Oh My Desi Girl…..( Intro)

A girl walks on the ramp wearing a red and white dress at a fashion show. It gets known that she is a model and her secretary clicks her pics.

After the fashion show she chats with her colleges and the designers

Later the girl goes to her dressing room to change her costume when her secretary comes there.

Secretary:mam, hurry up…you have 30 missed calls from your mother. I told her u were busy but she urgently wanted to talk to u.

Girl ( getting shocked): siyappa…Ragini jaldi Chalo…

Ragini: mam, pls call me Rags ….

Tara: haan, wahi Rags …ab jaldi chalo( They both rush for the girl’s mansion.)

On the other hand a lady searches for something and finds a dog under the table and gets shocked. She quickly jumps on the sofa and calls her servants out…

Lady: Maharaj, bindiya….jaldi aao………Kahan margaye sab ke sab..( she screams) TARA ……….

The girl asks her secretary to go home and she enters her house and sneakily walks in tiptoeing.

Lady: Tara… finally you came back…( The girl stops and closes her eyes being scared of getting caught)

Tara: yes maa….( The lady turns,)

Lady: how many times did I tell you to call me mom and not “maa”. “Maa” sounds too downmarket and u know I don’t like people commenting and passing taunts about Roma Raichand’s daughter being old fashioned……wearing fashionable dresses and walking on ramps in fashion shows will make u gain popularity but to maintain it u must know how, when and what to say…

Tara: ok mom…

Roma: and tell me one thing, u know very well I hate dogs then why did u bring a dog in this house?

Tara: mom, outside it was raining yesterday and so I thought to give a shelter to the poor dog….

Roma: you are not the only one in London to give shelter to that dog….there are many other people to give shelter to that dog. Now go and change, I will ask bindiya to serve food.

Tara: ok mom…( She goes to her room and lays on the bed feeling exhausted.)

Tara:how come only my mom decides everything for me…this is not fair, it’s my life and I am supposed to make my own choices…( She chews a chewing gum and blows bubble.) I am just waiting for the day I can leave this house forever and get free from Mom’s clutches. She looks under the bed and finds dog.

Tara: I am sorry sanjana…but I will meet you again. You have to go now otherwise my lovely mom is going to kill me. ( She let’s her dog free to go outside and looks on)

In India a businessman is in a meeting . His secretary suggest him to bring models from abroad for launching their new product.

Secretary:sir why don’t we get a model for launching our new product?

Man: no manish, when we have such talented, beautiful and variety of models in India then what’s the need to bring models from abroad….

On the other hand Tara was eating bread toast and salads ? with her mom.

Roma: Tara, I just had a call from one of the well known producer in India, Mr Rajesh Mehta and he wants to cast you in a song in his movie…

Tara: so this means we are going to India..

Roma: not we but only u are going….I have work here and have to attend a meeting tomorrow, in my absence my PA here will make sure everything goes on smoothly.

Tara( getting excited and thinking): thank God…at least I could live my life up to my own terms for a while…

Roma: no need to be very excited, I will ask Mr Mehta about the shoot from time to time…you will be staying there for about a month until…the song is released.

Tara( thinking): I don’t care, I will turn this trip a memorable one…(she smiles and goes to her room)

Next day night Tara arrives in India with her manager Rags.

Rags: mam, I have booked booked a taxi for you…

Tara: Ragini…let’s go quickly to the hotel. I am tired.

After a while Roma video calls Tara and asks about her whereabout.

Tara: ma..mom main theek se pohaunch gayi Hoon, aapki chinta karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.( Mom, I have arrived safely and you don’t have to worry about me)

Roma: why won’t I worry? You went to India without me and that too for the first time…now listen to me…don’t eat too oily food and never even think of eating street food….those are very unhealthy for u.

Tara: ok mom…( She disconnects the call).

Tara( in mind): maa, aapne jo mana kiya hai khane ki liye, wahi khaoongi per chupke chupke.( Maa, foods that u asked me not to eat, I will eat those food secretly)

Tara blows a bubble gum.

Rags: mam…

Tara: Ragini, yahan maa nahi hai toh tum mujhe mere naam se pukar sacti ho.

Rags: but…

Tara: no buts ….

Rags: theek hai ma’am…sorry Tara.( Tara smiles and blows bubble)

Precap: Deep arrives at the studio where Tara is shooting.
……. Deep and Tara have a hit and miss when Tara calls Deep from behind

Tara: aji, sunte ho….( Deep gets shocked and turns to find Tara……)

So guys I was thinking to start another ff on Ardeep and I have come up with this. All my regular commentors thanks a lot for supporting me with your lovely comments. If I have same support, I am going to continue this ff…it has a unique concept and guys I haven planned a lot of things …s.but the continuation depends on the number of comments in this post   ..

  1. Sapnabhat

    Awesome update.
    Nice concept

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Sapna sis,yes the concept is new

  2. Ardeep die-hard fan

    This is ardeep or tara and deep’s ff ?
    Iam confused but by the way nice. Hoping soon it’ll be more interesting ???

    1. Sanaa.khan

      It’s both Ardeep and DeeRa but mostly Ardeep. The concept is a fresh one and I guess there hasn’t been any ff on imm on such a theme. Anyways thanks for supporting.

  3. Hi sana.. awesome update…nice concept and please continue soon..I’m liking it very much…it’s was different…can you please make DeeRa fan fiction?(request) It would be fun..I would love to read…and about Kuch toh hai raabta next chapter? Eagerly waiting for next chapter…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a Lot Sobhana…I really appreciate you commenting on each and every episode that that I update. As for now dear enjoy guessing on which couple it’s picturized but you will get to know soon. This ff had humor, mystery romance and of course suspense.?

  4. Wow… Sanaa di. Tara is soooo bubbly in this ff. This is a superb start and pls continue Sanaa di.

  5. Salley145

    Is Aarohi also there in this ff? Nice update, continue soon

  6. Superb start..pls continue

  7. Nice start but it is an Ardeep ff or DeeRa ff.

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