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Heyyy… hiii… I hope you all waited for me to post the next part?? Then here it goes… before the part looouuvvveee you guys for all your sweet responses and comments… hey the link for the previous episode is given below
Episode 8
Omru peeps in sultana uff not again svetlana’s room.

Rudra: o… (making a cry baby face)

After listening to rudra’s voice chulbul left Svetlana with a jerk and she was pushed back by two steps.

Om: hmm bata..
(hmm say..)

Omru came inside Svetlana’s room.

Om: chulbul chalo hamare saath
(chulbul come with us)

Chulbul: haan haan omkaaraa ji chaliye
(yes yes omkaaraa ji let’s go)

Svetlana allowed him to go but signed him to come back soon as they has to practice romance so that Svetlana can do it beautifully and passionately after her marriage. Omru and chulbul went to om’s room.

Om’s room

Chulbul: kaa baat hai omkaaraa ji aapne hume yahaan kyun bulaya?
(what is the matter omkaaraa ji why did you call me here?)

Rudra: o…?? (making a cry baby face)

Chukbul: kaa hua hai rudra ji ko?
(what happened to rudra ji?)

Rudra: sorry chubul tum ab hamare bhabha nahi ban sakte
(sorry chulbul now you can’t be our bhabha)

Chulkaaraa: bhabha?

Rudra: hmmm… agar tum ladki hote to mai tumhe bhabhi bulata par tum to ladke ho isiliye bhabha….. logic
(hmmm… if you were a girl then I would have called you bhabhi but you are a boy so I called you bhabha…………. Logic)

Om: tu apna stupid logic apne hi pass rakh..
(you only keep your stupid logics upto you only)

Rudra: aapki hi bhalai ki baat kar raha tha… isiliye kahte hai kisi ki bhalai nahi karni chahiye..
(I was talking about your good only therefore everyone says we should not do or think good for others)

Om: shut up… wayse chulbul tum kar kya rahe the Svetlana ke room me?
(shut up… chulbul what were you doing in svetlana’s room?)

Chulbul: wo mai Svetlana ke saath romance ki…
(actually I was doing romance’s…..)

Rudra: haaawwww…. Romance? Tumhe romance karne ke liye koi aur mila nahi? At last sultana mera matlab Svetlana?
(haaawww…. Romance? You did not get anybody else for romance? At last sultana oops Svetlana?)

Chulbul: aap meri poori baat to sun lijiye
(at first listen to me once)

Rudra took out his two fingers of his hand that is thumb and index finger as a director does to make an actor understand about a particular shot.

Rudra: sochoo….

Chulbul: kaa?

Rudra: tumhaaraa and Svetlana ka shaadi… tum aur Svetlana… phere ho rahe hai… tum aage Svetlana peeche…. Phir aadhe phero ke baad pandit ji ne kaha dulhan saamne aiye…. Svetlana saamne aayi.. tumhe dheere se dhakka laga iss wajah se tumhaare leg par moch aayaa so Svetlana tumhe godi par utha lit um uske godi me…. Svetlana tumhe uthaye pure phere ko complete ki… phir tum uska maang bhar diye
(your’s and svetlana’s wedding… you and Svetlana… you are taking seven rounds around the fire… you at the front and then Svetlana after you… then after half rounds are done pandit ji asks you to alter your place… you was about to come to the front but your leg got twisted….. Svetlana pulled you up in her arms and you both completed the seven rounds like that…. Then you filled her head line)

Chulbul was imagining everything.. after rudra completed chulbul freaked out in his girlish voice…

Chulbul: naaahiiii….

His eyes pooped out of his eye sockets… rudra made a weird face after hearing to his girlish voice. Chulbul cleared his throat after looking at rudra’s face

Chulbul: ee naahi ho sakta
(this cannot happen)

Rudra: kyun?

Chulbul: hum to omkaaraa ji ke patni hai to ee kaise ho sakte hai?
(because I’m wife of omkaaraa ji)

Omru: kya? Kya kaha tumne??
(what?? What did you say??)

Chulbul: wo hamara matlab tha ki omkaaraa ji ko pata hai ki hamari ek patni hai to hum ee shaadi kaise kar sakte hai?
(actually I meant omkaaraa ji knows that I have a wife so how can I marry again)

Rudra: to aise kaho na tumne to mere heart se mere brain ko hi nikaal diya tha…
(then say like this only you took my brain out of my heart)

Om hitted on rudra’s head

Om: duffer heart se brain kaise niklega?
(duffer how can your brain come out of your heart?)

