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Hlo and seriously sorry for this super late post. Actually I was stuck in that SULBUL part so I posted soooo late. Sorry pardon me for this. Now let’s come to thank you part everybody thank you loadsss love you all. Ok ok fine I’m moving to the story. Last thing the link for the previous episode is given below
Next morning shivika came down together. Everyone by that time returned to oberoi mansion.

Rudra: so bhaiyaa bhabhi accept ki aapko?
(so bhabhi accepted you?)

Om: nahi ki hogi rudra…. (made a sad face)
(no bhabhi may have not done it rudra)

Pinky: oh my heera beta anika ne to teri oh my maataa kar di
(oh my dear son anika hurted you lot na?)

Jhanvi: no pinky aise nahi kahte afterall he is your heera beta
(pinky you should not say like that after all he is your dearest son…)

Daadi: so saad billu

Rudra: so sad na billu ko apni billi nahi mili
(so sad na a male cat did not get his better half that is a female cat whom he loves in his life)

Shivay: koi mujhe kahne dega
(please someone let me speak)

Pinky: hum tere muh se tere heartbreaks ke baare me nahi sun sakte
(we cannot hear about the news of your heartbreak from your mouth son)

Shivay: mom just listen to me on….

Rudra interrupted in between

Rudra: choriye bhaiyaa… bhabhi aao khane baitho
(leave it brother… bhabhi you come to have breakfast)

Anika: haan rudra
(yes rudra)

Anika sat on a chair and beside her chair rudy was to sit but our sso pushed him and sat on the chair.

Om: haaawww

Shivay: what?

Rudra: bhaiyaa hume pata hai ki aap bhabhi ke pyaar me devdas ban gaye hai par phir bhi aap mujhe aise dhakka denge?
(bhaiyaa we all know you became devdas in love of our bhabhi but for this you will push me like this)

Shivay: ok now everyone shut up

Om: hmmm of course mere bhai ka dil tuta hai isiliye hume ab uski hi sunni paregi hum to kuch kah bhi nahi sakte
(hmmm.. ofcourse we all should shut our mouth and listen to him as my brother’s hurt got broken into pieces)

Daadi: iska kya matlab hai billu?
(what do you mean by that billu?)

Shivay: arre mere mataon pitaon bhaiyaao evam meri bahan mera dil nahi tuta hai guys
(oh all my mom’s pop’s brothers and my dear sister my heart is not broken guys)

Meanwhile rudra went to the chair near om.

Everyone together (except shivika): matlab?
(what do you mean by that?)

Shivay: matlab (blushed a little and took a pause)…. Anika said me yes..
(means…. (blushed a little and took a pause)… anika said me yes..)

Rudra: kya itni jaldi?
(what so fast?)

Shivay: haan.. no wait itni jaldi matlab
(yes… no actually wait what do you mean by so fast??)

Om: wo kuch nahi..
(nothing shivay…)

Shivay: oh mere sach ke boyfriend tu kab se jhut bolne lag para?
(oh the boy friend of truth from when you started to lie?)

Rudra: o jhut nahi kah rahe hai bhaiyaa
(o is not lying bhaiyaa)

Shivay: tu to chup hi rah
(you just shut up)

Pinky: anika well done beta love you..

Shivay: wait wait ye kya chal raha hai?
(wait wait what is going on??)

Daadi: kuch nahi… kuch bhi to nahi.. chalo sab breakfast karte hai
(nothing… nothing at all… let’s have the breakfast)

Soumya: hi everyone kya hua aap log mere liye wait kar rahe the?
(hi everyone you all were waiting for me?)

Rudra: nahi sumo hum shivay bhaiyaa ke saath baat kar rahe the hum koi sumo wumo ka wait nahi kar rahe the
(no sumo we were talking to shivay bhaiyaa and yaa no one was waiting for any sumo)

Soumya: oh cry baby oberoi tum to chup hi raho (she signed like crying while calling rudra by that name)
(oh cry baby oberoi you just shut up..)

Rudra: sumo tum mujhe uss naam se mat pukaro
(sumo don’t call me by that name)

Soumya: to kis naam se pukarun duffer singh oberoi
(then what should I call you duffer singh oberoi??)

Rudra: you sumo wrestler…

Daadi: arre bacchon abb khana khaye?
(arre can we have the breakfast now?)

Shivay: yes hume abhi khaana chahiye
(yes we should have it now)

Om: wait shivay pahle tu apni baat complete kar
(wait shivay at first you complete your sentence)

Shivay: hmm.. then….. actually anika also loves me

Pinky stood up

Pinky: yeee hamara plan successful ho gaya… oh my maataa oh my maataaa..
(yeee our plan is successful… I’m sooo happy)

Jhanvi: shut up pinky

Pinky: oh sorry jethani ji (sat down on her chair)

Shivay: plan..??

