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Recap – Oberoi ladies lost themselves after their marriage , they get self kidnapped to be themselves for some period , they return back & start to ignore their respective partners & start to follow their dreams , Obros decided to confront their partners regarding their ignorance & missing of dadi

OM, Mumbai


Pinky was preparing the dinner , Anika comes silently hugs pinky from back
Pinky – ( scared & screamed by a sudden touch ) OMM

Anika – ma cool it is me Anika

Pinky -(by slapping her lovingly) Oii tumne mujhe Dara dhiya , mere bacchi tu kab aaya?? ( oii you scared me , my daughter when do you come?? )

Anika – just now

Pinky – what about yours vo…

Anika – ma relax Anuradha mam called me tomorrow morning in her Office

Pinky – it’s nots that’s I means ….

Anika – cake ah ??

Pinky – vahi tha cakes it is okies rights

Anika – perfect !! 😍😍 thank you

By saying this Anika kissed on Pinky’s cheeks .
Just then Ansh comes there by seeing the scene he closes his eyes

Ansh – Ma vo dadi hai dad nahi ( Mom it’s grand mother not dad )
Pinky & Anika little embarassed
Pinky – oii tu kab aaya ( when do you come )
Anika – I know yeh meri ma hai to Mai usse kiss karungi aur meri ma meri fav hai (this is my Mom I will kiss her, she is my fav ) ( by side hugging her )( pinky chuckles)
Ansh – aur Mai ?? ( And me ) with a cute pout

Pinky- aww meri baccha tu mera fav (aww my dear you are my fav ) ( by kissing his cheek)

Ansh says “no kissy I don’t like it” with a attitude

Pinky & Anika chuckles & says ” bilkul Apne Papa ki thara” ( just like his dad)

Just then they hear Shivay was calling every one to the hall

Pinky – arey why is he’s shoutings??

Anika – Ansh beta you go & take care of Rihaan , you should only come when I or dadi call you ok
Ansh – ok ma … ( After Ansh leaves to Rihaan’s room )

Anika – Ma today Shivaay will be going to his SSO mode

Pinky – yea kya hora hai Anu ( what’s going on here Anu )

Anika – Ma today everything will be sought out

Pinky – means ??

Anika said what happened & how she made plan

Pinky – but Anu why today’s itselfs ??

Anika – I wanna them to know soon we are not like them just ignoring them , today we should fight for ourselves ma

Pinky smiles proudly ” today tumne prove kardiya tum mere Heera beti hai” ( today you have proved that you are my diamond daughter )
Anika – Ma come now… Let us finish it today
Pinky – yeah come come …

In Hall

Shivaay – Mom, Badi ma, Anika , Ishu, Saumya kha hai aap log ( where are you people ) (in full SSO mode )

Pinky & Anika comes there

Pinky – oii why are you shoutings ah

Just then Jhanvi, Saumya & Ishana also comes there

Jhanvi – what happened Shivaay , why are calling us ?? Any problem ??

Shivaay – what happened??
( sarcastically) what’s going on here

Anika – Shivaay yea kese sawal hai ?? ( Shivaay what type of question is this ??) Every thing is going here perfectly … Haina ma !!( Am I right Ma )
Pinky – Haan

Shivaay – ( clapping ) wow lovely answer hai Mrs ASSO ( he start to loose his temper )
Anika – it’s Anika Mr. SSO
Shivaay -( little shocked but controlling his anger) ok Anika are you guys started to work again
Anika – yeah you know right then why are you asking now ( with khidikithod Annika attitude )

Shivaay – don’t test my patience
Om – Shivaay calm down ( by patting him in his back )

Shivaay – kya calm down Om I don’t understand
Om – I’ll ask them wait
Om – ma tell me you guys start to work again ??

Jhanvi – ahaan it’s true we start to follow our dreams again

Rudy – but why ?? Suddenly ??

Saumya – what do you mean suddenly Rudy ah ?? It’s our dream & our wish

Om – but Somu you guys were silent till last month , suddenly you have courage & start to follow your dreams , we can’t understand

Ishana – it’s not suddenly Om we are already had our passion , but due to the family circumstances we are silent but not forgotten our dream , now we have decided to continue to follow our passion that’s it

( the Obros were stunned )

Shivaay – but why you guys have been ignoring us ??

OBahu’s – what ??

Pinky – kab ??? ( When ??)

