YOU and ME..!! One Shot (OS)

YOU and ME..!! – One Shot

Apparently Lucky (Sanky’s one year younger bro) had come back at some point because he raced out of a closed door and opened the front door, and a rush of people flooded in, for the party it seemed.

Conversation became somewhat pointless since you couldn’t hear the person you were trying to talk to, even if you shouted.

Sanky drifted off to get something to drink and by the time he got back, Swara was nowhere to be seen.

Sanky just sort of drift around, avoided getting grinded on by a swarm of very drunk girls, barely avoided being kicked by a guy who was just coming down from doing a keg stand.

He circled around to make sure nothing was being broken and then checked in his room to see if he needed to shoo anyone out, took off his shirt and then threw it in the corner, and was startled to see Swara asleep on his bed.

He looked around, saw no one else in the dim room, stepped inside, and shut the door.

Swara shot straight up, apparently the closing door woke her up and startled her, Sanky saw her blinking and squinting, very disoriented.

Sanky slowly walked across the room, knelt next to the bed, and stroked Swara’s head.

Sanky : Hey Swara, it’s me. I didn’t mean to startle you like that. I didn’t know you were in here.

To Sanky’s satisfaction when he had started talking, Swara had relaxed, was no longer concerned and snuggled back down onto the bed and on his pillow.

Swara murmured, barely coherently

Swara : Mmm, Sanky. ..I’m glad it was you, you know despite the noise, this is the best that I have slept in quite some time. It is a lot more comfortable than the couch and it feels….Safer.

Sanky couldn’t help but smile

Sanky : I’m glad to hear that Swara, you can sleep for as long as you like, I won’t let anyone come in and bother you.

As he spoke, he stood up to go out to the living room and watch the door like he promised, but Swara managed to grab his wrist.

She turned her head, but didn’t manage to open her eyes, Sanky knelt back down, curious.

Sanky (softly) : Yes Swara..??

Swara smiled innocently in a way that always managed to melt Sanky’s heart

Swara : Sanky, will you stay here with me??

Sanky chuckled,

Sanky : Of course Swara, I’ll just grab a chair and I’ll sit by the bed.

Swara finally managed to open her wide beautiful eyes and it was hard to tell with it being so dim, but Sanky could have sworn that Swara was blushing.,

Swara : Ahem, well Sanky. Uh, what I meant is, umm would you..??

Understanding suddenly struck Sanky and then an overwhelming warmth of love and finally being accepted.

Sanky : Sure Swara, of course..!!! Here, I’m just going to get across you so I’ll be by the wall.

Sanky carefully eased himself over Swara and to the other side of the bed and tentatively put his left arm around Swara’s waist, which she responded to by just as tentatively turning slightly on her side and putting her left hand across his chest and resting her head lightly over his heart.

Sanky was suddenly hyperaware of everything : The sound of the party and music just outside the door, the firmness of the bed, the soft fluffiness of the pillows, the warmth of Swara lying next to him, her heart beating like crazy, just like his that was pounding in his chest.

Sanky gently shook his head and then realized that him and Swara were laying on top of his comforter, so he pulled Swara onto him more and managed to squirm under his comforter, by the end Swara was giggling, Sanky chuckled too

Sanky : Sorry Swara, I didn’t want us getting cold at some point and not being able to get under the blanket.

Swara giggled again

Swara : It’s alright Sanky. It just surprised me at first. Oh, is this the comforter I got you for your birthday..?? I love this thing.

Sanky smiled again, pulled Swara even closer and used his right hand to gently draw patterns on her cheek.

At morning..,

Swara slowly woke up and without opening her eyes, stretched slightly, her hand gently grazed something soft and squishy, her brow wrinkled in puzzlement, opened up her eyes and saw Sanky’s sleeping face above hers.

She blushed as she remembered her stumbled request from last night for Sanky to stay with her, and blushed even more when she realized that she had totally drooled on Sanky’s bare chest.