Anika: wo kuch nahi shivay khana khate hai na..
(nothing shivay let’s have the breakfast)

Shivay: no anika pahle ye log kis plan ke baare me baat kar rahe hai wo to jaan lete hai
(no anika at first we should also know that about which plan they are talking about?)

Jhanvi: bas kar din a tumne hamari plan ki oh my maataa (looking at pinky)
(now you flopped our plan as always…)

Pinky: sorry (making a cry baby face)

Shivay: koi mujhe bataega ki kya chal raha hai
(please any one say what is going on..??)

Daddi: wo hum ne anika aur dushyant ke fake pyaar ka plan banaya tha taaki tum apna feelings confess kar lo
(actually that love between anika and dushyant was a plan of us to make you confess)

Shivay: fhat the wuck..

Om: haan isiliye yahi baat hum tumse chupa rahe the
(yes for this reason only we were hiding this from you)

Rudra: bhaiyaa please gussa mat hona
(bhaiyaa please don’t be angry)

Shivay: wayse ye nonsense plan tha kiska?
(by the way who was the mastermind of this nonsense plan?)

Om: tia ka..

Shivay: what?

Rudra: wayse plan to achaa tha na aapne to confess kar liya
(by the way the plan was good after all it made you confess your feelings)

Shivay stared angrily at everyone and then at anika

Shivay: anika tum bhi?
(anika you also?)

Anika: wo shivay…
(actually shivay…)

Shivay: mujhse koi baat mat karna
(don’t talk to me)

Rudra starts singing

Rudra: phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kahna hai…. Ek hazaro me mere bhaiyaa hai…
(everyone in this world says my brother is the best)

Shivay: what?

Om: duffer wo meri bahana hai hai naki mere bhaiyaa hai
(that was my sister not my brother)

Rudra: mera song hai mai kuch bhi gaaun..
(it’s my version of song so I can put any lyrics I want)

Shivay: whatever…

Shivay get’s up angrily.

Anika: shivay aap baith jayiye mai hi chali jaati hu
(shivay you sit I should go from here)

Shivay: par tum kyun jaaogi?
(but why will you go?)

Anika: ye plan mere liye than a.. nahi ye plan banta aur nahi aap apne family par itna naraz hote
(this plan was for me.. if this plan was not made then you wouldn’t be angry on your family)

Tears flashed on anika’s eyes, shivay could not resist him from dropping his anger.

Shivay: ok mai baith jaataa hu
(ok I’m sitting down)

Om: to let’s have the breakfast

Rudra: haan bhaiyaa bahut zoro ki bhook lagi hai..
(yes bhaiyaa I’m verryyy hungry)

They all ate together quietly. After completion of the breakfast shivay spoke again to give them a shock.

Shivay: wayse plan achha tha
(by the way the plan was good)

Everyone together (except shivay): kya?

Shivay: hmmm… shayad agar aap log ye nahi karte to mai anika ki value apne life me kabhi nahi samajh paata
(hmmm.. if you all would have not done this.. then I would have never understood the value of anika in my life)

Daadi: oye khotia to thodi der pahle hume dara kyun diya tha
(oh then why you frightened us like that some time before?)

Shivay: to aap logo ne acting ki to mai acting nahi kar sakta thora?? Hmmm??
(you all acted like that then why can’t I act right now?? Hmmm??)

Pinky: my heera beta tune to hamari oh my maataa kar di thi..
(my son you have frightened us)

Shivay: I know mom

Anika: thank you..

Shivay: anything for you darling

Rudra: kya?? Aap sabne kuch suna??
(what?? Did you all hear something??)

Om: hmm.. humne bhi kuch suna.. dar..darrllli..darling right yahi suna na
(I also heared… dar.. darrlli..darling right?)

Anika blushed hard. Anika was about to go but shivay held her hand beneath the table. Anika signals him to leave the hand but he held her hand more tightly.

Rudra: hume sab dikh raha hai bhaiyaa…
(we all can see what are you doing bhaiyaa)

Shivay: hmm??

Om: haan shivay ye table glass made hai I hope you remember that
(shivay tis table is made up of glass I just hope you remember that)

Shivay left her hand in no time and anika rushed inside with the blush in her cheeks that turned her like a red tomato. Everyone went back to their room after having the breakfast.

Om was passing by sultana’s oops Svetlana’s room while she called her

Svetlana: om…

Om: what?

