One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 2

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Hii guys Jessica back with part 2.
Hope you all will enjoy it.
Let’s start.!!

Swasan Room.

Swara was sitting on the bed. Ofcourse the room was beautifully decorated with flowers. It gave an special scent to that room.
Soon few  giggles were heared.
They were referred as Annapurna Maheshwari, Uttara Maheshwari ( Sanskaar’s cousin) and other ladies.

Uttara( teasing) : Bhabhi, when bhaiya will come and there will extreme silence in the room. Then what will happen here.??

Swara blushes in veil.

Uttara( continues): What you will call bhaiya?? Suniye, Aeji, Sanskaar ji or the best JAANU.?? Bhabhi please tell naa.

Lady1: Aree Annapurna!! Your bahu is very much beautiful.Now I understood why sanskaar said yes by just seeing photo. I mean  he always neglected marriage proposals and girls but this time…

Annapurna ( proudly): Yes!! My son is different. He always saved his love for someone spl. He is not like other guys of his generation . Use and throw is not is policy.

Uttara( teasing): Bhabhi, did you listen what badi maa said?? He has saved his love.Omg Omg!! Proud of you my bhai.

Annapurna ( smiles): Now Uttara stop it.or else she will die blushing.

Uttara: Then what will happen when bhai will come closer to her.Hold her hand and….

Just then sanskaar enters.

Lady 2( laughing): Lo!! This boy is dieing for tonight.
All giggles while swasan blushes.
All ladies leaves the room.

Uttara( while leaving): Best of luck Bhai!!!

Sanskaar : Uttara ki bacchi rukh tu..

She runs will laughing.

Sanskaar locks the door.

Swara blushes and scares.Sanskaar notices that.
He walked slowly towards bed.
Swara tights her grips on the bed. Sanskaar was mesmerised by the way she was behaving.

He sat near swara.  For about a min or two there was extreme silence.

Sanskaar ( to him self): Yr… she is not uttering a word. Should I start the conversation.  Ok Sanskaar let’s rehearse.  Hi darling.  Aah no . Swara, Kya tum mujhse baat krne meh intrested ho??.. Naa Sanskaar.

Swara( to herself): What kinda he is behaving? Talking to himself. LOL. I think he is more nervous than me as Maa said he had less interest  in girls so definitely He might not be not getting the I think you should start.Go Shona Go.

Swara ( to him )  : Sanskaaar…ji

Sanskaar( shocked ): Yes.

Swara: Are you not feeling comfortable with me??

Sanskaar: Areee  no no that’s not the issue.

Swara: Then?? I think you are nervous. Isn’t it so??

Sanskaar ( relaxed): Well, honestly  speaking i am hell nervous. My sweat is flowing. My stomach is feeling some fireflies like I have Maths exam now.

Swara( giggles): Hehehe.

Sanskaar ( smiles ): So Swara, why you agreed  to marry with such a nervous guy?? Okk it’s a genuine question.

Swara: Actually just for my family. I never thought to get marry at such a tender age my college atleast.

Sanskaar: I am sorry but if you want you can break the relation . I will not force you to stay.

Swara: Relations are not tied to break it. Now, This house house is mine first responsibility.  I can’t run from it.

Sanskaar: I literally  appreciate you. By the way in which stream you study?

Swara: Science Bio.

Sanskaar: Such a complex subject you chose.

Swara: No it is not.

Sanskaar: So Swara, tell me bit about your likes and dislikes.

Swara: I am chocoholic and crazy for Panipuri. I hate bitter gourd. Tell me about you.

Sanskaar: I like food made by my Nani.

Swara: ohh!! That’s nice.

Sanskaar: Any relationships  before marriage.?? You can tell me . It’s absolutely fine.

Swara: umm well no such relationships  but I had many male friends.

Sanskaar: okk. That means you respect your freedom.

Swara: Yes. I never wanted a love marriage. I just wanted a guy who will respect me and my parents.

Sanskaar: So who is your strength?

Swara: My pa!

Sanskaar: Means Papa’s  princess.

Swara : yep.!!

Sanskaar: Omg it’s getting 2 Am. You should sleep swara. You sleep here I am going to terrace.

Swara: No sanskaar ji!! You can sleep with me.

Sanskaar: Firstly it’s sanskaar and I don’t think I would be right.

Swara: Ok !! Then I will prefer couch.

Sanskaar: No.  I will sleep  there . Ok . Papa’s Princess.

Swara: Yes Mr Maheshwari. So frnds?

Sanskaar: Frnds.

Both shake hands.

Swara sleeps on bed whereas sanskaar sleeps on couch.

Her pov.

He is same how maa described him. He respects girls. He is not like other guys these days. He didn’t forced me to sleep with him. He is just down to earth person. I am feeling so blessed that I have a husband like him who kept me pure and didn’t forced me. He respects my family and me. I love his nature!!.

His Pov

Hey doesn’t it seems awkward that groom  shys more than bride. You sanskaar really need tutions from lucky. And it was Wedding Night Really?? Well neither me nor she was ready for it and being friends is ok. I have already asked her whether she wanna break this tie. I have such a beautiful and understanding  wife. But now I would be my responsibility that she will complete her studies. I don’t wanna store his talent in four walls of this house. I wanna my wife to fly in the sky of success.

Both sleep.

To be continued….

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