On The Path Of Love (Chapter 10: Miss.Passenger’s Magic) RiAnsh


Chapter 10::Miss.Passenger’s Magic

“In a fraction of seconds she disappeared. I didn’t even ask her name, nor I was able to thank her. She removed my fear, till date which nobody was able to do it.”
Vansh looks at the smile ball, which she gave and keep it in his bag and thinks,
“Miss. Passenger, how will I thank you now. I only have this ball with me, smiling at me, the way you were smiling.” And he leaves for the mansion. Driver came to pick him up from airport, he sat in car. Vansh opens the car window, looks up in the sky and smile. Just then he remembers something, he says to the driver,
“Kaka, today is 26th, right?”
“Yes beta”
“Oh no!!!! Take u-turn, take u-turn. Take me to that Vidya Book Stall”
“Ok beta”
He reached Vidya Book Stall and ask the book seller,
“Where is the book?”
“Sir, today the book has not yet came”
Vansh was surprised listening to him and says,
“How come? Book always comes on time”
“I know sir, today even I’m surprised that how come the book is not here. I was very well aware that even you’ll come because you are never late, you take all the copies with you.”
“Phewwwwww…… Now what. I’ll come tomorrow, but don’t you dare to give any of those copies to anyone”
“Yes sir!!! I know”
“Good” and he leaves from there.
At VR Mansion,
Dadi to Ishaani and Siya
“Today Vansh is returning, he travelled alone in flight, means today he’ll sleep all day. Whenever he travel alone in flight, all day he feels down”
Ishaani, “yes dadi we know”
Just then Vansh enters the mansion smilingly, the trio was shock to see him in happy mood. Vansh hugs dadi and she asks him,
“Beta are you fine?”
“Absolutely dadi”
Sia, “bhai are you sure?”
He goes to his room, takes a shower and goes to Nitya’s room. He comes and hugs her tightly and happily,
“Ooooooo, leave me,leave me,you have held me so tight”
He leaves her,
” Phewwwww… So Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania has returned. But wait a minute….. you travelled alone in flight, right?
“How come you are so normal? Not even normal,so happy. Thjs seems abnormal. No bad mood, not a single antique piece you met, how?” she asks in confusion
“I have came to tell you that only” he says in excitement. He narrates the whole incident to her and she says,
“What kind of person you are? You didn’t even ask her name, not even thanked her” She says giving a stern look.
“O c’mon Nitya, I just now narrated the whole incident, then too you are blaming me”
“Ok….. Ok fine. But that girl did a miracle”
Next day Nitya, comes to Vansh,
Nitya, “chalo Vansh, get ready, get up-get up, don’t waste time”
“Why? Where are we going?”
“Today is school reunion and we are going to school”
Vansh looks at her in disinterest and says,
“I’m not going to come. I have lots of pending work to do”
“O c’mon Vansh, you and your never ending work. You are so boring. I don’t know anything you have to come” She says angrily and was about to leave, when Vansh says,
“What if I still don’t agree?”
She takes a deep breath and says,
“Whole week I’m not gonna talk to you. Don’t even try to manipulate me or try to convince me with your sugarcoated words. This time they’ll not work on me, you always take my forgiving nature for granted, but this time I’m serious” and she leaves banging the door loudly. She was waiting for him in living room and he comes there. He tells her,
“Come lets go”
“What the hell!!!” She says in shock.
“Now what happened?” He asks.
“Are you going to come in formals for school reunion? That too black and white, are you serious?”
“What do you expect me to wear? School uniform?” He asks sarcastically
She laughs and says, “shut up, but at least casuals”
He holds her hand and drags her with him and says,
“Now you shut up and let’s go”
They both sits in car and she says,
“What was this? What do you think? I’m a mop, that you’ll drag me here and there”
“If you were a mop, I would have kept you in bucket that too in window”
She looks him with irritated face. They both reaches school………..

Authors Note: Thanks for all the comments, love and support on my previous chapters 🤗❤ I read all of them and all are so heartwarming. Thank you, thank you so much. Gratitude ❤

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