Svetlana: tum zara chulbul ko mere room me bhej dena please…
(please will you send chulbul to me for some time?)

Om: kyun kya kaam hai?
(why what do you want?)

Svetlana: mujhe uske saath kaam hai to mai tumhe kyun bataun?
(I have some work with him so why will I say it to you?)

Om: ok fine… I’m sending him

Svetlana: hmmm… good

Chulbul came to svetlana’s room after some time.

Chulbul: ka baat hai madam ji?
(what happened madam?)

Svetlana closed the door but did not lock it

Chulbul: ye aap ka kar rahe hai madam ji?
(what are you doing madam?)

Svetlana: wait for a minute

Chulbul: aap harharaike bataiye aapko kya kaam hai
(please tell fast what do you want)

Svetlana: romance with me..

Chulbul: kaa???

His two eyes popped out of his two eye sockets.

Svetlana: jaise shivay aur anika romance karte hai wayse
(the way shivay and anika does that way)

Chulbul: ye aap ka baat kar rahe hai
(what are you saying madam?)

Svetlana: mai jo bhi kah rahi hu sahi kah rahi hu
(whatever I’m saying it’s correct and true)

Chulbul (in his mind): man me shanka lag gayi lanka
(I’m gone for today)

Svetlana: chulbul…

Chulbul: haan haann madamji..?
(yess… yess madam..)

Svetlana: arre mujhe bhi shaadi ke baad om ke saath romance karna hai to mai ussi ki practice karne ki soch rahi thi…
(well I also have to romance with om after marriage so I thought to practice it from now only)

Chulbul: romance ki practice??
(practice of romance??)

Svetlana: hmmm…

Chulbul (in his mind): gauri bhaag yahan se warna aaj to tere gender ki oh my maataa ho jayegi..
(gauri run from here or else you are gone today)

Svetlana: chulbul let’s start..

Chulbul: mujhe naahi aataa ye sab madam ji…
(I don’t know these things madam)

Svetlana: ok fine… mai tumhe instructions de rahi hu you just follow it
(ok fine.. I’m instructing you, you just follow it)

Chulbul: naahi madam ji humse ye naahi ho payega
(no madam I can’t do it)

Svetlana: oh shut up you chulbul…..

Chulbul (in his mind): bas aaj to gaye hum kaam se
(today I’m surely gone…)

Svetlana starts dancing around chulbul. She makes chulbul to touch her waist and then she and chulbul dances romantically. Chulbul aka gauri thinks about the moment of her and om’s dance. Om comes inside and is hell shocked by the situation. He hurriedly goes out of the room.

Rudra: kya hua o??
(what happened o??)

Om: oh my maataa….

Rudra: oh my maataa? Andar choti maa hai kya
(oh my mataa? Pinky Aunt is there inside?)

Om: hmm… nahi.. no andar to sulbul hai??
(hmm.. no sulbul is there inside)

Rudra: sulbul…?? Oh you mean chulbul?

Om: andar to….

Om could not speak much. Rudra peeped inside the room and made a cry face and looked at om.

I don’t know what will be the next episode because today I just gave a random precap so please peeps stay tuned to know what happens.

Sorry again for this super duper late post. I know you all were waiting. Peeps may be tomorrow I won’t be posting because the next episode is not ready yet and tomorrow I won’t get time to write it so I’m promising you all that the next upload will be a long one. Longer than today’s one also. So bye- NILASH

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  1. Amayaa

    Oh God Nilash di
    Ye Kya kar diya
    Aap Sab milkar mere ff ki ooohhhhh my mata kar rahe h
    Pahle meri Aastha di aur an meri Nilash di
    Ye ho kya raha h
    He bhagwan itna sab hone se pahle mujhe Utha kyon ni Liya
    KUCH zaada ho gaya na
    Heyyyyy this is de line of some1 in my next part

    Nilash di now I m feeling 2 change some of de scenes of my next part
    It is already written
    Ooooh God di
    Hamare thoughts itne kaise mil sakte h
    NOW I’ll post my ff somedays later
    As i need some time 2 change it……………..




    1. Nilash

      Amayaa mai tumhaare iss loooooooonnnnnnnggggggggggg wale comment me to reply karna hi bhul gayi…. sorryyy as i’m replying sooo late… amayaa sorry yaar galti se kuch tumhaare scenes mere me aagye. next time mai pakka likhne se pahle dhyaan rakhungi taaki tumhe aapna walaa phir se change na karna pare or else i’ll wait for your ff and after you posted i’ll post mine one…. so pleasee apne iss Nilash di par angry mat hona….
      Amayaa…. mera ff just ek stupid one hai koi khirkitod wod nahi hai but your one is just super awesome… tumhara space sense for everyone is awesome…. please mujhe kuch suggestions zarur dena taaki i can improve my ff
      the first part of your ff really inspired me a lot and ya waiting for the second part i’m sure TU zarur upload karenge ussse don’t worry and ya not only me all other lovers of your ff will also bash them if they don’t do so….
      just chilaaxxxx… and ya i’ll be trying to post the next part soon till then plllleeeeaaaasseee pardon me…… love you… and stay calm it will get uploaded relax my dear sis..

