves trapped into the houses.
    6. Life purpose of women is only to get married
    7. All marriges always takes place as a result of trapping. insulting and raping
    8. Serials are promoting caste based life
    9. Males and females do not have equal rights. We might say that a single woman does not have any rights
    10. Motto is that ”for every goodness there is always a strong punishment”

    1. 👍 Righty said.. Disgusting to watch

  4. Bhuvaneshwari

    The logic of such shows are just ridiculous especially Kumkum bhagya. These just make us go fed up of these shows. The characters in these shows don’t portray even basic decency. They just blame the good characters because someone manipulated them against these characters. They’ll take ‘n’ no. of leaps and the once ‘nice’ show turns to be a ‘crap’. I saw this happening with YRKKH. Because, it was once a good show with a good story and things that happen in a normal household but after when it started taking leap, the story wasn’t that good and when they took the Naira leap, the story went downhill so much and after Kaira marriage they took leaps after leaps 🤦🤦🤦and became more frustrating. They show that the leads will beleive whatever the evil characters say without any solid proof and also knowing that they have evil intentions. These shows turn too illogical after sometime, who can forget the illogical dramas of SSK. Without hearing the other side, Abhi always accuses Pragya and Prachi by manipulation of Aliya and Rhea like WTF? And the current track, even worst, same plotting against the own tein sister etc., etc.,. In the same way, YHM too turned illogical.

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