Only for me myself – OS Part 1

Hey guys thanks for your response, I’ll complete this OS in 2 to 3 shots, so let start .

Recap – Oberoi ladies goes missing , respective husbands miss their wives , they come back home

OM , Mumbai

After 3 days

Morning 8

The ladies enter the mansion , the Obros were quite busy they were doing their work on own without their partners

Tej – Shivay I donno where is my BP tablet new pack the old one is over will you help me in finding out it .

Shivay – but bade Papa vo…(who was in the kitchen cooking )

Ansh – Papa pls tie this tie

Shivay – Ansh I’m cooking will u ask someone

Shakthi – Ansh beta come here I’ll tie

Ansh goes to his dadu

Om – Shivay is BF is ready ??? I’m having work

Shivay – almost done Just 2 minutes Om

Rudy – Papa I bought your BP tablet have it …( By giving the tablets & a glass of water )

Tej – thanks Rudy

Oberoi ladies who was seeing this scene little surprised

Shivay – ok ok come BF is ready we all will have BF

Just then they appear infront of the men’s

They were totally dumbstruck first the kids ran & hugged their mom & their dadi’s

They hugged with love & Affection then the men’s hugged their respective wives the doesn’t reciprocate the hug but instead they stood still , the men’s was confused & shocked

Shivay – what happened to you all? where all of went? & where is dadi ? Have some one kidnapped you say I’ll not leave him ?? …( When he try to say Ani stopped in between )

Anika – Shivay we wil talk later we r so tired let us take rest (towards Ansh ) beta come I’ll feed you

Ansh – it’s ok mom I’ll eat by myself . You all go & take rest

Ishana – Rihaan beta come with me I’ll feed u BF

Om – it’s ok Ishu u go & take rest I’ll feed him .

The ladies get into their respective rooms & got dozed off because of traveling long distance . All the Oberoi men’s were totally dumbstruck.

Om – Shivay what’s happening I don’t really understand what’s going on here .

Shivay – yeah Om I also didn’t understand why they are behaving weird ..

Shakthi – but they didn’t inform any detail about Ma too

Tej – we will find it out Shakthi we can’t stay silent

Rudy – yes Papa u r right but how

Om – but they will not tell I guess see how they are behaving

Shivay – Om is right may be we have to stay Quiet not silent some how we have to get the information regarding their missing case & we have to find dadi  too

All the other men’s nod “yes” by agreeing to his words

Shivika room

Night 9

After completing the dinner every one dispersed to their rooms

Shivay – Ani ??

Anika who was playing with ansh responded ” yeah ”

Shivay – hw r u?? R u alright ???

Anika – yeah Shiv I’m alright , (towards Ansh ) arey ansh listen to me I’m tired don’t run (by running behind ansh she caught him finally ) u have become naughty these days (Anika start to tickling ansh . He laughed mother & son were enjoying each other’s company ) ok chalo it’s time for bed we shall sleep ( they both lied on the bed )

Ansh – mom tell me a story pls pls

Anika – ok ok

she started to tell a story

Shivay who was seeing this realised she doesn’t give importance to him & not listened to him at all he felt irritated & was thinking to talk with his Bros & dads regarding the Missing case of the Oberoi ladies & the weird behaviour

He came to the pool side shocked to see the other men’s who were sitting in the shocked position

Om – hey Shivay come come sit , you are last person to come here like this welcome to “innocent pati’s gang ”

Shivay – what’s going on here Om what you guys r doing here why u didn’t ask what I said  ( now every one could guess it was all Billu ji ‘s plan to get truth )

Tej – beta your Badi ma have literally said “Tej don’t disturb me I’m at important work if you don’t have any work pls wait outside till I finish else u can sleep in guest room ”

Shakthi – Shiv  ur mom said “Shakthi ji I’m feeling tired Im having imp work tomorrow so I want sleep early” and she slept

Om – Shiv Ishu was spending time with Rihaan I pretend I was busy so tht she will try to come &talk to me but I was wrong after some time I was about to talk to her but before that she said “Om I’m going to sleep you finish your work and sleep don’t be late it is not good for your health Good night ”

Rudy – bhai I was going to try to talk to sumo but before I asked she replied ” good night Rudy it’s getting late ”

Precap – is it girls revenge just thinking

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  1. Astmasiddika

    It’s part 10 guys I donno why it was wrongly posted sorry for the inconvenience

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Nice episode.. Acha hai ki Oberoi ladies gents ko ignore maar rhe hai.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks Prabha , yeah u r true , will be posting soon you to TC

  3. 53piansh

    very nice ff just started reading it totally awaiting …. so all the best

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you dear , Will be posting soon

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