Hello dear friends… I know I am late again but I guess you will forgive me after reading this part CHAPTER 18&19 coz I have cleared THE BAG’S MYSTERY…. But will again get angry as I INTRODUCED A NEW MYSTERY …which to be frank will not be going to get solve soon. As that is the base of my whole ff.

Anyways enjoy the ff.
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Chapter 16 & 17


“Fine then listen…” Pinky said with a victorious smile behind shivaay.

“Its about Ragini…” Pinky continued.

“Ragini…??!!” Shivaay asked being surprised.

“Yass…ragini…do you have any idea…what is she going through…?? That day also she came home to share her sorrows…but you and the whole family was busy with that drama queen.” Pinky taunted.

“Mom… Anika was having cold…as she got drenched in rain…she wasn’t doing any drama…” Shivaay corrected pinky.

“Oh yes… Ragini instead was doing drama… Right…” Pinky countered.

“I didn’t said that way…” Shivaay lightened the flow.

“But you meant the same… Anyways… I just came to tell you that Ragini’s engagement got cancelled because of you… Intact that mad Siddharth has given her life’s threat… That if she didn’t leave you then he will kill her. Now you only think what to do to save her…” Pinky said everything.

“But mom…there isn’t anything as such between us and the whole world knows that.” Shivaay said.

“But the world has also seen that stupids video” pinky replied.

“And all this mess has been created because of that only.” She added.

“Don’t worry mom… I will clean this mess…soon…very soon.” Shivaay replied after thinking about his project…and realising that the time is slipping… In order to adjourn the matter…he just assured pinky this way.

“What you will…suggest me something now… Arrey this is not done the person who helped you in your tough times…has to wait for your help in her tough times… You just say what I your next step.” Pinky forced each and every word by her.

Shivaay was just thinking about the deal that he has tomorrow.

“Mom plz give me some time atleast… I will think and tel you.” Shivaay tried to ignore.

“What later shivaay…tell me now what are you gonna to do for a girl who is a saviour for your family.” She personified.

“Mom…i need time…” Shivaay tried to divert.

“What time shivaay… How much more time you want…?? We don’t have time just say it now… What will you do for her.” Pinky provoked him.

“I will marry her… Wil that be alright….and enough to save a girl who helped me in my tough times.” Shivaay vent out at the top of his voice satisfying pinky with her intentions.

Pinky too believed him…and thinking that her plan is going to get successful…she leaves with a wicked smile.

Om was engrossed in making a sculpture…when gauri entered. He didn’t noticed her…as he was deeply involved in his work. Gauri took out some necessary things from the cupboard. And was about to leave when her stole got stuck to a nail that was there on Om’s workstation… And this diverted Om’s attention.

Gauri was trying to remove her stole which was tangled in the nail…when her eyes fall on the sculpture which Om was presently making.

She kept on starring the sculpture…and as she made herself capable of taking off he eyes from it. She simply diverted those to Om…who was lost starring her. She took out her stole…and waved her hand in front of Om…but she got no response in return.

She tried a no of tricks to divert his attention…but all goes waste… Om was just starring gauri without blinking eyes.

Now finally gauri clipped before Om which was enough to provide him a realisation about how he was lost stupidity that too in front of her…

Gauri laughed out loud seeing his state. While Om bowed down with a pinch of blush and realisation of his stupidity.

Gauri then managed to make herself normal as she realised that she overreacted. And she leaves praising Om’s talent of providing life to a lifeless sculpture.

While Om smiled idiotically on his stupid yet great work.



Om came back to his room after finishing his work late at night… By this time gauri had slept… He look at her innocent and bright face…and mentally he started thinking all the things that happened till now…

How he misunderstood her… How he doubted her… How she entered the mansion as chulbul… How “HE” became his good friend… How “HE” helped him with everything… How “HE” was revealed to be gauri… How Gauri entered as his wife… How she made Svetlana out of the house… How buamaa’s drama started… How she brought out the truth with help of lie… And so on…

His mind was finally ditching him as his herat won the fight that was going between both since a long time…

“So today you slept… Without talking to me… I guess you forgot our promise to tell one thing about each other daily… But let it be… I won’t forget… And I won’t let you forget the same….” Om thought.

This is when his eyes caught attention of that bag which he hid from Gauri sometime before…. He approached his workstation….and took out the same…

He stated checking it….when a diary fall off from it…. He took that up cleaned it…and opened finally… The dairy was of that girl… But her name wasn’t there.

Om opened the first page and found PRINCESS RAJPUT written over there in bold letters….

He started turning pages… All he found and read was…

Date: Jan 4, 2014
Yaayyyyyy I finally won chess from CHARMING… Its a different kind of feeling…. I still can’t believe that he THE GOLD MEDALIST in chess lost from me… I am super happy today….

Om again turned pages… And he kept on reading…

Date: Jan 12, 2014
Its sooooo good that i finally got my LIFE repaired… Finally I can enjoy its VALUE….and PRESENCE… Uffffffff all thanks to CHARMING…. He is damn good…. I luv uh CHARMING…

Om smiled at that weird word… “LIFE REPAIRED” and thought the girl to be mad.

Date: Jan 29, 2014
Oh god… Why this happens to me…. I really can’t believe….that I am sitting here and writing this stupid diary which no one could ever read (coz its my personal space and no one is allowed to enter here)…. Instead of having a drift with my LIFE… Ahhhhhhh…. I really need help…

Om felt confused as the girl again mentioned her life with DRIFT which obviously don’t go together… He turned quite a bundle of pages…

Date: Mar 18, 2014
Mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaahahhhhhh…. LUV u CHARMING for your extraordinary role in my life… I really wish you were here with me at THAT MOMENT WHEN I WAS RECEIVING MY DEGREE… And giving a thank you speech to you as you are the only person in my life whom I am in love with that too madly…

Om kept on turning those pages…. And reading those mood swings of the girl… He get to know that she was a jolly kind of girl who is sometimes over expressive… She can’t held any secret in her stomach…. And so she simply vomit everything here in her diary. Om was engrossed in reading the diary of that girl…

On the other hand… Gauri was feeling uneasy… She was sleeping yet she was having a kind of uneasiness….as she was tossing the bed… Maybe again she was seeing something really bad… But it was not clear even to her…

All this go un noticed by Om as he was busy with the new discoveries that he was doing about that “DEAD GIRL” and “HER DIARY”

Gauri was sweating badly as she viewed something scary that finally she got up with a jerk and sweat beads covering her completely…

This sudden jerk that she got brought on back to the real world…
He rushed to her and start rubbing her back as she was breathing frequently….at an abnormal rate…


He himself made himself rest on the back side of the bed with his one hand still caressing her head…giving her peace… While eyes stuck at her… So that if another time she felt bad or uncomfortable then he could help her before it is too late.



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