An online game love story ! Devakshi ff (Epi -2)

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Note : I will just check this nd next episode review  as someone has already revealed the name of the drama nd if there are low readers then I will stop writing this ff . so now it depends on u guys whether u want me to continue or not . the episode is big so read calmly nd srry for my spelling mistakes tooo plzzzzz…..

The episode starts with sona asking Elena

Sona : hold on how do you know ? were u peeping at my game while I was playing ?

(Elena tries to avoid question nd eye contact to with sona )

Elena :don’t pay attention to details sona .tell me would u give ur pic to him ?

Sona : offcousre not .we got married to do quest ( a kind of couple competition )so, it’s weird to share photos ,but its not gud to go offline like that atleast I should have given an excuse,for ex: my computer has crashed nd I lost all my photos .

Sona then sits nd tries to open her laptop where as Elena was eating her noodles sitting infront of her .sona tries to open laptop but it’s not opening

Sona : no way ! what’s wrong with this laptop now

Elena :  ur computer crashed nd u lost all ur photos?

Sona pointing finger at Elena

Sona :u are such a idiot person . how could this happen ?(still trying to figure out )

Elena trying to escape slowly nd says while getting scared from her

Nd Elena runs in the room

Sona : where are u trying to run ? stop and come here ?

(She starts chasing her atlast Elena gets caught by son and both son and Elena goes to get repair sona’s laptop .elena while driving her scooter )

Elena : how rude sona u didn’t even gave me time to complete my noodles.aliya and tina both went out nd I have to accompany u now to repair shop nd this lovely whether is all wasted now

Sona : how dare u ?who damaged my laptop nd made this trouble ?

Elena : sona….. there few movies going on in theaters let’s send the laptop for repair nd let’s go for a movie

Sona : no I won’t leave it in store . I will buy motherboard nd replace it myself nd it is cheaper plus it’s the faster way  nd I have to use my laptop tonight

Elena : no need to be so rushed  …..okay

Sona : a good cs student like me can not live a day without laptop .understand!

Elena : human language please .

Sona : I have an appointment with somebody to fight tonight

Elena : I knew it !

Suddenly Elena notice a couple having fun nd sighs

Elena : how time files ! we are already in second semester nd it is hard to believe that in this uni with tons of guys and a few girls nd in the cs department I haven’t found anyone yet it is so pathetic

Sona : that’s not the reason u pick this uni ,right?

Elena : there was more to it . this uni offers the no.1 engineering course in india nd it was my dream to come here nd cs is my dream major …..but still sona marriage is all important as these matters

( suddenly they see few ppl running to a poster to read it nd they too stop their scooter nd sees the poster )

Elena : what’s going on ? basketball tournament !

Suddenly sona  remembers a guy making a goal throwing the basketball in the basket


Elena by pushing sona in excitement nd says

Elena : dev dixit the legend is comig back for the basketball game !

Both together : that’s great !wow!

Sona : we can see the legend playing again!

Both: yea……

First girl  :  dev dixit is the key player we will for sure see him this time

Second girl : that’s not necessary . dev dixit is already a senior nd he comes rarely to the campus now nd it is said that he has been seen for long time

First girl : may be they are bluffing again

Secong girl : but there is nothing wrong in going nd checking their

First girl : yaa… nd this might be the last chance to see him

Secong girl : yaa ….that ‘s heartbreaking

Elena looks at son and both goes aside nd Elena says

Elena : we need to go one hour early to get seats for us .but sona !….i didn’t know that u are too into dev dixit

Sona : ofcourse he is the legend nd I downloaded all the softwares he posted .if our uni is like a game with ranking he will be the top for every skill

Elena : girl , u are so sophisticated . I only pay attention to body nd face

Sona : ele….

Elena : I can’t understand u genius guys anyway  nd damn the person who hacked the video of him swimming last time ? I really wanted to see it !

Sona : shhh!

Both then sits in scooter nd moves then we see another to girls in a store .

First girl : nathasha come here .nd lets get this one

Nathasha : alina …..we don’t know this person nd how can I ask him foe help ?

Alina : relax….i know a person from his dorm ( hostle )so I came up with this idea we get the ram first nd then go to ask him to help .ok so relax

Nd the both goes to shopkeeper

Alina : sir ! what’s is the cost of this ?

Sona nd elena enters at the same time

Shopkeeper : 500

Alina : that’s so expensive

Shopkeeper : u can go around nd ask the price is same everywhere . this is a gud quality stuff

Sona nd elena both notices them

Alina : how about u gave us in 450 ?

