Obsession – The Path To Solace.. Part 1 by subi

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Obsession – The Path To Solace <3

Part 1

Screen focuses on a large mansion decorated.. Seeing the decorations we can identify it's for marriage. Yes.. It's marriage of swara sanskar

Swara's pov…
" I hate you sanskar. I hate you. …. You are beast. " My thoughts were distributed by my ma.. Who came to take me to mandap…. Looking at her face I can see how happy she is… Ha she must be afterall I'm marrying the one whom she chosed.. I just hate her too….. But.. I can't be like her. I respect her.. So I'm leaving my love and marrying my once up on a time so called best friend Sanskar……….. " I'll show you what swara is Mr sanskar Maheshwari…."

I realised that my marriage Is over as I felt flowers on me…. That's it… Now I should forget my nikhil…. A lone tear came out of my eyes.. Thinking about him…… But I controlled. I can't fall weak… I'll get back my revenge. .. I'll surely.. From each and one of you…..

They all thought.. I'm silent.. You haven't still seen my real face.. Get ready to face the hell Maheshwaris and godidas….. You all will surely pay back……

All rituals are completed.. Now officially I'm Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari…….

Cool I'll make it as my plus and your step to failure……. I reached his room…… It's decorated…… I just sat in the bed. As my mother in law left…. I started crying. Like anything. remembering my life and fate. …….

I heard a door sound… I wiped my tears….
I can sense his gaze on me. I just want to kill myself or him.. But I controlled.. If felt him coming near me……

Sanskar pov…..

I know swara.. You are crying now.. Never on my wildest dreams I thought that I would be the reason of your tears…. But now I'm.. But… I don't care now.. As now I got you.. I'll change you now cutie.. Now you will change. I know.. And you have to… You have to change.. You should accept you're only mine… Not someone else…..

Swara is for sanskar and sanskar is for swara….even the god can't change…. And even SUBI can't change it. ( it's going too serious na. So ?????)

I extended my hands to touch u… Feeling it.. You moved away.. It hurts me swara. But I can't let you… You are mine…. I forcefully holded her. by shoulder….

Sanskar: listen swara never ever dare to get away from me.. You can't even think what I can do..

I told in a dangerous tone.. I can feel her struggling to get out of my grip…. But her effort went in vain……

I left her.. And told in a calm yet dangerous tone.

Sanskar: Get fresh and sleep soon. …

Saying this I went to balcony…. I know she will sleep.. Now…. I sat on the balcony swing eying the moon…. Thinking of me and swara…..

None has ever thought that swara would ever hate me. I can't blame her. As well as I can't blame me.. It's full of destiny……

My chain of thoughts were broken.. I saw time.. It's half past 12.. I went in.. And saw swara lying in bed.

Her pale face showed… How much she cried. I switched off the lights and lied on bed. Also I took her into my embrace.. .. She adjusted comfortably…

I smiled seeing her cute face. And I control me from pecking her forehead… Sleep took over me as I hold her close to myself..

Screen freezes. ..

PRECAP: flashback….

Note: sry for another small part… I can't help.. I guess you can understand. I'm on my 6th semester.. Next semester my placement will start.. So I'm into it now.. Sry. ….

Bye guys.. Love you all..


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  1. Simin

    Oh she loves someone else
    Sanskar plz try to be calm

  2. nice..tc..

  3. awesome!!

  4. amazing

  5. nice epi subi

  6. Nice start

  7. Simi

    Nice ?

  8. Malika

    nice i love it

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