We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 3 – the drama start…

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Chapter :-03…

abi:- welcome to the JO club … This is our official place made by ranveer papa for junior and also sinior oberoi meeting dating and chatting and playing and working ..

(karan and sruthi rolls their eyes)

karan come to abi and side hug him..

k:- enough baby.. why you always annoying with this history .. please contrasted in future ..

abi care his hair innocently..

abi:-ok… What’s the plan how will we get shivay papa to home…

karan show the photo of shivika and another photo of khanna…

abi:-wow super bhaiya .. how will you get this..

karan:- in store room.. big building secret only in that place i saw that in movies..

sruthi:- what karu.. how will this use for us…

karan:- i know one thing … shakti dadi tell super dadi that shivay bhaiya in goa.. so we should go goa and find him then we’ll return with them and celebrate super dadi birthday …
how is my plan..

sruthi:- not bad..

abi:- fantastic …
but i want to know one think karu bhaiya ..

karan:- what!

a:-how will omi papa allow us to go goa..

karan thinks..

sr:- I’ll make it easy ..

they smile ..

abi:-karu bhaiya and su di why you both don’t speak what happened .. why our team break ..

s:-because karu make mom scold me..

karu:-no you make my party photos as profile that why shivi make break up.

S:-you show my mark to mom in her bad mood that why i make that..

k:-oh god.. that’s not my falte .. your harichandra bro shivin .. he tell gauri mom that..

s:-ohhhh sorry karu… how will i forget that satyavan … he’ll never change …

k:-it’s ok but you should make ice cream party for punishment …

abi:- i too want ice..

they hug abi..

ka/sri:-definitely baby ru..

they kiss his cheek..

shivay and virat waiting out side of the temple after the pooja..
sh:-virat .. how about you’re study..

virat:- what! how means? ?

sh:-if you want to go Great music compition in Mumbai ..

viru looked surprise ..

viru:- what mom??

shivay :- i have one plan like movie?

viru:-what? ??

after sometime annika and anshi arrived and look shivay and viru fight ..

s:-don’t go Mumbai it’s final..

v:- it’s big opertunity dad..

s:-no is final..

annika :-shivay what happened

shivay tell about the combitation ..

ani:-ohh papa is right don’t go .. ok


ans:-papa its to much.. we will never be a fool ok.. you’ll never fight with bhaiya like this type ..

she laugh ..

viru and shivay hold their ears and say sorry to annika ..

annika ignore them and leave angrily with anshi…

shivay :- we want to console her..
viru:-your plans always flop dad..

shivay mouth turn as o sharp..


be continue ..

precap:- virat and suhirth fight in competition …
sruthi tease shivin..

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  1. Jahnavi janu

    Hey I am a silent reader. But this story is good so thought to comment. Good going dishani. Can u clarify jaldi who these children belong to? All the best. Lots of love

    1. Dishani01

      thank you so so so much dear???? keep commenting…
      //Can u clarify jaldi who these children belong to? //
      please clear this question yar!
      i don’t know hindi.. that question mean whose children are they?? then answer is in my intro part … if I’m wrong then please clear! I’ll answer..

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

    1. Dishani01

      ?????? thank you.. keep commenting..

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Super chappy..

    1. Dishani01

      ?????Thanks dear. prabha.. keep commenting

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