Rudra: mera heart mera brain kahin se bhi nikle aapko koi problem… right chulbul?
(my heart my brain it can come out from any way it wants do you have any problem……. Right chulbul?)

Chulbul: haan haan..
(yes yes..)

Om rolled his eyes on chulbul. Shivay came to om’s room littering

Shivay: what is going on boys?

Rudra: chulbul ki shaadi..
(chulbul’s marriage)

Shivay: what?

Om: kuch nahi shivay tu iss duffer ki baat kab se sunn ne lag gaya
(nothing shivay from when have you started to listen to the stupid talks of this duffer?)

Shivay: yaa correct

Rudra: aap dono kabhi nahi sudhrenge
(you two will never be good)

Shivom: sahi baat hamare chote bhaaisaab..
(you are correct our little bro…)

Rudra: mujhe kuch yaad aya mai kahun
(I just remember something can I say)

Om: hum na bhi kahenge to bhi tu kahega phir permission kisliye le raha hai?
(if we say no also then also you will speak then what’s the point in taking permission?)

Rudra: ok to mai kah hi deta hu
(ok fine then I’m saying)

Shivay: haan abb jaldi bol
(yaa say it fast)

Rudra: chulbul ki shaadi hogi……………..chulbul ka sahera sajega…………..chulbul ghori chadega…………..chulbul dulhaa banegaa………
(chulbul will get married…………….chulbul will wear sahera………………chulbul will sit on horse………………chulbul will become a groom……..)

Shivay: bas that’s it..

Om: tujhe kiski yaad aa gayi shivay?
(shivay did it remember you of someone?)

Shivay: ab bas bhi karo tum dono
(now you two just stop it)

Omru: aapki agyaa saraakho par..
(ok fine we are stopping it)

Chulbul looks at them with pleased eyes and a smile covered his face looking at the bond between the trios.

Shivay: hey chalo let’s have some sairabaano.. uff.. I mean Americano..

Om: shivay.. sairabaano??

Rudra: ahaan ahaan sairabaano??

Shivay: stop it guys.. wo anika ke muh se sunte sunte mai bhi aaj kal bolne lag gaya hu..
(stop it guys…actually I always listen this from anika’s mouth so it just slipped out of my tounge)

Rudra: dekha hamari bhabhi ka kitna effect hai iss paraya dhan par
(see our bhabhi effects this property of someone else)

Shivay: phir se tum dono shuru mat ho jaanaa
(please you two don’t start it again)

Omru: jaisi aapki agyaa bhratashree..
(as you say our brother)

Shivay: so let’s go guys

Shivomru move to go but chulbul keeps standing there.

Shivay: chulbul chalo
(chulbul come)

Chulbul: par mai??
(but me??)

Rudra: chalo na sairabaano ka taste achha hai…
(let’s go chulbul taste of sairabano is really good)

Shivay: rudra…

Rudra: ok mai darr gaya abb chalen?
(ok I’m afraid now let’s go?)

Om: hmmm… let’s go

Chulbul also went with them. They all went to pool side. Shivay made Americano for four of them and handed the coffee mugs to them.

Chulbul: wo hum kuch kahen?
(can I say something?)

Shivay: ya say

Chulbul: aap log ye kaali coffee peete hai?
(you all drink black coffee?)

Shivay: hey this is not kaali coffee…
(hey this is not black coffee…)

Chulbul: achhaa theek hai theek hai kaali nahi hai par zara sanwli si hai na omkaraa ji??
(ok ok fine it’s not black coffee but it’s little bit blackish coloured coffee right omkaaraa ji?)

Om: shivay se pooch….
(ask shivay…)

Rudra: bhaiyaa kaali coffee…
(bhaiyaa black coffee…)

Om: aur sanwli bhi..
(and ya little blackish type also…)

Shivay: shut up….

Omru: humne kuch kaha kya
(did we say anythibg?)

Shivay: tum dono na impossible ho…. And chulbul it’s Americano..
(you two are just impossible.. and chulbul it’s Americano)

Chulbul: kya cano??
(what cano??)

