Oberois Memories – Part 13

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Sorry for the late update I was on Vacations. i know this ff is lagging behind of the show but I want to uncover something which will take some time. Sorry.

Lets continue


Recap- Sahil and Shivaay create a plan for Anika to make entry in OM.

Sahil enters OM.

Rudra and Om come.

Sahil- Is my chocolate cake ready.

Rudra- Yes.

Om brings a cake out and Sahil is about to take a bite, when Shivaay comes in.

Shivaay- Om, since when have you started making cakes.

Om- I’m not really good at that.

Rudra- I am the best cook in the universe, I made most of the cake.

Om-(slaps rudra slightly) Duffer, you put the eggs in the microwave and ruined the microwave, and when I told you to bake the cake, you forgot to switch the oven on.

Rudra- And Shivaay bhaiya, if you find a chicken running around OM, please tell me. I need to return it by tomorrow,

Shivaay- Chicken.. What… How..Anyway me and Sahil will both taste the cake.

Shivaay and Sahil both taste the cake.

Sahil(about to vomit) This is cake is so ba…

Shivaay(covers Sahil’s mouth) Brilliant. Well done Both of you.

Rudra- Well than we should taste it as well.

Shivaay- No! (He starts eating more of it) Sahil you have some more.

Sahil- I’m full. That cake was so filling.

Om- Let me try it.

(Rudra and om both taste it and they spit it out)

Rudra- Eww Om why did you make such a disgusting cake

Om- A few minutes you praising your talent of the “best chef”

Rudra- Please tell us what was wrong with it. Shivaay.

Shivaay- It was great.

Sahil- No it wasn’t you had but salt instead of sugar and cinnamon instead of coco, and it was uncooked.

ShivOmRu look at Sahil weirdly.

Sahil- What? I like my food.

Anika comes

Anika-Sahil, where are you.

Sahil- Coming Di.

Anika- Did you get your cake?

Sahil- Don’t talk about that. Di I need to talk to you.

Anika- Go for it.

Sahil- In private. Come on.

He drags Anika and winks at Shivaay.

Shivaay- That’s my boiii!

Om- Oh my Matta.

Rudra- Fhat the Wuck?

Rudra- Shivaay’s acting like a kid, Om is acting like Choti Maa, and I’m acting like a billu.

Shivaay-I’m still quite young, I can still use this slang.

Rudra- Very funny.

Scene changes to Shivaay’s room.

Anika- What Sahil.

Sahil- Am I like your brother.

Anika- No!

Sahil- Oh!

Anika- You are my brother. I will always be there for you and support you in your choices, I will tease you and love you. All right, so stop getting these stupid thoughts okay.

Sahil- I’ve go to go…

Anika- Wait..

Sahil left.

Anika- I said something so nice, and no Aww or no compliment. Sahil and Shivaay are exactly the same.

Suddenly the lights turn off.

Flash back(a day ago)

Shivaay- Are you sure you want to do this. Anika will get mortified.

Sahil- Jiju. Don’t worry, Anika will be scared at first but then when her superman comes she’ll forget her worries and be in your arms(hugs himself and starts to kiss the air)

Shivaay- You should stop spending time with Rudra. It’s changing you.

Flash back ends

Anika- What happened to the lights. Why are my hands shivering. Come on Anika be strong. (Her eyes start to close ) Chutki! Come back ! Don’t leave me. Wait don’t leave me alone here in the dark. Ow.Ow. Just STOP it I’ll be a good girl(she shouts in her sleep)

She wakes up crying and shouts Shivaay.

Shivaay comes and sits besides her.

Shivaay- Anika don’t cry. Everything is fine.

Anika hugs shivaay and shivaay is shocked by this. He strokes her hair and wipes her tears.

Anika- Shivaay, I’m scared.

Shivaay- Don’t be. When Shivaay Singh Oberoi is here no one can harm you, okay.

He kisses Anika on the forhead.

Shivaay- The light has gone out just for some time, it will be back in some time.


The light comes on.

Shivaay- Look the light is on. Happy now Anika.

Anika realises what she has done, and stands up.

Anika- You are a very cheap man Mr.Oberoi. I know you planned this all. And Sahil you can come out know. I know you were helping with all this.

Shivaay and Sahil are both surprised of how Anika knows this.

Anika- Next time you do such a cheapde thing like this, the police will know.

Anika leaves angrily

Shivaay- (sarcastiucally) Thankss Sahil.

Sahil- You should of done it romantically.

Shivaay- Now that plan was a flop. Maybe the universe wanted me to marry that Tia.

Sahil- No. In my heart you and Anika di are the perfect couple. Every billu needs its billi. And after Me, Souyma, You and Di, will go on a trip.

Shivaay- Aw. Does Sahil have a little crush on Souyma.

Sahil- Shut up. Focus on Anika. I have a Plan B.

The conversation is muted,

An hour later in the hall, Anika is in the lounge when Rudra runs to her.


Anika- Anika didi actually . Rudra What’s wrong.

Rudra- It’s dadi. She’s …

Anika- What!!!(She runs to Dadi’s room,)

Dadi is laying in the bed.

Anika- Dadi, are you okay.

Dadi- I may not live for that long,

Anika- Don’t talk like that.

Dadi- I want something from you.

Anika- Anything for you dadi.

Dadi- I want you to work her in OM again and take care of my shivaay.

Anika- Sorry Dadi, but I can’t do.

Dadi- On my sake( she holds her pinky)

Anika- Pinky promise(she locks her pinky with dadi’s)

Dadi- For some reason I feel fine now. ( gets out of bed)

Anika- dadi, were you acting.

Dadi- Meet you tomorrow 9.30 am sharp.

Anika- Okay dadi.

Dadi and Anika leave, and Shivaay and sahil are watching this.

Shivaay- You are a genius.

Sahil- I know.

Shivaay and Sahil hi-fi each other and whisper Mission bring Anika accomplished.

They hear a clucking sound.

Shivaay- Sahil… did you just… Cluck… at me.

Sahil- No.

They turn around to see a chicken pecking at their feet.

Sahil- Fhat the …

Shivaay- wuck!!

Rudra comes and sees the chicken.

Rudra- Clucky, there you are, I have been looking for you for hours.(He notices Shivaay and sahil staring at him. He picks the chicken up.) Go on, imagine I’m not here.

Walks of saying “Idiot, as if they haven’t seen a chicken before”.

Screen freezes at Shivaay and Sahil doing fistbump

Precap- Tia entry again

After typing this. I just realised This is awful. Sorry guys. My birthday is in 2 days so May post in between these days. The track may seem really boring but I have a line of villains waiting.

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