Wait, Sanky’s bare chest..?? For some reason, she hadn’t realized that he wasn’t wearing a shirt last night, even after she had put her head on his chest.

She gently wiped the drool off, but Sanky woke up anyway.

He blinked tiredly, his eyes focused on her, he smiled lazily in a way that sent her blood racing, stroked her face and parted his gorgeous, full lips

Sanky : Morning Swara. How’d you sleep last night..??

Swara found herself smiling shyly and looked away from his deep amber eyes

Swara : I slept pretty well, but you know what, I’m not ready to wake up yet. I think I’m just going to go back to sleep. So, nighty night Sanky. I-Also-Wanted-To-Say-I-Love-You.

Swara darted up and kissed Sanky before she could lose her nerve and darted back under the covers and turned so that her back was against Sanky’s side.

She felt like she was going to have a heart attack, so surprised that she had finally told Sanky that she loved him and had kissed him.

She was really worried that maybe Sanky had changed his mind that sure he was happy to see her because they were best friends, but nothing more, that he had stayed with her last night out of obligation and friendship.

All of her fears were put to rest seconds later when Sanky came under the covers as well and turned towards her, laying right behind her, arm going around her waist and head resting over hers.

Swara was so content, she had admitted how she felt, done something about it and Sanky apparently still loved her, he hadn’t done what Swara had suggested.

Swara sighed happily and leaned into Sanky and heard him sigh happily too as he tightened his arm around her waist.

It must have been a few hours later when Swara woke up and it took her a moment to figure out what had woke her up, but she realized when she felt Sanky kiss her neck and it was the same sensation that she felt before she was gently drawn from her peaceful sleep.

She turned her head slightly towards Sanky and found his face centimeters away from hers, she bit her lip

Swara : Hi Sanky.

Sanky : Hey Swara, So, this is very nice, but I have to admit…..I’m kind of really hungry and it is around ten-thirty, so I kind of want to get up anyway, actually do something with the day, like clean up the house because I know that Lucky won’t, even though it was his party and…

Swara closed the few centimeters between them, kissing him and shutting him up.

She pulled away after a few minutes and looked at Sanky

Swara :Yeah, you’re right. We do need to get up and I need to go back to my dorm to get dressed in different clothes. How about we get something to eat and then we can come back here and we can clean together.

Sanky pulled Swara back right in front of him, his eyes focused on her lips

Sanky :Hmm, you know what, I changed my mind. We should stay here.

Swara laughed easily, squirmed away, rolled off the bed, skipped across the room, turned around, and giggled when she saw Sanky halfway out of the bed, keeping his balance by putting his hands on the floor, and looked very much like a sad puppy.

She was filled with amusement, especially after he said

Sanky : Aww, you’re abandoning me. Come back..!!

She giggled again

Swara : Uh-uh. I’m leaving right now, I’m going back to my dorm to get dressed, you are going to get dressed as well, and we are going to meet up at the campus coffee shop to eat. Love you..!!

She then skipped out with Sanky’s protests behind her and sprinted to her dorm room to get ready, not even the loser of the week that Sahil had over, hitting on her could bring down her light, joyful mood.

Twenty minutes later Swara was walking to the coffee shop, clothes changed and freshly showered, a tiny bit nervous, but also very excited, the thrill of being able to be honest with herself and everyone else was exhilarating.

Sanky was already there, looking pretty happy, but with a slight twinge of embarrassed, which may have had something to do with Lucky sitting across from him and whatever picture that was on Lucky’s phone that was being shown to him.

Swara hesitated, but came over after Sanky slightly jerked his head.

Lucky : ….Bro, you seriously have to be careful. What if Whatever-Her-Name-Is got pregnant last night..?? Huh..?? Do you have a get out plan if that happens, you really should.

Swara raised an eyebrow when she got within earshot, which prompted a grin from Sanky, which apparently Lucky thought was for what he’d been saying

Lucky : Seriously dude, you need to have a plan.

