O Gujariya 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Todays epsiode Vaibhavi”s character changed by Shweta negi
Vaibhavi sits at bench and tells she have to create a way…Ada and Natasha comes…..takes Vaibhavi along with them…Ada and Natasha takes Vaibhavi to Kabir”s house tells that she is staying there….Vaibhavi thanka Ada and Natasha…Kabir …Natasha Ada sits in the room…..Samar comes sees Ada…Samar asks whether Vaibhavi tried in the hostel…Vaibhavi tells she have but didnt got….Samar tells kabir that they will shift in the hall…as Vaibhavi will take the room….Samar agrees and goes..Kabir tells Samar to talk to Ada Samar tells he has already talk…Vaibhabi comes and tells dont worry everything will be alright..

morning in the college..MR Rao is sitting on another side..Vaibhavi goes and tells committe that she is null and innocent…one of the sir asks how she is innocent as she brought alchohol..in the college and is guilty..Vaibhavi shows college rules book and tells according to the rules and regulations any student influenced or consumed alchol will be find guilty…lecturers talk to each other and agreed tells that they are not rustigating but suspending her…Vaibhavi gets shocked..Sir tells that she is not able to attend the classes…Vaibhavi tells hersel that if she missed the lecture then her dream will be shattered and cannot take part in united ambuanation factory…Committe says its her wish to stay or leave…Vaibhavi agrees and leaves..
At night..Vaibhavi drinks water and tells she have to think something…Samar and Kabir are cooking..Vaibhavi comes Samar tells that they are making special Biryaani for her…As cooker whistle rings…Samar moves away..Vaibhavi goes and puts water…Samar thanks Vaibhavi….Next morning…Vaibhavi goes to college ..and bumps into Shaurya…Shaurya stares Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi tells she have just came college to return the books….Shaurya tells he doent care and asks why she is thinking him wrong…again asks about the answer…Vaibhavi tells why is he feeling her awkward tells that she have no feeings for him…and goes…Vaibhavi peeps in the classrooms…Vaibhavi goes into a classroom sees fire alarm…put chair on the bench and burns the paper and goes…
Again Vaibhavi goes to the library…and return the books..as the fire alarm rings…Vaibhavi gets happy…and all students run…Shaurya tries to control the situation….Vaibhavi stops everyone and tells that she will go inside and see what exactly happened….Vaibhavi asks everyone for dupatta…Mr Rao and all committe member comes…All gals tie their dupatta Vaibhavi holds the dupatta and goes….Shaurya asks whether everything is ok….Vaibhavi replies yes tells everything is okey…Vaibhavi comes back and tells that girls must go first…Girls go…A boy goes saying he have to go…Vaibhavi pushes and slaps him….saying how he may became a good IS officer…Shaurya tells teachers must goo…All professor goes..MR Rao sees VAibhavi..and then boys goes…Shaurya and Vaibhavi is left….Vaibhavi tells Shaurya to go…as she will come…Shaurya goes…All the girls and boys come down from the window of classroom by ladder…At last Vaibhavi comes carrying somthing…Vaibhavi shows the coils…and tells that some stupid burn coil and forgot to put water…tells that she just have gone because she was in doubt..Mr Rao tells asks what doubt…Vaibhavi tells that colour of smoke is white…if fire was caused black smoke would have evolved….One professor tells that Vaibhavi is right…Bali tells his girlfriend is right…Everyone claps..students professor.Natasha and Ada is happy…Vaibhavi says thankyou and goes…One of the committe member Professor stops and tells that Vaibhavi can join classes..”O gujariya” music goes on in background…He tells Mr Rao that he cannot stop such a intelligent girl..who have a good leadership quality…Mr Rao gets shocked….

Precap: Vaibhavi asks Natasha as Ada Is getting married there is no way to meet her…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. we want our old VAibhavi backkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. this one is so ugly

  2. @Ria the old one was justifying the role….this one don know how to act….dont understand wht they replace the lead

  3. Snehal pandey was good yaar why u ppl replaced

  4. please bring her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want to see her only as vaibhavi!!!!!!! She was justifying the role pretty well… watching a replaced protagonist feels so unsatisfactory!! u have to bring her back!!

  5. Plzzzz bring the old vaibhavi back…..this one can’t act properly…plzzz

  6. Since Vaibhavi has been changed, I have got no interest in watching this show anymore.It feels so strange when protagonist is changed. Now I’ll watch this show only if old Vaibhavi is brought back !

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