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You know how when you’re at school there’s always one boy who seems to be picking on you, or teasing you, or hitting you? And you just think the boy hates you, but then years later you learn that it was actually their way of expressing the fact that they really liked you! Well this is sort of what happened to me, only a little bit more on the extreme side…

I was pretty much in love with the most popular boy in the school. Well, everyone was. But I was the kind of girl who popular people paid no attention to whatsoever. I didn’t exist. In fact I wasn’t even worth picking on, or being teased. I was literally invisible most of the time. I was also very shy, so it didn’t bother me too much. I liked to fade into the background and admire the love of my life from afar.

One winter I was walking to the bus stop with my small circle of nerdy friends to go home after school. It had been snowing and all the boys were running around playing snowball. I always enjoyed home-time because I caught the same bus home as the guy I fancied, which meant I got to stand at the same bus stop, sit on the top deck and listen to him at the back of the bus mucking around with his mates, and then watch him get off a few stops before me, and hope every single time that he’d look up at the window – which he never did! When he did, it was to yell at his mates though, and I’d try to catch his eye.

Anyway, we were heading slowly towards the bus stop in snow, and suddenly one of my friends said, “Is that your guy coming over to us?” I looked up and sure enough it looked like he was laughing and smiling at me as he approached. I cautiously smiled back and went to wave, but then it dawned on me what was actually happening…

We had walked straight into the middle of a snowballing war, and the love of my life was heading towards me with a snowball the size of a bowling ball! I was completely stuck on the spot and transfixed though, and before I could do anything about it, he was about arms-length away from me, and he threw the giant snowball full force at my face and then ran off laughing.

I was mortified, but I didn’t even feel my face throbbing because I was too overcome with humiliation. The next day I wished I was to wake up from an awful nightmare, but instead I awoke to a black eye! I found out years later that the boy had secretly fancied me, but was too awkward about it to let me know. It has been a constant reminder of how much love can jolly well hurt!



So hello everyone waise mujhe pata hai main yaad Nahi hoon Kisi ki but ab kya kar sakte hai I was busy with my life bohot Kuch hogaya hai 2 saalon mein and I wish jitne bhi Hain yahan jinko main yaad hoon ya thodi si bhi yaad aari hai ya yeh os pasand Aaya!! do comment!!

Aur agar kahin koi Galti hai Don’t hesitate to point it out!!!

P.S. – Bohot din ke baad Kuch likha hai!!!

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