The one who is meant for me – Chapter 3

“Doctor I am so stressed that I wish I would really die instead of living in my so called home which is not less than a hell.” I said finally moving speaking to the psychiatrist through face time.

“Don’t you dare speak like that” said she by frowning at me. I apologized to her by holding my hears and said”Sorry”

She smiled and again frowned.”Why are you again angry my baby?” I asked looking sadly at her.

She said”You called me doctor again dii..I said not to call me doctor me right?” She said turning her face. I went all aww over her cute reaction and said”I am sorry my pyaari Bulbul.I won’t call you doctor.”

She did not seem to react. I started to act.You won’t apologize me right? and hid my face in the pillow.

“NO no dii. Apology accepted.” I lifted my head and smiled at her. Bubul”Waise dii..When are you coming to India?”

I laughed sarcastically and said”Bulbul.In your dreams.” Bulbul”Why dii?” she asked in utmst innocence.

I smiled and said”It is not easy Bulbul.They won’t allow me to do so. I am caged here and that’s it.”

Bulbul”Don’t speak like that dii. I will make you to come to India within two days.” and gave a proud look.

I laughed and said”It is impossible Bulbul” Bulbul”Nothing is impossinble ii.The word itself says I am possible.”

I was now laughing hardly and said”You and your lame jokes Bulbul.” Bulbul raised your eyebrows and says”Lame joke? Dii.This is not a joke dii. You konw it is a motivating line and started to give lectures.

I mouthed”blah blah blah by looking up and I finally I completed her sentence before she could say”And so.You are not saying any motivating words as joke.Did you get that dii?” I imitated her and she looked annoyed.

“Dii! This is too much!!” said Bulbul making a sulky face. I giggled of her expression. Bulbul too giggled seeing her.

I yawned feeling sleepy and Bulbul said”Dii! I think you are feeling sleepy.Go and sleep like a good girl.” she ordered like a mother.

Pragya smiled at her reaction and said”Goodnight Bulbul.” Bulbul” Dii.. it is good morning for me!!” said Bulbul smiling.

I smiled back and said”Good morning Bulbul” She smiled.I ended the facetime and lay in the bed.

I don’t know why I felt happy when I was with Bulbul. She was more than like a friend to me. I got to know her only before few weeks when I dialled the wrong number..

The number was wrong but the person was correct. She said that I was depressed which was absolutely true.
From that day we started to speak often. I felt that I got a sister. The one who at least cared for me. Days were good speaking with her and being with her.

She even told that she misses her sister very much. She said that she lives with her mother. I felt so sorry for her. She even told me that she loves a guy named Purab. Somewhere my mind told that he is a good guy for her. Probably a perfect match..

Thinking of her cute innocent face I drifted to sleep.


As for Bulbul she ended the face time and got ready for the date with Purab. She got ready and reached to the Costa Cafe where they usually meet.

Bulbul’s Pov

I was smiling all the time which did not go unnoticed by Purab. Purab”What makes you smile all the while baby?” asked Purab staring at me intently.

“Nothing” I said an continued to smile.Purab”I don’t think so” said Purab and leaned closer to me.

I pushed him and he giggled.”Why were you leaning close to me now?” I asked being confused of his action.

Purab”I though there is some secret behind your smile.” “So?” I asked having a perplexed look on my face.

Purab”So..I thought I would lean closer so that the secret would not be heard by anyone.” said he by chucking at me.

I nodded my head hopelessly of his lame reason and again he chuckled. I smiled at him and said”Yes that is a secret” and smiled.

Purab”Then,shouldn’t I know that?” he asked being curious. “You will know it very soon” I said looking at the menu card thinking to try something new.

Purab smiled and said”I am waiting to know it” he said looking at me intently whereas I blushed.

I ordered Iced Americano and a red velvet cake whereas Purab thought to try the same.After some quality time we spent we headed towards the beach.The romantic atmosphere lightened our mood and we walked hand in hand playing with the water.


I was walking in the corridor while I heard from the employee that my boss called me. So I went to his cabin thinking what would be the reason behind his call.

Abhi’s boss Manvik.

I went to the door and tapped it.”Get in” I heard him say and I went inside his cabin.

“Hello Mr.Abhi” he said greeting me. I greeted him by saying”Good morning while he replied me with the same. I sat down in the chair according to his instruction to only notice a girl sitting beside me.

I was shocked seeing the girl. She smiled at me. My boss was trying to supress the smile and said”Meet our new employee Ms.Aliya khanna.” he said smiling at me.

I smiled back and we both shook hands. I glared at her whereas she smiled at me. “I hope ou explain her about the work Mr.Abhi” my boss said in a complete business tone.

I said”Yes sir” and dragged her out. I dragged her to m cabin and she looked extremely frightened.

“Why did you come here?” I asked spitting all my anger on her. Aliya”Bhai.. I want to work.”

“Work my foot” I asked making her panic more. She started to cry. My heart melted and I consoled her.Really,I don’t like to see my baby sister cry.

Aliya” -wa-nt(sob) to wo-rk” I hugged her to console her.

“It is ok bacha .It is ok.” I said by consoling here.

She stopped crying. “Look here Alu” I lifted her head and she looked at me. “It may be very dangerous for you Alu. That’s why we don’t want your life to put in risk. Please understand.”

Aliya”You all are there for me right?” Then what is the need to fear? She asked looking at me.

“We all are there for you.But it is impossible for us to keep a eye on you for each and every passing second dear.” I said hoping that she would understand.

Aliya”Don’t worry bhai.I could take care of myself.” She said and walked out of the cabin.I went behind her and said”Ms.Aliya,you can work here. I don’t have any disturbance.” I said looking at the surrounding.

She seemed to understand and said”It is my pleasure Mr.Abhi” and walked into the cabin. I sent her a message asking her to be very very careful. She sent that she would be safe and would surely tell him if something is troubling her.

I smiled and got back to work and asked my most trusted person to keep a eye on her all the time to which she promised me to do so.

I was relieved and continued my work..

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