Swara grinned even wider, lengthened her stride and sat right next to Sanky and stole his bagel

Swara : Hey Baby, what’d I miss..??

Sanky’s grin grew wider as well and he pulled her legs across his lap

Sanky : I don’t know Swara, hey Lucky would you like to tell her what you were just talking about with me…??

Lucky had gone bright red with mortification

Lucky : Umm, uh. Well you see, uh. I walked into Bhai’s room this morning and imagine my surprise when I noticed a girl in his bed and even more so when I realized it was you, Miss-I-Wear-A-Purity-Ring-I-Am-Better-Than-You, and when I realized that he didn’t have a shirt on, I figured ‘Well maybe he doesn’t have the rest on’ which would mean that you two had s*x last night and I was warning him to be careful because it wouldn’t be good if you got pregnant. Oh, by the way after I got over the shock and surprise, I took a picture of you two in bed together and was willing to send it to him to show off, and I noticed something. Are you aware that you drooled on his chest…??

Sanky looked over at Swara

Sanky : He’d told me the part about the picture, but not about the drool, wonder how that disappeared. I don’t suppose someone wiped it off.

Sanky teased, causing Swara to turn bright red

Swara : Shitt. I was hoping you’d never have to figure that out. The first time we woke up, I woke up minutes before you, saw the drool, and was wiping it off, which is probably what woke you up

Sanky had been about to answer, but Lucky interrupted

Lucky : Both of you stop changing the subject. So, it happened last night right..??

Swara frowned and saw Sanky doing the same

Sanky : Lucky that is none of your business…But, if you must know. No, Swara and I did not have s*x last night, we just slept together

Lucky twisted his face in disgust

Lucky : Seriously…?? You two totally suck..!!

Lucky then stormed off.

Swara turned to look at Sanky and raised an eyebrow

Swara : Hmm that was interesting. I wonder how often that will happen.

Sanky put his arm around Swara’s shoulder and pulled her off her chair and onto his lap, completely thrilling her

Sanky : I don’t know Swara, but you know what..?? I don’t care either.

She smiled

Swara: You don’t care huh..?? Very bold words.

Sanky smiled broadly

Sanky : Nope, I don’t care what they say or ask and I don’t care how bold that is. I finally got you and I don’t care who knows or what they say, all that matters is YOU AND ME..!!

Sanky pecked Swara’s lips

Sanky : I love you Swara more than anything…!!!

Swara caressed his cheek..,

Swara I love you too…!!

Sanky : So, off that Lucky’s topic, are you ready to endure the torture of cleaning up after one of Lucky’s parties..??

Swara kissed Sanky’s cheek

Swara : Let’s go..!!


That was it….!!!

  1. Amazing dr….loved this very much….superb……

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  3. Ayonti(swasan)


  4. wow……………..amazing

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding os dear.. Loved it.. Keep writing like this..
    Take care
    Keep smiling??

  6. Kaynatk01

    aww it was damn cute

  7. Hemanshi

    Soo awesome

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    aawwww.. lovely story … ty

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  10. Vyshu10

    awesome….loved d cafe convo…update fell in love….

  11. Simin

    Amazing sanswa
    Will u post swara u are addiction and need of my breath

  12. nice os
    lv it
    keep writing
    be happy always

  13. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear

  14. Arshaanya

    I knee it was u only ???
    Was expctng hot romance while scrlng dwn i was saying it wil come it wil come bt????
    Anywayz Loved it sanswa.. it was amazing..

    1. Sanswa

      Aww big sorry to disappoint u,bt it was not a need of story,so…

      But don’t worry there r plenty of intense romance filled stories r ahead as romance is real beauty of my stories

    2. Sanswa

      Aww big sorry to disappoint u,bt it was not a need of story,so…

      But don’t worry there r plenty of intense romance filled stories r ahead as romance is passion of my writing

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