Shopkeeper : no way , its already the cheapest we can offer

Sona : excuse me , sir ! this price is not reasonable ? the gold glare on this ram doesn’t look right this is obviously second hand u give a price for a brand new one . this is unfair

Shopkeeper : rubbish ,what  do uk ? this is none of ur business

Sona : well I am a cs student ,how much do u think I know? This store is just infront of my uni yet u are selling at such a unfair price .i am afraid u won’t get much business if the students know about it

Elena : that’s true . this is too much

Sona to nathasha nd alina : hey look this ram is just cost of 200 u can google it if u don’t believe it

Shopkeeper : the ol are all fake as  they are cheap

Alina to nathasha in her ears

Alina : this girl looks like sonakshi bose

Nathasha to sona : thank u so much I believe the boss will not lie to me nd it is reasonable for him to earn some profit

Nathasha pays 500 to shopkeeper nd leaves nd where as elena nd sona look at eachother nd gives a expression like what kind of fool she is nd they too leaves

Elena : she pretended to be so nice nd up class for what ? for who ? we were trying to help her nd now we look like fools

Sona : I know

Elena : it must be because she is jealous of u sona

Suddenly alina and nathasha are also passing by opposite side nd elena looking at them

Elena : u know her right ? nathasha kapoor she was voted for the most pretty girl on campus

Sona : oh yea ! that’s why she was looking familiar

Elena: that must be the reason last sem the competition between u two was really heated up ? of course she doesn’t have a gud temper with u

Sona : it was all last semester nd I won’t forget who uploaded my picture online

Nd sona just give a light slap on ele’s shoulder

Elena  : hey u have already check my pc nd phone that day .it wasn’t me ! nd besides I wouldn’t upload such a blurry pic .if it was me I would have posted an up-front hd pic nd the pic of nathasha do u think it was photoshop? Nd might have took few days to do that plus it wasn’t even gud too . nd I know if she wouldn’t have photoshop na u would have won it .

Sona : I will go to internet café later nd I know she won the competiton  she is the winner so don’t u think I should be the one  who should be hostile but she was hostile towards me .

Elena : who knows? May be she think she doesn’t have a gud figure like u …

Nd she starts staring sona from down to bottom nd sona pushes her

Sona : ele…

Elena : she really dooesn’t have gud figure .i know !

Sona : idk about that but I know y are u not getting any bf ?

Elena : really say me why why ?

Sona : because u pay more attention to girls than boys

Elena : sona …………………u re so bad

Nd elena starts to beat her

Sona : okay !okay! let’s stop now nd take my laptop to hostle for me . bye !

Elena : u don’t have place to stand nd u waste all ur time with ur laptop

Elena goes back to hostle nd sona goes to internet café .where a guy is seen playing chess with an 50+ person

Old man : I heard from ur dad u want to start  up a company ?

Guy : yes!

Nd he moves a chess coin (idk what it is call?)

Old man : in which area ?

Guy : I will start developing two games first

Old man  : if u win this round I will give u a gift

The guy starts thinking of his next move nd we see sona entering the café nd sitting near a computer nd sona login’s in game  nd starts to play nd goes to place in game

Naina : sona u came

Random guy : reed sona u are finally here ! I thought u wouldn’t come

Sona : I don’t think I am late

Random guy : whether u come on time or late it doesn’t matter get ready to loose

Sona : let’s start

Now we see both son and guy handling their games with calmness nd focused towards it .its like who will win their she is shown playing with sword nd here the guy is shown moving his next moves .atlast both win their matches nd the guy ‘s faced is revealed who is none other than dev

Random guy : no wonder reed sona is the only female in top ten players in fighting list

Other person -1: how does she manage her skills so fast yet she is in 6th position

Other person -2 : then who is in the first position

Other person -1 : the legendary person devrath is in 1 st position

Other person-2 : idk if I have met him before

Random guy : reed sona let’s fight again

Sona : okay !but I am in an internet café nd I only paid for an hour so hurry up !

Nd the scene changes to dev  nd the old man

Old man : acc to our agreement u won this game nd now I would like to give u this place ( the internet café ) for ur start up company nd as ur gift

Dev  : uncle this was ur plan not mine ?

Uncle : so u don’t want my gift ?

Dev : no ! plus I already have a place for my company

Uncle : that’s the spirit

Both then leaves his cabin ( I mean his ucle’s cabin )

Uncle :  well it looks like u have gone on me in whole family ,we both love computers ,ur dad is an archaeologist prof. nd ur mom is an history prof. so how come u are doing cs?i can tell that u are like me ………….nd I have no time for this internet café so if u don’t want I will close it nd  sell it to someone

Random girl : boss there is an call for u !

Uncle : okay ! I am coming … u wait here I will just come in an moment

The uncle goes nd suddenly dev notices someone nd just stares nd obviously it turns out be our sona who was fighting with someone in game nd dev gets mesmerised seeing her nd by her fast moving fingers on key board .sona doesn’t notice him sas she was facing her backside towards dev . after winning the game sona takes her bag nd pays at reiciption nd goes nd all the time dev was just staring her .his staring got broken by his uncle

Uncle : dev ….what are u looking at ?

Dev : nothing uncle

Both leaves from the internet café nd my epi too ends here  hope u all like it .so, plzzz give me lots of thumbsup guys nd share ur reviews down in the comment box as this time it depends on u guys whether I should continue or not .



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