Rudy – arey in these three days you guys were ignored us , not talking to us even not paid a heed to us

Saumya – we were busy Rudy we have gone to work , we thought not disturb guys so we were busy with each other that’s it …

Om – what are you saying Somu we were busy ( sarcastically )
Saumya – ahaan Om bhaiya
Om were shocked to listen the reply from his lovable sister Saumya , always she used to call him & treat him as her lovable ” Bade Baal vale bhaiya ”
Anika – what’s your problem  guys problem is we are going or we are busy with other members ah ??
Om & Rudy were shocked & unable to answer her questions , since the both questions are hypothetical question to them
Shivaay – that’s why I told I’ll ask them

OBahu’s were standing confidently standing to face SSO’S confrontation

Shivaay – Anika where you guys went 3 days … ( Anika stopped his question by her ✋)

Anika – first give me answer Shivaay

Shivaay – Shivay Singh Oberoi , doesn’t give an explanation or Answer ( with full tadi )

Anika – well Even we ladies we don’t give any explanation

Shivaay – don’t you dare Anika ( by moving closer to her )
Jhanvi comes in the middle
Jhanvi – kabar dar ( don’t you dare) Shivaay stay away from my daughter

Pinky – sochna bhi mat mere beti ki hurts karney ki ( don’t even try to hurt my daughter )

ShivOmRu were stunned to see their Moms protecting Anika

Ishu, Somu, Anika smiles at their Moms

Pinky – Mr. SSO meri beti Ney  aapse ek sawal pucha hai batao ( Mr SSO my daughter asked you a question tell the answer ) what’s yours problems  is we are goings to works or we are busy with each other

Shivaay – Mom why are you talking like this ??

Jhanvi – why Shivaay is it hurting ??

Om – mom …( Shivaay stop Om by showing his ✋ )

Shivaay – what happened why all are talking as you are angry on us

Ishana – ah bhaiya we are angry on you

Om get shocked ” but what we did “

Saumya – you guys only did all this bhaiya ( in a frustration )

Om was shocked , Rudy was even more shocked since , he doesn’t have seen Saumya raising voice in front elders , the main thing is he does not expect that she will raise voice against Om

Rudy – Sumo how can you talk like this with O , is he is not your bhaiya ??

Saumya – yeah he is my dear brother , but that doesn’t mean I will support him when he is wrong

Shivaay – what did Om do??

Ishana – till you can’t understand bhaiya , we lost our happiness , we lost our passion, lost ourselves because of you guys ( venting out the anger)

Rudhra – what we do to that you guys are saying you all lost, we didn’t stopped you guys

Anika – o really Rudy have you guys ever listened to what we talk

Pinky – AAP log kabhi humse baat Kiya ( you guys ever talked to us )

Jhanvi – even before your marriages you guys were busy with eachother , I’m not telling we don’t like, but ever you guys think of us

Pinky – AAP kabhi hamara saath times spends karney keliyea koshish khi ( have you guys ever try to spend time with us )

Jhanvi – usse chod infact galti hamari bhi thi humney choti moti ladai mai  lag gayi ( just leave that even it’s our mistake we involved in small fights)

The Obros were quite, Jhanvi continued ,

Jhanvi – but what about your partners , Shivaay you & Anika thinking were alike right , you both think for others & you always wants her happiness but what happened after marriage , you changed Billu, your love for her has changed  but Anu till now she cares for you , she loves you immensely , just ask your heart  Billu still you love her same as before , still you respect for her still remains the same, do you still care , ok leave that , what do you know about your own son , have you ever played with your son , have you ever talked with your son properly tell me Billu

Shivaay – badi ma vo..

Jhanvi – No answer right ,

Pinky – Om Mai tujse yea expects nahi Kiya , tum tha Obros Mai samajdaar,( Om I didn’t expect this from you , you are the understanding person in Obros) , you loved Ishana, you loved her for the quality she is independent & kind , arey tumney Shivaay ka against bolo tha , ghar & bache sambalna sirf aurot ki zimadaari nahi har husbands/fathers ki Hoti , shadi ki baat, tere liye sirf dono cheez sey pyaar hai tere bhai & paintings , ek pati  aur Papa ka responsibilities nahi leya tuney,  par Ishu ussey pasanth  or na pasanth hamesha tumara bath Ko maanthi , tuje aur teri har decision Ko respect Karthi, bache aur tuje achi sey khayal raktha hai , sirf tumarey liye vo kudko badaliyea , uska pyaar pehele se badkar hogayi ( you was one stand against Shivaay & said taking care of home & children is not only responsibility of women , but it is a responsibility of every husbands /father’s too, after your marriage you love two things your brother’s & paintings , you didn’t take responsibility of a husband & dad , but Ishu she like or not accepted your words , she respects & supports you in your every decision ,she has taken care of you & Rihaan, she has changed herself only for you , her love have been increased for you )

Jhanvi – aur rudhra tum muje laga tha Mera chotu Ney shadi sey pehle responsible nahi tha par I thought tu badlogi par mei galath tha tum hamesha nahi badlogi (and you rudhra I thought my small son is responsible first , but after marriage you will change but I was wrong you didn’t change) you  hurted my laddu, she have given Idea to own a gym she supported you , she just worked for your Passion , but now she became waste for you right ??

