Once again you proved me that I was wrong, Kunj (TwiNj) OS

A Flight is shown. If we look into it, a girl is taking out a blanket over from her face and stretches her hands. She takes her mobile and swipes. A good looking boy’s pic welcomed her.

Girl’s POV:It’s nearly 1 year since i met you Kunj. But our last meeting is still fresh in my heart.


Twinkle tearily: Kunj, atleast you try to make them understand that we are only friends. You know na Kunj, how much i love Yuvaraj from my childhood. Yuvaraj is not there to witness it. But you always with me only na, Kunj. You know na, how madly i am in love with Yuvaraj. You know na always i was used to wait for his return from U.S. since our childhood. Today, he may not alive to understand or know about my love for him, but i still love him.

( Yuvaraj, Twinkle and Kunj’s childhood friend who went to abroad with his parents when they are child. Twinkle has feeling for him since his departure with a hope he would come one day. But he died a month ago without know about Twinkle’s love for him. She is devasted by his death though she didn’t see or speak with him after their separation. Only person who can make her smile is Kunj. So, her parents decide to get her married to Kunj. But she denies their decision by claiming she doesn’t have any feelings for Kunj.)

Kunj remains silent at the verge of tears.

Twinkle shouts: open your mouth Kunj.

Kunj burst out: what do you expect me to tell, Twinkle? Either You have love for Yuvaraj or I don’t have any feeling for you? Both are wrong.

Twinkle: Kunj

Kunj: let me speak, Twinkle. You just have crush on Yuvaraj. You will understand the reason when you fall for another person. Then, yes I LOVE YOU since our childhood. ( Twinkle shocked ) You know what I can’t able to pass one day without spend  atleast 5 minutes with you. But I never tell this to you, because I never wish to hurt you. You used to speak always about Yuvaraj. You know how much pain I used to undergo those days. Now also, i told this just because i can’t able to hide my feelings anymore to you.

Tears fall from his eyes as well as Twinkle’s eyes.

Twinkle: i believed you Kunj, that you are my good friend. But you broke my trust. I can’t able to stay inbetween you people. I am going.

Kunj tearily: Twinkle, listen to me. I am not asking you to marry me. But i can’t live without seeing your face.

Twinkle: that is punishment for you for cheating me. You can’t see me hereafter.

Kunj: where you will go?

Twinkle: that is my problem. I will go anywhere in this whole world. There are so many places.


Twinkle’s POV: you proved me that i was wrong, Kunj. You know what how much i missed you? Each and everyday i missed you. This 1 year is a nightmare. You told na i will understand the reason, once i fall in love. I understood it, Kunj. I never felt this kind of pain when Yuvaraj left me. When i left you, it pained me so much. I can understand your pain now. I am coming for you Kunj. This Valentine will be a starting for our new life.

Then she sees her Picture Gallery. She smiles at a girl’s pic.

Twinkle’s POV: Neha, if i didn’t meet you in my life. I never know what is meant by love and i won’t give up my ego on accepting my mistake this much easily.


Twinkle works in a company. Her M.D. called her to her cabin.

Twinkle: excuse me, mam.

M.D. : Twinkle come on, we are friends. This employer employee relationship is, if someone with us means only.

Twinkle smiles: ok, Neha. Why you called me?

Neha: what did you take decision about Kunj? Are you going to propose him or going to hide your love as how he hide it from you?

Twinkle: is this important now? This is business hours.

Neha: but almost this is evening. Business hour is finished.

Twinkle remains silent.

Neha: you know na. What punishment you gave to Kunj is now yours also. You are also undergoing same pain which Kunj undergoes these many years. There is only one line between you and Kunj. That is your ego. Ego is very dangerous, it will destroy your life.

Twinkle: How i will go back to him? I gave him so much pain. What i will do if he rejects me?

Neha: Your ego is preventing you. Because of that ego, don’t miss him.

Twinkle: i did mistake, i have to correct it.

Neha smiles.


Twinkle landed in Mumbai with so many dreams. She is going to meet her Kunj after 1 long year. Her eyes searched for him. He from distance waved his hand. She waved back happily. Her smile wides when she saw a girl with him who is standing very close with him and holding his hand. Kunj speak with Twinkle formally. It hurts her. He dropped her in her home. Without even uttering bye, he left. Her eyes filled with tears. Her parents hugged her. She apologised them. She went to her room to refresh. She cried bitterly.

Twinkle: why Kunj, You not even said bye to me? Am i unwanted person? It is paining Kunj. You move on in your life na. You forget me.

At evening, the same girl who receives Twinkle went to her home. Twinkle didn’t show response to her.

Girl: shall we go?

Twinkle blankly: where?

Girl: whether aunty didn’t tell you? You will know.

Twinkle went with an unknown girl. Because she wish to know about her and Kunj.

They went to mall.

Girl: shall we sit there?

Twinkle: why you took me here?

Girl ignored her question: i am Pallavi.

Twinkle: i am Twinkle.

Pallavi: hmm, i know about you very much. Kunj usually speak always about you only.

Twinkle: pardon?

Pallavi: we both are colleagues. I proposed him too. But he rejects me with the hope, you will love him one day. He loves you madly. But he is wrong. You didn’t love him na.

Twinkle joyfully: no, you are wrong.

Pallavi: what?

Twinkle: where is he?

Pallavi: he is in backside Park.

Twinkle ran through another entrance and she spot Kunj, who is busy with someone.

Twinkle shouts: Kunj

Kunj turns to see her. She ran to him and embarassed him infront of everyone.

Twinkle: once again, you proved me that i was wrong Kunj. I love you so much.

Kunj remains silent.

Twinkle: i know Kunj, you are upset with me. You can punish me. Please don’t be silent. You too love me na.

Kunj: who told? Am i puppet? If you don’t want me means i have to go away from you or if you want me means, i have to with you.

Twinkle cries: then why you reject Pallavi?

Kunj: that’s my personal. Who you are to ask about it?

Twinkle is shattered.

Twinkle: Kunj

Kunj: will you stop your blabbering? I have so much work.

He moves away. Twinkle cries and she left that place. While coming near entrance to mall, few people who are entering pushed her in. Again, she tries to go out, suddenly they started dancing around her. She felt like her head is spinning. Finally they gave her way. She came out of them and started walking. For her each step, one light on. Atlast, her way is blocked by a man who stands on his knees. His face is hide behind boquet. She moves away. That man hold her hand.

Man: will you marry me?

Twinkle is about to shout at him. Before that he forward the boquet. He is none other than Kunj.

Twinkle: Kunj?

Kunj: I still love you.

He take her to stage in which it is written as Kunj Vs Twinkle.

Kunj: today is our engagement.

Twinkle: but

He gestures. She turns and their whole family stand infront of her.

Kunj: when you informed me that you are going to come, that time itself i know that you are in love with me. So, i arranged this surprise for you.

Twinkle gets emotional and she hugged him. She thrust her face into his chest.

Twinkle: you know more about me than me Kunj. I am very lucky. I love you so much.

Kunj: Happy Valentine and engagement dear.

Twinkle: same to you prince.


Hope you all like it.


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