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Hi everyone! It’s Grey here and as I am basically the fan of 3 pairs~

So I’m gonna write this ff on Swasan and Devakshi. Hope you’ll enjoy!


Sonakshi Singh (Sona)- Erica Fernandes
Swara Singh (Shona)- Helly Shah
Dev Maheshwari- Shaheer Sheikh
Sanskar Maheshwari- Varun Kapoor
Pia Sinha- Radhika Madan

*Other characters are introduced as the story moves*

Here’s the prologue-
Ranchi, 1998

In a hospital, a family is seen waiting for their little bundle of joy. The most excited among them looks a little girl of 3 years, who can’t wait for this new one.
Suddenly a loud scream and the cry of the baby fills the room and the hospital. The girl squeals in joy.

‘Sonakshi, keep quiet, this is a hospital.’, her aunt scolds her.
Sonakshi nodded, still excited.

‘Congratulations! It is a girl!’, the doctor says handing the baby to her father.
Sona looks at his father with glint in her eyes, demanding to hold her sister, but her father firmly denies.

He looks at the baby emotionally and says,’ We’ll call her Swara’
Varanasi, 2008

A girl is seen walking lifelessly on the road. Life has been funny to her.
When your own mother can’t trust you, your own boyfriend can’t love you and your destiny can’t mercy you, you have no reason to live, she was often reminded, but, truth said otherwise.
New Delhi, 2015

” ……So when these two collide, a new chemical is formed. Which is soluble in every case. That’s it for today, thank you for listening. Have a nice day. ”

And Sonakshi Singh stormed out of the office.
Just to find a letter for her.

Dear Sonakshi,
Good to find out that you are doing well, because you won’t anymore. Your last days are near, better you stay near god. And a free advice, protect your sister from my hands if you can, because if I get her you know what will happen.
Yours sincerely,

Sona’s eyes burnt in rage. She tore the letter and walked off towards home.
Her sister was more important than anyone else for her, even than her own self.
Swara and Pia giggled on the joke when Swara’s stomach made the sound of a dying whale and Pia laughed more.
‘I’m hungry’, Swara Pouted.
‘Aww baby, come we’ll make something’, Pia said.
And both of them stormed in the kitchen.
Pia is just a year elder to Swara, who is eighteen.
As the pasta was being prepared, the doorbell rang and Swara ran to open the door and hugged the person on the other side.
‘Di is backkkk’, Swara shouted to Pia while Sona had a plastered fake smile on her face.

Swara didn’t fail to notice that and her smile died. But she knew what to do.
As she made Sona eat the pasta made her tell everything about her day and told everything about hers too, Sona’s mood meter was eventually high on the happy side and she thanked God for letting her deserve such people.

Precap- Pia Flashback, and Sanskar and Dev.

How was that guys?
Guess who’s the girl in Scene 2? Who is Pia and whose letter was that? Please note that Pia is also a lead.

If you liked it and would like me to continue further, please comment.

Thank you! ?

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  1. Sus

    its really different story dear
    i love shonakshi as i find her really mature in serial. really perfect elder sister.
    swara is quite young girl and in serial in starting she was shown really chulbul bindass girl and slowly mature. so definitely both suit each other elder younger sibling

    1. Grey

      Thanks a lot Sus! Yeah that’s why I made them siblings ?

  2. Interesting

    1. Grey

      I’m glad.

  3. IME

    Interesting dear continue soon

    1. Grey

      Thanks I wil

  4. Nice dear it’s interesting plz continue soon

  5. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    It’s interesting waiting next

  6. Phoniex

    nice grey 🙂

  7. nice continue

  8. Interesting… continue soon

  9. Kakali

    Wohoohooo Grey! Welcome to SwaSan family dear.! Yoo, even I like Devakshi, looking forward for your next part along with my SwaSan.!! Interesting concept..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  10. Moon

    awesome and interesting

  11. Simi


  12. Mica

    uuhh yeeeaahhh 3 beautiful sisters… i can’t imagine how much hurdle on them…

  13. awesome dear

  14. Seebu_s

    Nice..continue soon

  15. wow…2ffs from u…loved it..continue soon

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