Obsessed with you Episode 2: Swara’s obsession begins!

Episode 2: Swara’s obsession begins!

Heya my Twistinians welcome to another part of this story.

I have decided that the couple will be RagSan, Laksh will be paired with a new girl and she will be played by Tejaswi as well and the main villain of this story is Swara and she will remain like that only.

So in this story RagLak aren’t engaged, they know eachother since college and they are friends, just like SwaLak. Sanskar was studying abroad and now after 3 years he is back as he got to know that Laksh has done something stupid like always, so DP had thrown him out, so Laksh lives in badi with his bestfriend Omi.

Ragini’s pov
“Sanskar seems so nice, funky, handsome, attractive and hot!” I said to myself. “I hope that I get to know him better soon.” My thought were revolving about Sanskar, until Swara came to me. “Ragini, where are you lost?” She asked me and I answered back: “Nowhere I have been thinking about applying for a job to help out our family.” “Ragini, you won’t find anything as your clothing style isn’t to modern enough!” Swara said with slight arrogance in her voice. “I already have a job interview tomorrow, even after they know that I don’t wear modern clothes!” I said in a nice way, she looked at me weirdly and then she went. I went to sleep, because I have to wake up early.
End of her pov

Meanwhile in MM at night after dinner

Sanskar’s pov
“You will be surprised to see me Ragini, I can’t fall for you, because my brother Laksh loves you like mad, but I have to do something about that Swara, she is so annoying, even her face makes me puke and I have noticed the way she stares at Laksh.” I thought to myself. The only person in my mind was Ragini, but she is forbidden for me as it’s against the guys code. Soon I fell asleep and dreamt about my Ragini, wait I mean Ragini.
End of his pov

Laksh’s pov
“Bhai thinks that Swara likes me, but I know that she doesn’t.” “I miss my Ragini.” “Her real name is Radhika Chauhan(played by Tejaswi), she is a Bollywood actress, she is down to earth, sweet, cute and she loves all her fans a lot!” “I still remember the day, I met her, I thought that she is arrogant like a lot of actors, but she changed my point of view after I talked to her, she and Ragini look similar, both are beautiful in their own ways.” “I know that Sanskar likes Ragini and I should clear the missunderstanding, before Sanky bhai gets me married to her.”
End of his pov

Back to badi

Swara was planning against RagLak, but she is stupid and dumb enough, because Laksh’s Ragini isn’t her sister, but the Radhika Chauhan one of the best bollywood actresses in the world, she is a natural star, her acting is on point and she can play any role, that she wants to, every man wants her, but her heart belongs to Laksh.

The copyright of this story belongs to me

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      Thanks a ton Shriyu Jaana and I know whose pov you loved the most❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Awww my ragsan is a pair superb.

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  3. i thought this is swalak… it is exactly like in serial as ragini is obessed with laksh but in place of ragini now swara is replaced…?

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      Thank you and yeah I thought to do something different, because I really love RagSan as a pair?


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      yeah you are Narendra Modi’s P.A right ..or Trump ki advisor..waise your jobless obviously u have lot of spare time..enjoy that with this hot ff..

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    its beyond awesome, ragini found sanskar hot… and sansku is already in love with her. love this story especially pov’s.

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  9. Ragsan paired only in ur dream story

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      Yes any problem with that..Ragsan paired not only in this dream story but In many other stories .and we are happy Waise I think you need fire department…I can smell you burning..babes if you burn like this with our dream story I dont know what will happen to you if they ever come together ….I pity you

    2. Our dreams live through our stories , our stories make our dreams come alive
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    5. Dear being a swasan fan you should try to appreciate others work .
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  10. I loved it di
    Why don’t u give swara’s pov like u gave in previous part
    Swara starts thinking
    End of her pov , i loved that part??

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      Thanks a lot diamond princess??and the next part is coming soon and there you will get Swara’s pov

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    Amazing my cutie… Loved it a lot. Eagerly waiting for the next episode dear. Update it soon. And that sentence of Sanskar “even her face makes me puke” made me ROFL ????.. And I’m waiting for Radhika Chauhan’s entry. Make her enter soon in this lovely ff. Stay blessed n keep smiling my sweetu.. Love u ??

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  14. Superb. I m happy because u chosen ragsan.

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  15. Nice starting continue .
    But as a author you should try not to reply harshly to others because if there is good things in life there will be bad things also and mostly you should take everything positive . I hope u will not take this comment negatively and I am just saying it because I am author to and it’s my pov . I equally like all the pairs. We know that this is our imaginary world .

    1. Charms22

      I can understand your point of view, but when someone insults an author isn’t great

    2. A real author faces criticism, negative comments which I too faced and just be a real author ignore the negatives and just say thank you to them which will make them realise their mistake. This is my pov hope u understand.

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      @Flower you are right, thanks for the advice, I really appreachiate it dear?
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  16. amazing ami…even i also want to puke when saw that blo*dy b*t*h hell face(hope u got it)?update next part soon

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      Thank you dear, but please don’t insult the actors

    2. Pls see your words spilling dear . Once spilled cannot be taken back. My request pls don’t bash them I really love swaragini sisters or what to say soul sisters bond in their onscreen and their friendship in off screen infact many of them love it. I got many sisters here in tu due to this swaragini only hope you understand . I wish you consider me as your sis maya and the actors just do what they are said which is all I wanted you to understand

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    Awesome dear……
    Ragini in dual role waiting yaar……..
    A good story always have backlash so don’t worry about negative comments okkkk

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  18. Haaye, so much confusion for NOTHING! Ye Laksh toh sahi mein weird hai???

    Love Ragsan???

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  19. Nice….Yaar….this is ragsan as well as raglak…..FF. They give more importance to swaraj in many FF…..I hate that

    1. Charms22

      Dear Fia, Dia or whatever I will give the same importance to everyone, if you don’t like it, I don’t care and not a word against Tejaswi

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