O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s episode 8

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Episode 8
Shivika: tickets to Mauritius???
Dadi: yes!!
Shivika: dadi iski kya zarurat this…
(dadi.. wht is the need of it)
Dadi: zaroorat hai.. warna mein Jo cahti houn wo kaise Hoga??
(Need is there… Or else wht i want how will it happen??)
Pinky: me too mummy ji…

They both laughing go from there…
Shivika r in deep thoughts abt wht dadi said…

Anika: Shiv!! I think dadi is talking about wht u said yesterday …
(She blushes..??)… Shivaay understands wht she ment….
Shivaay: Then we should obey dadi..
( he smirks… He tries to cm close to Anika… But alas… He is pushed back by Anika… )
Anika: Shiv !!! Aap ko office nahi Jana… Jab dekho romance and romance…
Shivaay: iske saath jaoo… (Pointing towards the lovebird his Billi had given)…
Anika: wait..

Shivaay: wht??

Anika gets a bandaid and applies on the lovebite..
Anika: if anyone will ask tell them that u scratched it..
Shivaay kisses her forehead..
Shivaay: anu… I love u ..
Anika: I love u too…
Shivaay: i know… That’s why i hv this on my neck…
Anika: shiv!! Bye…
Shivaay’: cover. It up and goo..
Anika: okay…
She damps some make up on it and goes..

At dining table…

Shivika cm down..
Dadi: so wht hv u both thought??
Shivika: ok dadi … We will goo…
Everyone: hurray!!
Rudra: dadi… Wht abt us??

Dadi: after billu and Anika cm ….
Everyone finish there food and then go…
Rudra and Saumya go out..
Om and Gauri goes to deliver their statues
Others r busy with their work..

Shivika’s room..
Shivaay is finding smthing in the room..Anika cms..
Anika: kya hua? Sare room ki halat deko..( wht happened? Look at the condition of the room)
Shivaay: arre mera phone ..
Anika: duffer Singh Oberoi… Ye lo…
She removes it frm under the pillow..
Shivaay: u know where all my things r kept..

Anika: Shivaay.. do u hv a deal today??
Shivaay: yes!! How do u know??
Anika: u always wear the black suite whenever​ u hv a meeting..
Shivaay: love u Ani..
Shivaay goes… Anika sees that he has left his watch..
Anika:. Shivaay!!! Ur watch..
Shivaay can’t hear her… Anika runs.. she slips and falls down… At the same time Shivaay also is any to fall but Khanna holds him..

Shivaay: thanks!!! Oh i forgot my watch.. I’ll go and get it..
Shivaay cms inside and sees Anika in pain…
Shivaay: Anikaaa… Koi doctor ko bulaooo.. (Anikaaa.. someone call the doctor..)
Everyone cm there..Om calls the doctor.. Shivaay makes Anika lie down… The doctor cms.. she chks Anika..

Doc: u all cn meet Mrs. Oberoi…
Everyone go to meet Anika..
Doc: Mr. Oberoi.. pls cm with me..
Om also hears this..
Om: any problem doctor..
Doctor​ looks at Shivaay.. Shivaay nods positively…
Doc: pls cn i speak to u both in personal..
The trio go to Omri’s bedroom…

Doc: Mr Oberoi… I hd a good news and i hv a bad news…
ShivOm: wht happened Doc??
Doc: Actually Mrs. Oberoi was pregnant.. but as she fell on her stomach… She lost her baby.. Don’t worry she will nvr get to know abt it…

Shivaay falls on the bed in sitting position… Om and the doc concle him…
Shivaay: Anika was would b soo happy if she would get this news..But it’s all my fault..
Om: Shivaay… Plz.. (Rudra enters.)
Rudra: Bhaiyaaa … Bahbi is calling u..
Shivaay: i am cming..
Rudra leaves…

Shivaay: how will i fc her?!!
Doc: she doesn’t know abt it…. She will hv abdominal pain for 1 or 2 days.. then she will b fine…. Om can u pls excuse us .. we want to speak..
Om leaves..
Shivaay: yes doc??
Doc: Shivaay… Pls don’t cm in s**ual contact with Anika during these 2 days.. it’s not good for her..
Shivaay: yes doctor…
Doc: ok … take care…
Shivaay goes to Shivika’s room…
Anika: Shiv!! Where were u!!
Shivaay: wo mai…( cut by Pinky..)
Pinky: haan Shivaay… where were u Anika was desperatly finding u!!!
She laughs…

Anika: Shivaay!! U go… u hv a meeting…
Shivaay: K.. ill goo… but on one condition… u will b with om all the time..
Om: Ya bhabi… u will b with ur devar cum jiju …. till ur pati dev cms..
Anika: But shivom… i am fine..
Om: Anikaa.. its ur jijus order…
Anika: k… jiju..

She laughs…. Shivaay is relived…everyone goes… Shivaay kisses Anika on her forehead.. and then goes…Anika gets up..
Om: Anikaaa… i am keepimg a watch on u.. hmm..
Anika: oh jiju… i am sorry.. plz can i stand..
Om smiles… they both hv a good laugh..gauri cms.
Gauri : Om.. why r u scolding my didi?

Om: gauri.. she is my saali till her husband cms..
Gauri: oh… …
She also laughs..
The trio go ..
Aftr smtime..

Anika is sitting with Om and talking… others hd gone out..she fells sm pain..
Anika: ahh!! Om.. pass me a glass of water.. my stomach is paining..
Om remembers wht the doctor had said
Om: here u go… i’ll brng th medicines…

Precap: shivika’s honeymoon… Gaukara and rumya sizzling momentss…

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