Shivay: Americano…

Chulbul: kuch bhi cano..
(kuch bhi cano…)

Omru laughs out loud the way chulbul pronounces it. shivay glares them disgustingly. Chulbul takes a sip of the coffee and spills it on om.

Chulbul: eeeee kitna ganda hai peene me
(eeeee so bad in taste)

Shivru: om….???

Chulbul: sorry omkaaraa ji…

Om: oh god my shirt…

Shivru: hehehehehehehehe

Om: stop laughing…

Anika came to the pool side and also starts laughing seeing om’s condition.

Anika: om…??

Om: bhabhi aap bhi??
(bhabhi you also??)

Anika tries to control her laughter but she fails doing so.

Rudra: bhabhi chulbul aapka looonnnnggg lost bhaaii hai
(bhabhi chulbul is your looonnnnggg lost brother)

Anika: kya matlab?
(what do you mean?)

Rudra: bhaiyaa… kaali coffee… sanwali coffee and ha last me o ke upar coffee ki bearish.
(bhaiyaa… blach coffee… a little blackish type coffee and ya at last heavy downpour of coffee on o)

Anika: kya matlab?
(what do you mean?)

Shivay: mai tumhe baad me samjha dunga…
(I’ll make you understand later)

Anika: theek hai… par om tum wo shirt wash ke liye abhi jaakar dedo
(ok… om you just go and give this shirt for wash)

Om: haan bhabhi..
(yes bhabhi)

Chulbul: sorry omkaaraa ji

Om: it’s ok

Shivru (looking at each other): hmmm…. It’s ok..

Om: shut up you both

Omru and chulbul went to their respective rooms. Om was a little angry but rudra was laughing like a maniac in his room. Shivay on the other hand was staring his wife lovingly.

Anika: kya hua shivay?
(what happened shivay?)

Shivay: tum haste hue kitni khoobshurat lagti ho
(you look soo beautiful when you laugh)

Anika: mujhe bhi pata hai ki mai khoobsurat hu
(I also know that I’m beautiful)

Shivay: phir se tadi dikha rahi ho?
(again you are showing your attitude to me?)

Anika: haan matlab aab jo khoobsurat hai to wo hai hi na
(yaa.. I mean I’m beautiful so I’m that)

Shivay: to mai apni iss khoobsurat biwi ke saath thoda romance kar sakta hu?
(then can I romance my beautiful wife for sometime?)

Anika: na shivay… abhi mujhe bahut kaam hai
(no shivay… I have lots of work to do right now)

Shivay: tum hamesha yahi karti ho mere saath
(you always do this to me)

Anika: awww…

Shivay: ab aww kya?
(now why awww?)

Anika: aap kitne cute hai na?
(you are soo cute na?)

Shivay sat down on bed.

Shivay: hmmm wo to mai hu.. pata hai mere college days and school days me hare k ladki mujh par mara karti thi
(ya I know I’m cute… you know in my college days and my school days every girl was to die on me)

Anika: achha aisi baat hai?
(oh really?)

Shivay: hmmm…

Anika: par mai to nhi marti aap par
(but I do not die on you)

Shivay: achha aisi baat hai?
(oh really?)

Anika: hmmm…

Shivay throws a pillow towards anika

Anika: aap mujh par pillow kyun phenk rahe hai?
(why are you throwing pillow to me?)

Shivay: mera ghar mera room mera pillow mai kisi par bhi phenku
(my house my room my pillow I can throw it on anybody I want)

Anika throws it back to shivay

Shivay: tumne mujh par pillow kyun phenka?
(why did you throw the pillow on me?)

Anika: mere pati mai un par kuch bhi phenku
(you are my husband so I can throw anything on you)

Shivay: awww… I LOVE YOU my life

Anika: hmmm.. pata hai..
(hmmm.. I know..)

Shivay: I love you ka answer koi aise deta hai kya?
(who gives the answer of I love you like this?)

Anika: mai to aise hi deti hu agar aapko koi problem hai to mai kuch nahi kar sakti
(I give the answer like this… if you have some problem then I can’t do anything)

Shivay: hmmm really aur agar mai tumse I love you bulwaa liya to?
(hmmm really if I make you say I love you then?)

Anika: koshish karke dekh lijiye…
(you can try that if you want)

Shivay at first closes the door and then goes to his wife.

