O jaana… Ishqbaaz (shivika) ep-2

Thanks for ur comments guyz and i am going to write the dialogues in hindi but will also translate it in english so lets start.

Anika reaches the office.A girl comes to her.

Girl:Itna late kyu hua tujhe?(Why you got late?)

Anika:Are yaar aaj kal log pagal jaise car chalate hai toh late toh hoga hi na.(Nowadays people drive the car like mad then we will get late?


Anika:Baad mein samjhati hu.(Will tell u later)

Girl:Tuje pata hein aaj famous business tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi aaye hai.Conference room mein bethe hai.(You know today famous business tycoon Shivaay Sing Oberoi has cone.He is sitting in conference hall.)

Anika:Sacchi! I listened about him but never saw his face.

Girl:Toh aaj dekhlena vasebhi tujhe sir ko pendrive dene ke liye conference room janahi padega.(So see him today.Also you have to the pendrive to sir in conference room.)

Anika and the girl gives high fi to eachother.Anika takes the pendrive and goes towards conference room.She was excited to see Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

She enters the conference room.

Anika:May i come in sir?

Mr Mehra:Come in.Mr Oberoi see i got the presentation.


Shivaay sees Anika and stands from his place and Anika is also shocked.


Anika:Kharab driver tum yaha kar kya raheho?(Bad driver what are you doing here?)

Mr Mehra:Anika calm down.Meet him he is the famous business tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Hearing this Anika gets more shocked.

Anika:Oh beta ki!

Shivaay:Toh tume pata chalgaya na mein kon hu.So just get out of here.(So now you came to know that who i am.So get out of yere)

Anika goes from there quickly.

Anika:Jaisa suna tha vaisa toh hai hi nahi.(What i heard he is totally different)

The same girl comes to her.

Girl:So you saw Shivaay Singh Oberoi?

Anika:Dekha lekin na dekhna zyaada accha hota.(Yes i saw but it was better that i did not have saw him.)

Saying this Anika left from there leaving the girl confused.

Anika:Kaise kaise log business tycoon banjate hein.

She was going when someone catched her arm and pulled her towards him.It was Shivaay.

Anika and Shivaay come close to eachother.They have an eyelock.O jaana song plays in background.

Their eyelock breaks.

Shivaay:Toh tumhe pata chalgaya na ki subhe kiski galti thi.(So you came to that whose mistake was at morning)

Anika:Ha patachalgaya ki subhe aapki galti thi.(Yes cane to know it was your mistake at morning)

Shivaay:What nonsense.It was your mistake.

Anika:No it was your mistake not mine.

They started arguing.

Shivaay:Oh just shut up.

Anika:Shut up toh aap apna mouth kijiya.

She left from there and Shivaay did the reaction of catching neck and left from there wearing his sunglass.

It was evening and Shivaay reached home.He was confused but seeing everyone of the family member was standing around a phone.

Shivaay:Phone mein konse heere moti lage hai jo sab usko ghair ke khade ho?(Which diamond is there on phone that everyone are standing around it.

Shakti:Are Shivaay Rudra ka phone aaya hai.(Shivaay Rudra has called us)

Shivaay:Hello Rudra

Rudra:Hello Bhai

Shivaay:I missed you very much.

Rudra:Me too bhai

Omkara:Pehle yeh bata wapas kab aayega.(First tell when will you return)

Rudra:Bohot jald (Very soon)

All laugh including Rudra.

Tej:Come back soon Rudra we all miss you.

Rudra:Dad mein wapas jald aaunga par aap sad mat hojao.(Dad i will return back but you dont get sad.)

Call is over.

Dadi:I really hope Rudra comes back soon.

Omkara:Ha dadi.(Yes dadi)

Precap:Shivaay:Tumse baad karna matlab bhais ke aage bin bajana he.

Anika:Toh aapke samne baat karna matlab andhe ke samne nachna.

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      In 3rd episode i have written the dialogues in hindi and no translation but if u wish then after ep is updated i will give u the translation in english

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