One Heart,With Two Owners – Chapter 1

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One Heart, With Two Owners

|| Chapter 1|| ~~ They meet❤❤

The smell of Jasmine flowed in the atmosphere. It was a pleasant day around but it was also a day of celebration. Yes! It was a wedding. The Khan family’s elder daughter Ragini was getting married to Lakshya. Yes. They ought to celebrate the wedding. Flowes were filled and everyone were bustling in and out here and there with lots of work.

In the bride’s room, a shy Ragini sat with her head bent and hands folded. Her hands full of mehendi and bangles. Head covered with the traditional chunni and she looked beautiful. But the more beautiful lady of the occasion was Swara! Yes. She was beside ragini making things easy for her. She wore a grand ghagra with gold jhumkas and bangles and the khol in her eyes made her look even prettier.

Ragini: Swara…hume Zara paani Dona.

Swara: Abhi layi Ragini aapi.
And she got water for her. She cared so much for her. Even though they were cousins they were like sisters from another mother. It was such a relationship they shared.

Ragini kissed swara’s head and a lone tear escaped from her eyes.
Ragini: When I leave this house I shall take along lots of memories with me swara. You, Bhaijaan and everyone but always remember you are the one I will miss the most. Stay happy always.
She blessed her. Swara too got emotional but controlled herself.

Swara: Don’t become so emotional aapi else your make up will be ruined. I did your make up with great effort.
Both of them chucked and swara took ragini towards the wedding hall. The hall was huge and decorated with various flowers and this was no ordinary celebration! It was the wedding of the first girl child of the family. So it would be a grand affair, wouldn’t it??
She made Ragini sit on the girls side.

After 10-15 minutes the bride groom arrived and he too sat. There was a netted duppata hung between them. Ragini’s head was bent down with shyness. The mood of teasings had begun. They all teased Ragini who turned crimson red and got even shy.

Swara: Bas bas!! No one will tease my aapi now! Get that. Qazi Saab came.

Ragini’s parents and all the elders came and did the rituals.
The qazi asked the bride and the groom if they were agreeing to the marriage.

Ragini: Haan Qubool hai!
Lakshya: Haan Qubool hai!

And so was the wedding done. They all cheered and hooted for the newly wed groom and bride. Swara hugged Ragini and they communicated everything in that single hug.

After sometime the reception began and Lakshya was surrounded by his gang of friends and Ragini with her cousins.

Ragini was simple graduate who worked as a teacher. Laksh worked in a corporate company and both would run the house easily after marriage. They were shifting from Mumbai to Chennai after the wedding.

Swara was doing Ragini’s touch up as photography would soon begin while a cool breeze blew on her face. She turned in that direction. She saw a handsome man in ripped jeans and white formals. He entered the hall with a flower boquet and hurriedly went to laksh. Swara suddenly realized what she was doing and she returned to her work.

The guy went to Laksh and stood with his hand on his head in shame.
Laksh saw him and immediately started to hit him in the stomach. The guy started to shout and hoot loudly.

Laksh: Saale!! Kutte Gandu!…shaadi kab tha? When are you coming? And this flower boquet?? Hann Whats all this? Sanskar Vyas aaj tu mujhse nai bachega!!

While Laksh was shouting all this Ragini and swara and some girls were seeing it and laughing!

And ya! The guy was Sanskar! Sanskar and Laksh were best friends. Though of a different religion they bonded and gelled well. And laksh was angry as Sanskar was late for his wedding.

Sanskar: Sorry yar! Tu janta hai na. My mom was like don’t go don’t go! Biryani mutton khiladenge tumhe! What will I tell her??

Laksh: Yarr! Stop giving lame excuses. I have arranged food separately for vegetarians. You showed our friendship it’s destiny na??

Sanskar: Yarr Saale! When did you start talking so much? I’m there for you always. I came now na?? Now whare is bhabi ji? Introduce to karwa le!

Then laksh took sanskar to Ragini and he introduced her to him. Ragini was standing with Swara alone. As soon as swara saw Sanskar she felt slightly attracted to him. She fidgeted with her dupatta and moved nervously which did not go unnoticed by Sanskar. As soon as he saw her he was first attracted to her eyes. He keenly saw her eyes which hid various emotions and masked the beautifully with a smile. He wondered how sweet a girl she was.

Laksh: Ragini meet Sanskar Vyas! My friend. Infact he is my saale…

Sanskar: Amh amh…

Laksh: I mean to say he is like my brother!! Hehe
Swara chuckled slowly and smiled.

Sanskar: Hello bhabi ji….and Bhai bhabi ke saath khadi hui yeh Noor kaun hai?

Laksh: What! Noor? Haha Sanskar she is swara! Ragini’s cousin.

Sanskar: Hello Swara Ji. Wo aapase milkar bohat khush hoon mein.
He said with a naughty smile.

And swara was like…..she didn’t know how to react. She was a very shy type girl. She ran away.

Ragini: Sanskar ji she is very shy. Don’t worry she will meet you soon. Vyas….aap Hindu ho?

Sanskar: Haan…woh..

Ragini: No problem! We don’t do bias like that.
She said with a smile.
Later everyone moved on to do their work. The reception began and Swara stood next to Ragini collecting the gifts everyone gave her. She helped her with the heavy dress. But a pair of eyes were glued to her. It was Sanskar.

He was really attracted to her with her shy nature,her antics,the way she flipped her hair,the way she spoke gently to people and everything. She was simple mind blowing. Simple at nature but it was really complicated to break her heart he knew it.

She is truly an earthly beauty. I have madly,truly and deeply fallen in love with her. She might not love me back but I will always keep loving her. Her heart as pure as ice and so fragile. She is born for me. I shall make her mine and Mark her mine ~ He thought.


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