One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 6

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Hii guys!! I am back with another part!!


Part 6


Swasan’s room.


Kavita: Get out of here. You don’t deserve it!!


She threw Swara’s luggage out from the room.


Swara: How dare uh?? I am his wife.


Kavita:  Wife my foot!! Sanskaar already said to me you are burden on him. Swara you know what you should die.


Swara was pissed off listening her words.

She took her luggage and been to guest room.


As soon as swara left Sanskaar came there. He was expecting Swara but there was that witch kavita.


Sanskaar: Kavi you ?? Where is swara.??


Kavita: For God’s sake Sanskaar don’t take her name.


Sanskaar: But she is my wife.


Kavita : And what about me??


She moved towards Sanskaar and leaned on him. She kissed him.

Oh shit?


Sanskaar pushed her away. She fumed in anger.


Sanskaar: Hey you!! Be in your limit ok!! Don’t try to trap me.


Kavita : What non sense you are talking about Sanskaar. I don’t know what happened to you. I thought you love me. I am gonna kill that Swara. I know she has snatched you away from me.


Sanskaar: Have you lost your brain kavita. You better dont say anything about her or else I also don’t know what I will do with you.


He left angrily.


Kavita smirks.


Kavita ( to herself):  Sanskaar don’t worry I will not say anything to her but I will do everything to her. Hehe. Sanskaar you are mine . I will kill that cavity Swara. She tried to snatch Sanskaar from me. She don’t know who is kavita. But firstly I need to make Sanskaar love me again.


Sanskaar’s pov


Wtf!! She kissed me really?? Ohh that girl. I don’t know how my ex came after year after we part ways. Lucky me!! But know I think I have bit feelings for my wife and now she is he’ll angry on me. I need to clear misunderstandings.


Guest room.


Her pov.

Why God why? Why happiness isn’t permanent. Why everyone break my trust. Is I am a toy? Don’t I have feelings. He firstly won my trust and faith and very easily broke it . I was wrong . I was literally wrong that I thought he understands me. He cares for me. He knows me. He respect me. He ….


A knock on door.


Swara: who is there??


Sanskaar: Its me Sanskaar . Open the door.


Swara: No I am not gonna Open it.


Sanskaar: Pls open it swara.


Swara: Why should I open it Mr maheshwari?


Sanskaar: Because you are Mrs Maheswari.


She smiled a bit . Thought about something for about a min and opened the door. He was happy.


Swara: Okk come in but only for five mins.


Sanskaar : Yes boss.


Swara: Hmm… what do you want to talk.


Sanskaar: An Apology .


Swara:ohh Liar!!


Sanskaar: Literally swara. I am sorry but you are taking me wrong. Trust me Swara!


Swara: Trust you??


Sanskaar: Yeah me.


Swara: So that you can again break it.


Sanskaar: No swara! It is not like that.


Swara: Then??


Sanskaar: Okk let mee tell you the whole situation. She is kavita …Kavita Roy. She was my ex. She was my colleague and after that we had a relationship. But unfortunately we parted ways.. but I don’t know how she came back. It had been 1 year breakup.


Swara: Nice story!! What do you think I would believe this filmy story. No Mr maheshwari. I am not a dumb.


Sanskaar: But swaraa..


Swara: out!!!


Sanskaar: What??


Swara: Get out of my room!!


Sanskaar: But why??


Swara: Because you are a liar. So out!!


Sanskaar: let me explain Swara!!


Swara: No, it is not needed!! So go out and get lost.


Sanskaar grabbed her shoulder. Dragged her . Pinned her to the wall and blocked her ways.


Swara protested. But our Sanskaar was strong enough. So her tries were all in the vain.


Swara: leave me  Sanskaar …. I said leave me or else I will scream.


He immediately grabbed her waist. Pulled her closer and kissed her rossy pink lips…!!! It was a lip lock!! Both resiprocated each other.

After some time both parted.


Swara was embraced.


Sanskaar: Listen to me Swara!! I don’t know why ?? I don’t know how easily and quickly?? But I fell for you. Yes Swara I fell for you the day I saw your photo and at the first meet I fell even harder!! I love you Mrs Maheshwari. I love you.


Swara looked at him. She was hell shocked.


Swara: Sanskaar, don’t trap me. You know what I would love a beautiful heart rather than a beautiful face. Sanskaar you are no doubtly Handsome but I am sorry you lack a beautiful heart and soul. By the way I think it’s just an attraction not a love for me.


To be continued…


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