The one who is meant for me – Chapter1

I was walking in the lone and silent streets of New York. There was only two or three cars passing by. Like seriously? Are you kidding? Where in the world are you?New York streets being silent? nah! it would never happen.But it really happens when the time is 2.a.m. Why in the world this girl is walking out in the streets at 2.a.m instead of sleeping? You guys may think.

When sleep is a faraway thing in my life then why wouldn’t I? I really don’t feel like sleeping. Even sleep doesn’t like me. See no one likes me in this world. You may tell friends. Yes I have had friends.They were not true friends for me.They just act as being as my friend as I am rich and the ones who are my so called friends are from rich background. Who wants these type of friends? You see.. They always put o makeup and show off their richness. But I am not like that.I really Don’t want to be like that.

Uh! this girl is mad!! don’t think like that guys.Whatever I am saying it is very true.. Yes,you see they even don’t like me. But they want me to live with them guys know i think.

I have tried to escape many times.But I realized that it was my utter foolishness.They find me very easily.You see I have never tried to end my life.Wanna know why? That is because I am not so foolish and not so weak.I have to take revenge on them. I would be giving what they want.But they took my priceless thing.Yes I would never ever forgive them for that.Never ever in my life.

She heard some footsteps behind her.Even without looking behind she said”I am not running away anywhere.”

There was a guard behind her.He spoke to her by lowering his head”hmm..I am sorry..Mam..They told you to bring back to the house.”

Pragya”House? It is a hell.Sorry.I am wrong. It is worse than hell.” Guard”That..Mam..”

Lets go I said and went and sat in the Mercedes Benz which was the cheapest car we had. Yes.Being the daughter of world’s top 3rd richest Man, it is really cheap for me.

Soon my car came to a halt and I reached to the hell… ugh.. I mean my home..

I went to my room directly without disturbing them.. Like everyday bodyguards came and left me till my room.. seriously.. do they think I am a small kid who doesn’t know to walk?.. Oh god I am really getting sick of this. Hmm.. however no way of worrying.. nothing is going to happen.

I went to the huge balcony and stood there looking at the quiet and calm atmosphere.. The moonlight was driving away all the darkness.. It was looking very proud.. She smiled sarcastically at moon and said.. Looking very proud uh? I know your light is very powerful in Poornima.. But poor you.. you can’t drive away the darkness from me..

The moon even more shined as if she heard her words.. She showed a thumbs down sign to it and went and laid in the king size bed and closed her eyes.

She saw the same scene again. She was in the ground crying and someone forwarded their hands asking her to hold it. She held his hand. The person said only one word” I am there for you.” She was very happy and more tears rolled from her eyes and she went and hugged that person..

She woke up from the dream and a beautiful smile adorned her face. She looked herself in the mirror..Wow.. Pragya.. you are smiling.. hmm.. A man who can make you smile you in the dream.. why can’t he in reality.

Hmm.. ugh.. you and your stupid hopes.. Nothing is going to happen.. Reality stinks.. ugh.. No one is there to save you from here Pragya.. You and your fake hopes..huh.. and she falls in her bed. and closed her eyes.

The next day sun rose up by clearing all the darkness from the sky and by waking up everybody from their peaceful sleep. Pragya woke up and got ready in her track suit for jogging.

Pragya woke up and got ready in her track suit for jogging

huh..Again..Idiots.. It feels really awkward jogging with a whole security in he road.What will all think of me.I think being in jail is better than being a billionaire.Then after one hour of jogging she went to her home.

Then after sometime she bathed and went down to eat breakfast. Just like everyday she does not talk to anyone and just eats her breakfast.She completely ignores the people there and just starts eating.She does not even Look at her step mom Bhavna and her step brother Prateek.

She does not even Look at her step mom Bhavna and her step brother Prateek

Pragya’s dad Jaideep Arora.

Pragya’s dad Jaideep Arora

Pragya’s step mom Bhavna Arora

Pragya’s step mom Bhavna Arora

Pragya’s step brother Prateek.

After breakfast she goes to her room and starts reading her Harry potter book by sipping her coffee.

After breakfast she goes to her room and starts reading her Harry potter book by sipping her coffee

Books are her world.The world where she used to laugh and smile.She gets deeply immersed in the book and forgetting all her worries. She has read may novels and books. She is a bookaholic.

Like this everyday passes for her.Sometimes she hangs out with her so called friends and sometime she only sits in the room and reads her books.

The day passed and she finally laid in her bed by closing her eyes. She smiles in her sleep by which we can guess that she is having a good dream again.

Guys this is my another work..I don’t know how it is?I think i can get know how was this from you people.. How was this guys? I hope you liked it.Music f the heart update is on the way guys…I will post it soon.

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