      1. Amayaa

        Nilash di
        Now I m feeling much better
        Hope so
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        But ya aap apni ff zaldi post karo
        I m waiting
        No need 2 post it after my ff
        Because uska dur dur tak koi ata pata ni h

        I m warning u now
        Don’t say sorry 2 ur little sis AMAYAA again

    2. Nilash

      ok meri bahenaa mai darr gayi ab se kabhi bhi sorry nahi bolungi promise nahi pinky promise……….. yaar i was waiting for the next part of your ff from saturday…….. pata nahi wo kab tak aayega…….. tum kal aur ek baar usko post karna i think it will get posted i feel like so…….. tab tak phir se intezaar……… you know this song… Intaha ho gai, intazaar ki
      Aai na kuchh khabar, mere yaar ki
      Ye hamen hai yaqeen, bevafa vo nahin
      Phir vajah kya hui, intazaar ki, intaha ho…
      mai bas yehi chaar lines gaa rahi thi tumhara reply melne ke baad se…. hope it get’s posted soon…… and yaa please apna dil chota mat karna or else i’ll also get sad..

  2. Nithu

    laughed like a mad………………

    1. Nilash

      Awwww….. thank you for laughing like mad at my stupid imagination…

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    2. Nilash

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      1. Amayaa

        Yeah !!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!
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        U know what mera dimaag kharab ho chuka h
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        Upar se Maine sare sentences English me translate karke itni mehnat se type kiya air sab vanish ho gaya

        Man to kar raha h TUPAGE ki oooohhhhhh my mata kar du
        Agar ooohhhhhh my mata ni to gangaram hi kar du

        AB to itna gussa aa raha hu na ki kya batau
        Bas ab mujhse ni hoga

        Ur cry baby AMAYAA

    3. Nilash

      awwwww… my amayaa darling dil chota mat karo… problem kya hua hai? u try it once again and ya this time save it in microsoft word. aur agar iss baar mere amayaa ka post update nahi kiya to mai aur tum milkar iss TU page ka gangaraam aur oh my maataa dono kar denge.aur aisa raita phailaenge aisa raita phailaenge ki usko samet te samet te unki poori life nikal jayegi… i promise we both will do that.. by the way tumhare email me koi mail aayaa ki unn logo ne cancel kyun kiya hai? agar aayaa hoga then check it. and you can also reply to them and they will answer you mere saath bhi ek baar aisa hua tha then i got a email from them and i asked them question about that and they replied me so try it once. i hope ye problem jaldi vanish ho jaye ga nahi to yaad hai na ganga raam and oh my maataa…

  4. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome . Post soon .

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      Thank You Surbhi… keep reading

  5. OMM! pehle SULBUL romance..ab chulbul marriage..yeh ho kya raha hai?!!
    Cant wait for the nxt…update asap!

    1. Nilash

      Awwww…. really shocking na???? Pata nhi iss chulbul ke life me abb kya raita phail ne walaa hai… let’s just wait and watch…

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Practice for romance!! Hahaha…..very funny SULCUL ROMANCE…. Shivika scenes are so sweet… Precap…? Eagerly waiting for next part.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You loads Gayathri… thanks for appreciating so much..

  7. Awesome….

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    Sulbul was very funny….awesome update

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    SULBUL romance?????????????????????????????????y I am laughing a mad. Post next part ASAP.

    1. Nilash

      Awwww Arpita… maine koi record todi hai kya??? Yeeeeeeeereeeeee yippee… wayse thank you… I’m veeerrrrryyyy happy that you laughed like mad at my stupid imagination…. wayse in future isse bhi zyada stupidity ke liye may God bless me… hehehehehe…

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      Wayse ye Nishal naam bhi achha h just kidding dear love to get your comments…

  16. OMM!!!!!! SULBUL ki romance toh….!!!!!!!!! & it’s not fair Nilash again suspance…. no… no… sock a bigg… sock chulbul ki saddhi…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt dear…..

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      Thank You Banita you are okkk na after the shocks… Sulbul romance was ok na?? And ya it’s not fair accepting another stupid precap.. please keep reading

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