Oberois Memories – Part 1

Hey I’m new here and basically last night I was thinking of writing one as I am a silent reader,
What I was trying to do it re create the scenes of Ishqbaaz but add more characters and maybe change the plot a bit.
My Hindi isn’t the best so I will be writing mostly in Hindi. Please feel free to drop some comments and your opinion despite it being positive or negative.
Lets Go!

Early Morning in the Oberoi Mansion, Prinku,Shivaay, Om and Rudra are all gathered in Shivaay’s room.
Om: So Anika doesn’t remember anything?
Shivaay: Nothing, last night she was going on about not being able to give birth. God she’s gone crazy I swear.
Rudra: I heard her going on about someone in the kitchen. Someone called Ansh and Shivika.
Prinku: Who are they??
Shivaay(feeling embarrassed): Well… you see..
Om: What Shivaay?
Shivaay: Shivika and Ansh are the names of our children that we’re never going to have. Thats what Anika was going on about.
Rudra and Om start laughing
Rudra: Will they have ur Kanjii eyes
Om: Shut up Rudra they will have his tadibaaz.
Rudra and om are crying of laughter.
Shivaay: You two will never change.
Prinku: I think you should tell Anika the truth about why you married her. Maybe she might remember.
Shivaay: No I don’t think she will react very well with that.
Rudra : Plus it would be hard to phrase that (tries to imitate Shivaay) I never liked you. I only married you to save our families respect.
They hear a gasp and they all turn around, Anika had heard them and drops the cup of tea she was bringing for shivaay.She then runs off.
Shivaay: Well done Rudra. Very good. Now I have to find her now.
Shivaay runs off to find Anika
Rudra – Abhi Raita phal gaya.
They all go out looking for Anika

Shivaay, Rudra, Om and Prinku all meet each other in the lounge where they see Tia and Anika talking and laughing. Mrs Kapoor enters
Mrs Kapoor: Hello Shivaay
Shivaay : Do you have nothing better to do than to come to the Oberoi Mansion
Mrs Kapoor – I can come in as many times as I want after all it is my daughters in:law house. Oh by the way I have a surprise for you. Catch. She throws some sort of paper.
Shivaay: What is this?
Mrs Kapoor: An application to state that Anika has a mental disease and therefore the divorce can happen sooner
Shivaay: I don’t agree to this.
Pinky: Oh My matta SHivaay have you lost our mind this is the only way of getting rid of Anika. Get rid of the cheap middle class girl now.
Anika (getting really confused): So he is not my pathi parameswar.
Mrs Kapoor: No What he’s been saying is a lie just ask him yourself.
Anika: Shivaay please explain. I don’t get it.
Pinky: Shivaay don’t speak you will just make matters worse. Let me explain it to you. ( She tells Anika everything from how she was forced to be married to how he really like Tia)
Anika: (her eyes full of tears): So Tia was right, You were just using me and lying.
Shivaay: Anika let me explain you see..
Anika: (interrupts Shivaay and goes to Mrs Kapoor) Please can I sign it Maam.
Mrs Kapoor: Of course you can.
As Anika signs it, a tear forms in Shivaays eye.
Mrs Kapoor: Okay Shivaay , you sign now.
As Shivaay signs his teardrop lands on the paper.
Everybody is shocked of what just happened except from Mrs Kapoor, Tia, Swetlana and Pinky
Mrs Kapoor, Tia and Swetlana smirk in delights and Pinky is very happy now.

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