We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 2

chapter :- 02..

“papa .. your son takes tomuch time to ready …”

(shivani surve as anshi)

shivay :- but my princess is always smart ..

he hugs anshi and kiss he fore head..

annika:- because she is like her mother….

shivay :- really annika ..

annika :- really shivay..

They smile ..

annika:- virat.. we are going to temple not for the party so come fast …

virat:-(shout inside room) That’s why I’m late.. if this is party then I’ll mange but temple.. I’m confused to select traditional dress..

annika :-(murmured) you’re impossible like you’re dad..

shivay :- what ..

annika :- nothing … your son is like you…

shivay :- yeh annika .. I’m ready before you..

annika :-Awww good boy

anshi chuckle.

anshi :- dad.. I’ll wait in car park ..

she leave …

anshi :- you know na this is very special pooja.. dadi did this every year in oberoi mansion … me ,gauri and bavya organize everything .. i miss them badly …

shivay and annika have tear and hug….

virat:-mom.. I’m ready ..

they wipe tears..

annika :- ok leave fast…


college ground ..

“i don’t fear for anyone … come and feel my power…”

(avinash mukarji as krish singh oberoi)

one boy come to hit him he hold his hand and angrily look

“stop krish ”
one voice calmly tell…
little long hair…

(shivin narang as shivin singh oberoi)

” no shiv bhaiya ”

“for me”

krish push him and warn him that not speak tomuch ok…
shivin smile …


in oberoi mansion pooja room..

gauri:- shankar ji please … i pray you every time .. please unite omkara ji with shivay bhaiya… i miss annika bhabi tomuch…

tear troll his cheek…

one hand wipe that..

“don’t waste your tear then I’ll distroy that person who is the reason for this”

gauri smile and hug him…

(ankit bhardwaj as suhirth singh oberoi)

Gauri:- this not for hurting .. this is for the feeling that i miss ..

suhirth:- mmmm … who is that person .. annika ma na…

gauri nods..

suhirth:- you teach me na .. if i love someone truely then they will never gone long.. because everytime they in our heart..

gauri:- yes.. you’re grown like big dada ji..

suhi:- and your my beti…

they smile …

….be countinue ….

precab:- two oberoi became fighters but why???
waiting for next chapter? ?

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i only discribe charechter and actress and actor in first two epic..story will star next episode … some actors will seen like old so only imagine their young age in the charecters for their roll please… and young avatar will manage their like shivomrupri children ok..
be cool dears..

this is fun cool and emotional bonding story..


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