O jaana… Ishqbaaz (shivika) ep-1

Guys this is my 1st ff on shivika so please tell whether you liked it.

The episode starts with the song o jaana

O jaana…..
O jaana………

O jaana….
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadapte rehta hai
Tu hein mere jine ki wajah
O jaana…..
O jaana…..
Khoya khoya rehta hein
Dil tadapte kheta hein
Tu hein mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana…….

Shivaay and Anika are romantically dancing on the song.(this is female version of song)

Shivaay is wearing a classic spectacle.Anika is wearing a red saree and Shivaay is wearing black suit.

They dance very closely to eachother.It have been 3 years of their marriage.

The dance gets over and everyone claps for them.They look into eachothers eyes.They go towards Rudra who have just came back from U.S.A.He was not their during their marriage because he was in U.S.A.The party was for the return back Rudra after 3 years.

Rudra:Bhai and bhabi you both rocked the stage.


It was Omkara.

Omkara:They put the stage on fire by their romantic dance.

Both Shivaay and Anika blushed.

Shivaay:Done done and by the way the party is over so no more jokes.

Anika:Let them crack the jokes.

Shivaay looked at Anika with angry glares.

Rudra:I missed your both love story please tell know.

Anika and Shivaay looked at eachother.

Anika:Surely we will tell you lets go.

Rudra,Omkara,Shivaay and Anika headed towards hall adn sat on the luxurious sofa.

Anika started saying the story.

Anika:It all started with our first fight……….


Shivaay is seen driving a long and luxurious car with his sunglasses on.

He is driving car when a girl comes in front of his car.He stops the car immediately.The girl was Anika.

He quickly out of the car.

Shivaay:Can’t you see a car was coming!?

Anika:Can’t you see i was crossing the road.Oh how you will be able to see as you wearing sunglass and that also it have black shade.

Shivaay removes his sunglass.

They have a eyelock.O jaana plays in background.

Shivaay comes back to reality.

Shivaay:Its your mistake not the mistake of my sunglass.

Anika:Oh yeah its not sunglass’s mistake.

Shivaay:So you understand.

Anika:It’s the miatake of the owner who was wearing the sunglass.

Shivaay was a little shocked.

Shivaay:Oh really but i think its your mistake.

They start arguing when Shivaay gets a call on his phone for meeting.Shivaay leaves from their showning angry glares to Anika.

Anika:Don’t from where these silly drivers come.I am also getting late for office.

She leaves for her office.

Precap:Anika enters the presentation hall and Shivaay is shocked to see her.

He stands from his chair

Guys i hope you like 1st episode of it.Next episode will be updated tomorrow if you wish.
There is a thing i want to tell you guys.

I din’t like Shivika first but after hearing female version of o jaana i just liked them and thats why kept the name of my ff o jaana.To get realistic feeling of shivika i wrote this ff and also played the music o jaana song of female version and its true.

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