We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 9… karuvi find the truth.

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Annika:- beta.. where is your parents and why are you come to goa??

Karan:-(in mind) sorry badi ma.. i have to lie to you today but I’ll never lie after our family unite sorry…

Annika :-karan…

Karan:-hah… ma..
we are in dhelli..
i want money for our dada’s operation so i come here .. su and abi also come here with me to help  ..
because we want to settle here.. if i got work then my family   will also come here .. until than we want to stay here …

Annika :- you’re young but you keep your family in your hand.. ☺☺
Where are you guys staying now??


Annika :- which hotel?

Karan :- that is small hotel and we want to buy something that why come shopping and that time everything happened
now we want one small room for stays as paying gust..
Because we leaved hotel. Now i search one good place .. i hope I’ll Get some place today …

Karan looks at annika’s reaction ..
annika signs shivay …
Shivay also feels bad for karan’s family states and
his though for his family ..
He want to help him ..
Annika also wants like that ..
they feel some familiar connection with their look and their speak ..
Om..ru..prinku are visible in karan..abi…su behavior …
But shivay and annika don’t know why they feeling like that but they enjoying their every bit of cuteness ..
And the name karan is his sister’s child name..
Shivay choose this name for prinku’s child to personally ..
Because the half name of om…kara in his name…
Like this every names are connected with their memory how will he forget his children’s name..
But shivay never know abi’s name or suruthi’s short form
that called by abi as su..

Shivay :- if you don’t mind then you should stay our home as paying gust.. I’ll give one room to you in 2000 per month.. and if you want then you will join in my hotel account section working ..

Karan :-wow.. thank you somuch .. really you’re give big chance to me.. i mean big opportunity ..
Thanks ..

Karan hug shivay….

Shivay :- ok you’re all go and freshen up..

Annika :-yes.. dinner also ready come fast .this is welcome treat..

Anshi leaves with abi..su..karan to shows them room..

An:-shivay why you’re want money from them for staying here..

Shi:-(with smile) because i don’t want to break his confidence .. his words are remember my dadi…

Annika :- i also feeling some connection with them..

Shi:- yes …

Annika :- our karan..sruthi..shivin..krish …shuhirth..karuvi.. everyone also grown up now na.. they also became big teenagers ..

Shivay and annika have tears in their eyes.. shivay hugs annika ..

Sh:-they in OM so they should fine ..Don’t talk about them.. our distance only their happiness ..

Annika :- mmm..




Kr:-oh.. i don’t believe it ..


Ka:-dadi .. always tells your like young omkara singh oberoi .. then how will gauri ma love him..

Shivin :- what you want to say??

Kr:- i mean you are so dumb .. calm.. quite .. sensitive ..
Like status that made by you.. how will you move on life with rock..
If papa also liked you before then.
how will om papa impressed ma..

Sh:-(look like he is impossible)

Kr:- i got it.. you should like baby om… when papa growth he became like me that why he impressed mom..
Logic …?

Shivin pats krish head:- don’t talk much else I’ll cut your all incoming ..

Kr:- whatever ..

Om enter with gauri .. they chuckle that krish speak ..

Om:-(hug krish behind ) you think I was like you when I’m young ..

Krish nods..

(shivin side hugs gauri )

Gauri :- no .. krish when i meet him .. he never do art work .. only doing fighting with me…that Time he is stone singh oberoi like shivay bhaiya ..

They smile but om looks at gauri angrily ..
Gauri makes sad face ..
Shivin sense   their situation ..
He sign krish ..

Shivin :-ok guys enough now.. tell me krish what is you’re problem ..

Kr:- I’m  getting bore shivin .. how will i in here like a loans ..
If abi in here then i will play tennis ..
if sruthi in here then I’ll fight with her..
if karan or shuhirth in here then we will go out…
but karu di is busy in business and this shiv is doing nonsense ..

Sh:(annoying) not nonsense ..its the sensitive thing for me ..

