We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 7… (Abi in trouble)

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Chapter :- 07..

Abi , shurithi and karan have a cute group hug..

Abi:- bhaiya before start our mission be should do warmup ..

Karan:- that is not exercise baby mission ..

Abi:- ha ha .. very funny.. i know .. i think we should going shopping and buy same gifts for shivu papa and ani ma…

Shru:-(with smile) you also put nik name to bade papa na…

Abi:-yes .. their also my close favorite na..

K/s:- yes yes…

They smile ……


In music academy ..
Mumbai ..

Om , gauri and suhirth in outside..

O:- shuhi you and gauri go first ..
I’ll come after making a call..

Suhi:- papa.. room 35..

O:- ok ok..

Gauri go with suhi that time virat also pass over them but don’t see each other.. virat and shuhi enter their room.. their room are in opposite direction …

Om speak with dadi..

Om:- yes .. dadi.. we are here to attend the competition opening ceremony .. we’ll return in evening .. shuhi will stay here.. you know na dadi his fashion about music so that he want to practice here day and night..

Dadi:- but om tell him to come home often in this three week .. gauri and prinku will feel bad.. abi,shuru,karan leave for goa.. shivi and krish never stay home day time .. suhi is the one who keep everyone home also you too..

Om(smile) :-ok dadi.. I’ll tell him.. you enjoy your journey ok..

Om cut the call and knock the door but by mistake he knock virat room …

Virat open the door but om got another call so he turn one side and never look at virat but virat looks om and shocked …

His childhood flashes come to his mind.. om hug him when he cry.. when he kiss om..???

..la..la…la.. plays..??

Suddenly he think that om scold shivay …??
when he come to call shivay…??
Om says i hate you shivay .. little virat hear his haters words towards shivay from distance .. om never notice him.. after om leave shivay sit in floor and cry badly like hell.. ???
He hold his chest .. little Virat
Rushed to shivay but shivay got attack by pain … annika runs towards shivay and hug shivay and calls someone for help ..
Anshi and virat cry helpless .. ???

…..flashback end…

Virat thought end by om..

Om:- excuse me this is room no 36 na..

Virat :- no .. 35..

Om:- oh sorry beta..

Shuhi:- papa.. come ..

Om:- hah… shuhi i’m coming ..

Om leave with shuhi..

Virat in mind:- so this is that shuhirth singh oberoi .. I’ll beat you in competition .. wait and watch.. i promise to mom so this time I spare you mr.oberoi (om).
Next time ??..

In room…

Om in deep thought ..

Gauri :- omkara ji what happened ..

She hold om hand..

Om:- i feel some deep connection when i see that boy..

G:- who??

O:- i don’t know that opposite room boy..
I miss something in my life after rudy leave from my life..

His eyes fill with tears ..

Gauri hug om..

G:- not only you but everyone miss something but we have our children for them we should be brave …

Om wipe his tear..

O:- yes.. yes… we should strong for our childrens specially abi .. he is not like everyone .. we should keep him carefully .. he’s our responsible …

Gauri smiles and hug him….

Shu:- papa…

O:- Yes .. come in..

Shu:- come. Function will start …

…they leave ….

………in goa…..
Shopping hall…

Abi and sruthi busy in checking

Karan :- ohh .. when this shopping will stop..

Abi:- 05 minutes ..

K:- you tell this dialogue thousand time ..

Abi:- this is last…
(??Make puppy face.. )

K:- ok don’t make face like this..

Abi hug him ..

A:-Thanks ??

Karan smiles..

Ka:- I’ll come after make call to shivin .. you select ..

They nods…


After 30min…

Sruthi and abi come to car park after brought the dress and gifts ..

Sruthi :- where is him..

A:- i think bhaiya go to catch signal .. see di.. car in here..

S:-yes right abi… .

Suddenly abi shout..

A:- di..di.. look there..

Karan speaks in call opposite site..

Sruthi :- he again start to filter with girls..

Abi chuckle ..

Some goons pass there and they look shuru..

Goon:- hi sweety..

Shuru feels uncomfortable ..

Goon:- what’s your name..

They touch sruthi..

Abi notice sruthi feels uncomfortable ..

Abi:- bhaiya don’t touch di like this(innocently)

Goon:- baby don’t enter in elder speak…

Sruthi :- don’t speak with this devil abi..

Goon smirks..

Goon:- devil…(laugh)

He slap shurithi and abi got shocked and hold goon coller

Good push abi … he falls and faint ..
Shuru shout “abiiiii”

Karan here her and run towards there ..

The goons keep abi in car dicky and trying to lift sruthi .. that time karan comes and hold the goon … he push karan and escape .. shuri in semi fainting state …
Karan stands but never see goons.. sruthi about to faint karan hold her ..

Karan :- shuru are you ok na..
Have some water..

He feeds water to her..
She cried ..

He hug her..

K:- nothing happened to you.. calm down..
Tell me.. where is abi..

Shruthi in shocked ..
She tell how they slap her and push abi in floor and keep him in car dicky…
She cries badly ..

Karan while hug her.. he notice cctv camer in hall entrence ..

Ka:- nothing will happened to abi we will check the car number ..

He in mind..”I’ll never fall weak i want to strong.. I’ll save you my bro.. be strong for my shake dear”..

Be continue …

Precap:- shivay meets abi… abi hug shivay and call papa… shivay in shocked …?

Next ff will dedicate For praba dear???

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome…can’t wait for next part update soon

    1. Dishani01

      Thanks dear??

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Dishani01

      Thanks dearest?

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Aww so sweet of you Disha dear….coming to epi..felt bad for Virat… and OMG ab abi ko kya hone wala hai..?and precap.. i am hell interested….can’t wait for it..Take care dear..

    1. Dishani01

      Thank you somuch dearest. praba next will come soon?????

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