One Heart,With Two Owners -Prologue

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One Heart, With Two Owners – A SwaSan SS


HER point of view.

Never in my life did I think I would meet him, I would fall in love with him,Would I?
I have always dreamt of a perfect life with the perfect things. No adjustments.
But it’s so ironical that I fell for a guy who didn’t even match 1% of the characters in my list.
How could I? People say i am not an easy nut to crack! But how did he break me? How did he manage to enter my heart. Was it his appearance, or was it his tender heart which melted my own?
But no. Now that I know I have lost to him I shall not loose anymore. Yes Swara Sheikh never loses her heart. My emotions are always with me.I cannot share them. I have no right. I have my dreams to persue. How can I even think of loving another person.

The girl’s face is revealed. She is wearing a long anarkali chudidhar. Her face is half veiled. Tears brimmed on her face and kajal smudged. She goes to the nearby sink and flushes her face with water. She removes her veil and throws it on the bed.
She looks into the mirror and says – ” You have no right to love anyone. Your destiny is already planned”
Tears flow out even more and she sits on her bed crumpling herself and crying.
“Being born as a girl is such a crime. How can they decide my future? Don’t I have the right to love? Don’t I have the right to choose my own husband?”
She cries herself to sleep.

HIS point of view.

She is truly an earthly beauty. I have madly,truly and deeply fallen in love with her. She might not love me back but I will always keep loving her. Her heart as pure as ice and so fragile. She is born for me. I shall make her mine and Mark her mine.
Sanskar Pandit.

Character introduction

Swara Sheikh – A middle class girl from a Muslim family. Her dad Shekar Khan and mom Shomi Sheikh.
Under their strict upbringing Swara is a mature,intelligent and a true sweetheart. Loved by one and all. Never breaks rules and always keeps her parents happy. But there was one secret which changed her life forever. What was that?
Losing her heart to a Hindu Brahmin who was also as sweet. What had destiny planned?

Sanskar Pandit – A Hindu Brahmin who was brought up by a single parent – His mom. She was his world. He fell in love with Swara. They were rich in class. Owned their business and cooperative companies. But will his mom accept Swara? Will swara accept his love?
After all what is swara’s secret?


This is a hindu-muslim love story. I hope no one criticizes it. Its just a fanfiction and little piece of work.
If love is true it can cross any barrier. Caste,creed, religion too. Let’s see how Swara and sanskar unite crossing all barriers.
Stay tuned – One heart with Two Owners.

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  1. Nice continue

  2. Meher

    Do I need to tell you how amazing this is again?

    It’s just osm Katie.. I loved this conceptits so intriguing that I can’t even describe.

    But you didn’t listen to me?????

    1. Katie

      Thank you so much????
      Apki kripa hai. That I am writing this story???

      1. Meher


    2. Katie

      Arre apki toh! Sab meher mumma ki ashirvad se hua! ??❤??

  3. nice..cntinue soon..

  4. Arshaanya

    Oohhh i love dis type of concept…
    Vry intrstng n exctd to how they will unite..
    continue soon

  5. A.xx

    nice concept love it.xx

  6. Pooja26

    it superb……
    post soon ….. 😉 😉

  7. mou(swasan lover)


  8. Interesting. Very nice

  9. Soujanya


  10. yeah u correct Katie true love doesn’t need caste or religion and ur thought was simply superb yaar continue dear

    1. Katie

      Yess! Ur right….tnx dear

  11. Kritika

    ???? sanjuuuu

    Its sooo amazing meri jaan????

    Bass.. last exam tomorrow n then ???? u know nah??

    Post soon babe!

    1. Katie

      I will post na…..keep waiting???

  12. Excellent

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