Anika – one minute badi ma , Shivaay Om have you ever try to spend time with your own children

Ishana – you all only care for yourself & your career, even not your children right , father’s are responsible equal in children’s bringing up , every child needs their Mom the most but it also needs a dad’s guidance , you all know very well even though you didn’t care about them

Om – Ishu we didn’t say we will not support you , Rihaan is my son too I’ll teach & support him in his life

Ishana – ( sarcastically ) when Om when he is old enough ,  every dad has equal responsibility for a child from when he/she born

Om – but we thought to settle ourselves Ishu, we had dreams

Saumya – Om bhaiya even we have our own dreams & wishes, but we didn’t follow our dreams right, we thought of you guys , you guys are important than our dreams, dreams will not Run it will be there , but see you guys totally detached from us ,

Anika – it’s not about dreams, passion blah , blah , it’s about love & respect you have not allowed any of us to live on our wish you all of us controlled us, you guys not only not hurted us but your own sons & Moms too

Ishana – have you ever asked your Mom what she want, is she happy or not ??

Saumya – have you ever seen us not as wife but indeed a friend

Ishana – you guys only seen us a typical wife , not as a friend , or a partner,

Anika – you guys married to share your life , but you guys only treat as a servant who takes your orders , we have followed it not because that we are scared, but for the respect & love we had for you guys , even kids understand us more than you guys , I told Ansh I’ll be late , he said it’s ok ma I’ll take care of me & I’ll take care of Rihaan even he is matured

Saumya – don’t take us wrong kids are more understandable than you guys , you guys don’t believe yeah how can I forget you guys start to spy on us right

OmRu were shocked

Anika – what happened why guys are shocked , you didn’t expect right , we know that you guys followed Somu & Ma

Jhanvi – to divert you guys we met a person , we know well that sure you guys will come to confront us ,the person is non other than

Person – Me

ShivOmRu ( turn to see the person ) – you ??

Person – ah Shivaay me , what happened OmRu why you guys are shocked
Shivaay- but Mallika how can you play with us like this ,
( It’s Mallika Shivay’s ex girlfriend )

Mallika – why you guys have played with my friend’s emotions why can’t I , if it is for you then it’s blood , but if it is for us then it’s tomato sauce right

Shivaay – but …

Mallika – I want talk to you guys alone, Anu , Ishu, Somu, Jhanvi aunty, pinky aunty don’t worry I’ll make them understand , you guys continue your work , go & have your dinner

Anika – ok Mallika , by the way laddu tell him , what you tried to tell Rudy ,

Saumya – ah di

Saumya comes near to Rudy  & handover him a gift box & leaves

Rudy opens it & get shocked , he looks questioningly look  @ Saumya, she nods yes

ShivOm – what happened Rudy

He shows the gift

They also get shock ,

ShivOm – means you are going to become ??

Rudy – Father !!!

The scene closes with, shock, guilt, little confusion , a mixed emotions

The end 

I’ll upload epilogue & solve your doubts

Thanks for everyone whoever supported me , thanks for your votes & love I’m overwhelmed by your love for this story , keep supporting me for my other stories too

– Love


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Finally saari frustration nikal liya girl gang ne.. Amazing episode.. Even though men were wrong par unko aise daant khaate hue dekh kar bura laga.. But they deserve that.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hey Prabha ,
      Thanks for your love & support without your support I couldn’t have completed this story

      I too felt bad jab Mene dialogues likratha muje bhi thoda Bura lagratha , par ek baar Mene socha agar Obros apni patni jaga ek Baar socha hotha tha , tho yea SAB bolney zaroorat nahi padthi , we all adoring their bond, their bonding have positive side , but it has negative side too when it comes to their own family, they should think about their respective partners & children too , of course in the serial they have shown positively , but I thought the other side too, what will happen even after the marriage they behave same way & because if it they will be irresponsible towards their partner & children right??
      I’m sorry yaar if I’m wrong ,

      1. ItsmePrabha

        no yaar you are not at all wrong…In fact i said that they deserve it..don’t feel bad about it..

      2. Astmasiddika

        O kk how r you ?? Prabha

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