We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 11… Abi bonds with shivay


In morning …
Shivik mansion ..

Abi in room …
Karan comes from washroom ..

K:-what are you doing baby?
What’s this?

A:-khannu ji photo ..

K:-why you looking at this photos?

A:-after papa leaves come khannu also leaved the mansion .. if he’ll know the reason na..

K:-why you searching for the reason .. only we wants solutions ..


Annika enters.

An:-what solutions?

She smiles..

Ka:-solution of our family problems..

Abi hides photos in his pocket.

Anika comes to them and make them sit and she also sit with them..

Ani:- i know your family have problems but everyone have problems if some became sad for problems then they’ll lose strength to fight with problem so keep smiling ..

They smile and hug her…


Anshi and sruthi in room..

S:-didi .. i got bore if you show me your album ..

Anshi smile ..


She shows the album and share her sweet memory with virat ..

S:- virat bhaiya is so cute ..

A:- in reality he is very angry person ..

S:-where is he now?

A:- in Mumbai for some competition ..

S:-(thinks)in mind .. if this competition wich suhi bhaiya Also competitive ..
I hope my bhaiyas will never fight .. they two are same like angry bird.. god please …

An:- what are you thinking.?

S:-nothing ..

They smile and continue chatting ..

…….in college …..

Every college are practicing the ground place which given to them..

Shu:- hey… why i feel that was krish who beat master.veer..
And that boy who with him also shivin..

Friend:-shuhi why you feels like this?

Shu:- when i here this incident that time mom also tell they both come to meet me but i don’t look them here or the didn’t meet me…

F:-then ask that to them..

Sh:- if that’s not them then they will feel sad…

F:- i have one idea…

Sh:- what?

F:- They boy who save them in here na.. and he have that video so we should check this…

Shuhirth nods in agreement …


In OM..

Karuvi room.

Karu arranges her dress and pack in bag …

Karu in mind:-why they went goa. We lied to family and hide big thing .. if they not think what happened if family find this..
I should make everything fine ..

Gauri and prinku enter the room..

G:- are you ready?

Karu smiles..

K:- yes ma.. i ready..

P:-why you also leave home ..
Prinku looks sad..

Karu hugs gauri and prinku ..

K:-mom i have important meeting in goa and also i have some thing to clear..

Pr:- whatever karu..
My all children are away from me this week..

Ga:- we spends every vacation color fully but this vacation is very bad…

Karu :- I’ll make it memorable one..


K:- we should arrange big party for super dadi birthday ..

G:- what dadi will refuse this..

K:-believe me she will never refuse ..
You should make arrangements before super dadi comes from dhelli with dadi and dada…

Gauri and prinku nod….


In shivika mansion …

Abi in fool side …

Shivay come side and notice abi..

Abi in tears ..

Shivay comes and sit besides him..

Sh:- everyone in hall…
Why are you in here..

Ab:- i miss my family ..

Shivay feels his pain ..
He wants to make him happy ..

S:-then call them na..
A:-nobody pick my call i think their busy ..
(A tear come from his eyes .. )

Shivay wipe his tear..

S:-mmm I’ll have one solution..

S:- i look like to your papa na.. then call me..

Abi smiles and act like call shivay.
Shivay also act like attend the call..

A:-hello papa..
S:-ah.. hello baby.. abi how are you.. are you fine na..
A:-yes papa.. I’m fine .. shivu papa and ani ma make me more happy ..

Shivay smiles.
A:- papa.. dadi dada. Super dadi..mom di bhaiya everyone are fine na..
S:- huh beta everyone are fine.. you’re strong boy na so don’t cry ok..
A:-I’m your warrior papa I’ll try my best..
S:-good boy..
A:-papa.. i wants one thing from you.. when i meet you .. you should done this for me na..
S:-yes baby what you want..
A:-please unite with our family papa.. i want to play with my di snd bhaiya .. i want to hug my badi ma badi papa.. please papa for me.. because of elder we are also hurt in this division .. please papa..
(Abi cries)

Shivay comes to him and hug tightly .. pat his back..

S:-shhh.. but happened ..
A:-i miss my badi papa who fight with my family and gone away .. i miss him.. i didn’t look him but feel him when dadi tell about him.. my papa also miss him but act like hate him..
S:-ok..ok.. everything will all right ..

Shivay also in same condition he also think about his children how’ll they survive if they also miss me like this..
Shivay eyes have tears ..
They both are crying while hug.. shivay also want to cry and release his sad feelings that he keep in his heart since 16years…
Abi also want his papa come from his hurting…

Abi wipe his tears and also wipe shivay tears..

Ab:-I’m sorry i make you sad because of my sad story ..

Sh:- no …no.. i think about another one…
Come we’ll go hall..

Abi smile ..

A:- you go I’ll come wash my face else bhaiya will find my crying face..

Shivay smiles and cares him face and leave …

Abi in mind:- thank god … ganapathi papa thank you somuch … i hope papa will return because he still miss us and crying for us…

He dance in happy ..
The photo that he hide in his pocket falls. .. khanna comes and takes them..
Abi stops dance and looks shocked at khanna..??

Precap:- shivay , karan,anika,su and abi in car park…
Karu looks them.
Karan,su and abi look shocked at karu …….

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