#Off air serials #Os competition #Final information (Updated)

#Off air serials#Competition #Final Information
Hello Frndzz !!!…
How are you all??? We are so much happy with all of your response and now time for you all participants to rest.So we’ve received your entries and now how we’ll move further that is most asked question by almost participants so here your answer is we 6 admins will post serial wise entry from our personal account.
@Nansshivika :- Ek Thuje Ke Vaaste
@Tulasi :- Swaragini -Swasan
@Akshaya :-Swaragini -Raglak @Pri_24:-Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
@Mystery_Me :-Tashan E Ishq And rest all by me. @Anah

Now time for Information of voting

*Strictly for writers you can vote on your entry but don’t try to give any kind of hint to any one that, that entry is yours (Let’s have fair competition peeps…)

*Readers you’ve to comment ‘I vote for it’ (this comment only will be count as vote) and in same comment you’ve to rate that OS out of 10 (don’t give more then 10 else that point won’t be count).

* No duplicate comments are allowed whether it from same I’d or different, still you are overruling this rule then neither of comments will be count

*Top 10 entries will be selected by reader’s view and then… (Yet this is secret…)

*results will be announced through our club account @Fanandfunclub

* we update all ur entries onwards 16 th June 2017
(we r starts from morning but i don’t have no idea about when it will be update by TU

*but don’t worry…u guys have 2days for voting…deadline for voting 18th June 2017 IST 8 PM

*i will expect result article 19th June or 20th June…

Time for Prize1st winner :-
Your interview will be taken and there will be no barrier on your entry in next competition means you don’t need to worry for entry deadline. And shout out of one of your work will be done the interview article..

2nd winner :-
we will shout out any of ur work on our @Fanandfunclub activity wall and there won’tbe any barrier in your entry in next competition means no need od worrying for entry deadline.

3rd winner:-
there won’tbe any barrier in your entry in next competition means no need od worrying for entry deadline.

*Hope everyone’s every question is answered now and doubts are solved nie still you’ve any doubt then drop comment or PM @Fanandfunclub .
Good morning to all. Have a nice day…!!!
last but not least…,

Now I’m going to give small intro of our new club “Fanandfunclub”
*This is the first club for all kind of telly serials (on air/off air/upcoming ) on Tellyupdates…
*u should think…what is the usage of this kind of club…we r here with many os competitions..funs…telly quizes…we approach for TellyFanfictionAwards also Tellyupdates rejected our proposal with valid reason…,yeah maybe they r right…maybe some writer can hurt by these awards articles..but trust me..we didn’t want to hurt anyone we thought to encourage writers by giving award but it’s ok.
They allow these kind of article..its really means alot …
we r planning so many fun for entertaining you guys..let’s play with ur friends
*Meet our club Admins
@Tulasi –https://www.tellyupdates.com/author/tulasi/
@Anah –https://www.tellyupdates.com/author/anah/
we r seven users …!!
*don’t u think this club belongs to admins…its for you guys…
Every Tu users are part of it
*u can give suggestions for our club from Private message
(best suggestions giver will be mentioned for thier window breaking ideas )
*i hope u like our thoughts and give warmed welcome to ur club with open heartly
*always hooked up with Fanandfunclub for updates..
add club page on ur speed dial or bookmarks
Thanks for participating…!!!

I wonder..i clearly mentioned deadlines for submission 14th June 2017 IST 12PM..
but ur r confused about deadlines and have excuses..
now i bend rules and extend submission time i don’t want anyone hard work to be useless…!! so guys send ur entries before today evening 5PM (15th June 2017 IST-5PM)

so use this opportunity ..!!!
for sure next competition u can’t expect this from us

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

  1. Nivu99

    Thank you for the opportunity…. This is soouch fun and encouraging…. ??

  2. Interesting… Eagerly waiting for tomorrow morning…..

  3. Hey srry i m late to participate but rrading the info i want to participate …please can i participate?
    I know its closed but please one chance
    Pleaseeee dii

    1. I am srry i am very late
      The os ate submitted
      But very eager to read them
      And yeah very great idea

  4. Harshita

    Thank for the information……eagerly waiting for the one shots

  5. Arnasharma26

    Its a superb move n very encouraging….thank u so much for the opportunity….yup..obviously waiting for the results but Whether It is in the favour or not but it will be interesting//

  6. Presha

    Thank u for the info…
    Will be waiting

  7. Varshni

    You guys really did a fantastic job !!!! It’s really encouraging to participate and it’s challenging that too this time !!! I really love this competition !!! Keep going !!

  8. Saudade

    This is really encouraging. You people are doing a great job. I am loving this competition. All the best to you guys and the other participants.

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