An online game love story ! Devakshi ff promo part-1

Hello everyone,
I missed u guys a lot nd hope u too missed my stories. So as i promised to comeback soon with another ff devakshi ?. Here is the short promo of my ff .
A girl is shown playing on computer with full concentration nd also she was using her super fast so that , she can beat the opponent with whom she was fighting with in game . Suddenly a guy noticed that girl and was mesmerised seeing her nd her fast moves which she was using to beat the opponent. Finally the girls beats the opponent nd leaves the place without looking at the guy nd the guy just watch her until his uncle disturb him .
So it’s basically an online game love story . Now how they meet , fall in love , do they know each other in person or through game nd all the questions of ur would be revealed as the episode starts.
Lastly I have two requests first , I have taken this from a Chinese drama so they are many things which are diff in china so I will make some changes nd present it nd I don’t know if anyone has watch it or not if u have watch it then don’t reveal it until my last episode as I don’t want to anyone to open suspense nd loose the interest in my ff . Secondly, I want everyone to suggest lots of name with nick names as I told u guys that it is an online game love story nd they are many characters further some are positive nd some are negative . So plz do suggest it guys plzz plzz . If someone revealed the name of this drama I would stop posting from that day nd if someone interested then I will revealed it in last episode.

  1. AIHA19

    The concept of this story is too good. And I am sry I am bad in giving suggestions especially names pls don’t mind and I am super excited for the story ??

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thanks dear for ur reviews nd it’s great to know that u like the concept ☺️

  2. TUFriendsForever

    I recently completed watching this series I think u should go with the nick names mr beauty old man monkey n how they call third brother pls don’t change them I like the way it was in the series but I love u doing an adoption I won’t reveal the name of the series but the female leads name just find some name rhyming I am just excitedddd to read it I actually read because of the title I guessed it was this series n I am correct yeyyyyyyy post the next one asap

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thanks dear for u suggestion nd I was also thinking to keep their nick names same only .?

  3. Dev Bhattacharya

    Yahoo.. You are back… I am so happy… It’s lovely…

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