Krish looks like irritated.

Om:-ok don’t fight ..
Gauri :-if you want then going to watch shuhi practice ..

Krish looks at shivin ..


Krish hugs shivin ..

Krish :- my best brother ..

Rikara look like they  are impossible ..

They bide bye to rikara and leaves…

(With smile) om:- they are making fighting to stop we are starting fight ..they’re growing faster ..

Ga:- sorry ..
(She hold her ears)

Om hugs her..

O:- it’s ok but don’t remember shivay again.

She nods..

Om smile and goes..

Gauri in mind..:- i know if you looks shivay bhaiya ones  then you’ll never leave him that why you avoid his memory to forget him..
but you can’t omkara ji… because shivay bhaiya is connecting with you’re sole..
Please god unite them

She wipe her tears..


In shivika mansion …

Anshi shows the room ..

Anshi :- if you want then you’ll sleep my room su..

Su gets more happy ..
She nods..

Anshi :-everyone are get ready and come to dinner ..????

Anshi leaves the room..
Karan lock the room and
Everyone sit in bed..

Abi hugs karan and su..

Ab:-(in tears) i think god punished us that why goons attack
Because we tell lie to family .. when i see shivu papa
i hope god forgive and support us
i believe  you guys will return soon  ..

Abi hugs them tightly and cries more..

Karan hold his face and looks his eyes .. tears troll from his eyes..
Karan wipes tear..

Ka:-shhhh.. baby no…
don’t fall weak you’re strong warrior of om papa ..
you are the secretary of JO club…
Don’t cry..
If you cry then how’ll get bade papa to home..
God is always with us..

Karan hug su and abi..

Karan :-,we’ll never divide because ..

Abi/shu:- “we are one in heart ….”

They smile ..



Shivin -i think we should call shuhirth..
Krish :-ohhh.. come on shivin. What thrill in that?
We should surprise him..

Sh:-then how’ll find him..
Kr:-wait ..

Krish notice one boy with a girl ..

Krish :- come we will ask to them..

They reach that place ..

One boy:- why you do drama??(angrily)

A girl:- drama(crying) you love me and now cheat me I’m pregnant ….

She pull his shirt ..

He hold her and about to slap her..

Krish :- how dare you to touch a pregnant lady!!???

Krish beats him.. blood come from his mouth ..
Shivin try to stop him..

Shivin :-(shouted) stoppppp..

Shivin holds krish ..
That boy faint …

Some office members come There..

HM(head master) :-who are you two?? Why you beat professional dance master ..

Sh/kr:- master ???????


Karuvi in office ..

She thinks about how su struggle to get promise from om.. how om react if om leave abi now how he accept long journey …

Ria enter the cabin ..

Ria is karuvi’s p.a..
She is like khana for kaeuvi..

Karu :- tell me ria?  If you get anything ..

Ria:-yes mam.. their don’t go hydrabath….

Karu(big shock):-What then..

Ria:-goa … they laded in goa..

Karu in confused …

Ria:- mam..

Karu :- something wrong .. show me that airport tickets booking copy…

She checks deeply but goa is the one place they gone..
Karuvi in big shock…..

….be continue ….

Precap:- karan to abi and su:- i think some reason in behinds shivay papa leaves the OM……
Virat saves shivin and krish from punishment…..
Khanna finds something and look shocked …??

A/n (this ff is dedicated to niriha and nikita …??????? thanks for your lovely support)

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    Shivika find some connection with the Three lads… That was so cute..OMG,What has Shivin and Krish invited for themselves..? and Karuvi found out Half truth about Karan,Abi,and Su…what’s going to happen now..Excited..Pls ost ASAP..Till then Take care dear..

    1. Dishani01

      thank you somuch??? dearest prabha???

  3. Niriha

    Awesome lovely update dear????waiting for next part and thanks dear u dedicated this beautiful part for me??love you
    Update next part soon

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