Shivay: anika abhi bhi waqt hai seedhe seedhe kah do..
(anika you atill have time you can say now also..)

Anika: aap hi harne waale hai..
(you will only loose)

Shivay: ok fine then.

Shivay pulled her near to him and placed a kiss on her forehead. His hand touched her upper back as she was wearing a deep neck kurti with black jeans. He touched every corner of her bare upperback. She was pleasured from inside. Shivay pulled her closer. Now both of them can feel each other’s heart beat.

Anika: shivay… jab hum ek dusre ke paas hote hai tab humara heartbeat ek ho jaataa hai..
(shivay… whenever we come close to each other then heartbeat becomes one)

Shivay tightened his grip on her and smirked looking at her beautiful lips. Anika understood shivay’s intentions. Shivay came closer and closer and closer. Shivay was about to grab her lips but anika moved her neck away.

Anika: I LOVE YOU shivayy

Shivay: I love you too anika…

They both hugged each other. And shivay placed a kiss on her neck.

Shivay: hmmm…. So I won the challenge

Anika: mai bhi chahti thi ki aap ye challenge jeete
(I also wanted you to win the challenge)

Shivay: hmmm…?? Kyun??
(hmmm…?? Why??)

Anika: aap mere hai shivay sirf mere… I love you very much
(you are mine shivay only mine… I love you very much)

Shivay: haan anika mai sirf tumhara hun sirf tumhaaraa… love you too jaan..
(yaa anika I’m only your’s….. love you too my life..)

They again shared a hug.

Ab ye kaun se type ka precap hai wayse kuch bhi ho wo to next episode me hi pata lagne wala hai. So let’s just wait. Peeps I was thinking to take shivika’s romance to another level like really a naughty and wild one. I can post their love making scene in details if you all want but anyone from here says no then I won’t post it. so peeps shower your feedback in that matter as well. And bye for today. -NILASH

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      Thank You Anaya??


    1. Nilash

      Thank You UF I hope I’m fulfilling your wish of giving equal space to every character

  3. Wow sooo romantic and sweet ff.Nilash dear, your writing is just superb.
    Pehele tumne precap di chlbul ki saadi pata chala ki imagination ki saadi7????????
    Your precap always gives us heartattack. But I love it
    Post next part ASAP.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Arpita… I hope to serve you with more funnier incidents that you will love to read and I’m yet not ready with my next episode so basically I don’t know when will I post it please till then pardon me and stay tuned??

  4. Amayaa

    Ab mai na apne longgggg longgggggg comments likhna band karne vali hu
    Nilash di
    Again u nailed it ………………
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    Par ye to darwajator tha

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    Nd that evil Svetlana too
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    Nd saiera bano is de heroine of today’s episode

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    Omki – Shomki bhi bahut impressive tha
    Swethu bhi thori cool thi

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    1. Nilash

      ????????? Amayaa ab mai kya karun??? Every one is waiting for my next post but it’s not ready yet….. ab mai ro dungi….
      Tum and short comment please agar duniya ulat bhi jaaye to bhi ye nhi hoga waise mai nhi hone dungi ye
      Amayaa dekha tumne itna taarif kiya na isliye mai tadi dikhane lag gayi and uss chakkar me next part likhne ka time hi nhi mila please gussa mat hona
      Aur last me thank you loooooaaaaddddssss meri 2rs writing ki itni taarif karne k liye
      Love You dear Sisssoo…..

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      Aaawwww my Niki dear your stomach is okay na?? If not please do visit a doctor or else if it bursts out laughing then who will call me rocking girl from next episode.. hehehehehe just kidding thank you loads dear

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      Awwww Gayathri see you are waiting for my next part and it’s not ready yet throw your chameli upon me…… but ya thank you and I will surely try to post the next part soon..

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      Thank You Bhavana….. I’ll cry now every one is waiting for the next episode and it’s not ready yet?? loved the word chweet I will surely try to post soon please till then pardon me

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    1. Nilash

      Thank You Banita… thanks that you liked all the stupid stuffs I wrote… well please throw your chameli on me as the next episode is not ready yet???? feeling really bad as you all are waiting this eagerly

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      Thank You Rasika.. 🙂 🙂

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      Thank you Ahsana……… i don’t know when will i post the next episode but i’m trying to post it soon………. please till then pardon me pleasee… 🙁 🙁

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