O Gujariya 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Natasha goes to the house press bell but Vaibhavi doesnt open…kabir open the house with his key..All of them search for Vaibhavi…sees everything spread.in the room.Natasha calls police..Police officer sees the tables..and lamp fallen on ground.He asks Natasha when did they see last time Vaibhavi..Natasha tells 2hours before..police officer asks did Vaibhavi had any boyfriend..Bali says Vaibhavi was a very simple gal…
A boy tells principal that Vaibhavi is missing…principal is shocked…Samar ..Natasha …kabir comes…Samar tells that Vaibhavi is kidnapped..Natasha tells that Veer is behind that..CM listens that and asks principal what Vaibhavi did..Principal tells that Vaibhavi is kidnapped..and Veer did that…Samar tells that Vaibhavi”s real name is Vaibhavi singh chahuhan…and his father name was Annirudh singh Chahuhan…She came to prove his dad innocent..Soo she was collecting evidence..Veer kidnapped her and Mr Rao is also missing from yestarday..Principal is surprised..
Another side…a man tightly raises pistol against Mr Rao suddenly a Man comes..
Vaibhavi comes and tells Natasha that Veer had kidnapped her somehow she managed to free herself and come..Cm apologises Veer..tells that whole life he tried to explain Veer his responsibilites..tells that he will punish by anyhow..Cm orders Commissioner to find Veer and arrest him by anyhow…Cm also tells commissioner that he want Mr Rao as soon as possible…CM tells that Veer did many mistakes in life but didnt even imagine that he may kidnap someone also…
VEER Comes…Cm shouts on him..tells that he is ashamed of calling him Son..Veer tells that he everytime mis understand him..Veer call Mr Rao….Mr Rao comes..Vaibhavi asks how is he..asks if Veer did anything…Mr Rao tells that veer saved his life..
Mr rao apologises Vaibhavi tells that he is also resposnible for his father’s death…tell that Siddiqui trapped him scam the papers At that time Anirrudh was secretry of Ambunation factory..
Mr Rao tells that he always trust Annirudh soo he find out the whole truth about siddiqui and confronted Siddiqui..soo siddiqui gave him.money Mr Rao kept quiet..at that time..later after years he came to know that Vaibhavi is daughter of Annirudh..So he tried to warn Siddiqui…But Siddiqui insulted and kidnapped him..Then MR Rao tells that he realised…..
Vaibhavi asks veer how he know all that..Veer tells that he saw Vaibhavi standing…near wall of fame and listen all about his father..So he thought about Siddiqui”s party..when Vaibhavi was hiding the registor..and later Vaibhavi burnt..Veer thought that the register belong to Siddiqui..Soo at night he said his friends to keep an eye at Siddiqui..So when Siddiqui kidnapped Mr Rao..his friends known where was Mr Rao..Veer tells that he tried to explain Vaibhavi at her home but Vaibhavi tries to overSmart..and ask questions..Soo because of her safety from Mr siddiqui Veer kidnapped and placed him at safe place..but Vaibhavi ran from there..Then after that Veer gone and freed Mr Rao from.Siddiqui’s gunman…and came here…Veer tells that Siddiqui plan was also to kidnapp Suman but his friends are there…Listening all this Vaibhavi cries and tells that she is confused how to thank Veer…Cm. tells that he is proud of Veer..And tells that he misunderstood Veer Everytime..Cm.apologises..Cm and Veer hugs..Vaibhavi makes a group of Samar..Natasha..kabir..Bali all of them hug…later Vaibhavi holds Veer’s hand and pulls him.into the group all of them hug….
Princpal keeps the picture of Annirudh singh Chahuhan in wall of fame and tells that is proud of having Vaibhavi..tells that he is confident that Vaibhavi will bring changes in the system..
..Everyone claps..veer tells Vaibhvi that her mission is complete..Vaibhavi tells also because of him..Veer tells that he make impossible things..possible..Vaibhavi asks what proud he is having now..Vaibhavi forwardd her hands for friendship..Veer amd Vaibhavi both shake their hands…Veer amd Vaibhavi smiles looking at each other..Veer goes..Back Vaibhavi goes..along with Natasha..kabir..bali and Samar..
.In the campus..Veer …Vaibhavi..Samar..bali and Natasha ..are standing in a row..The show ends….

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Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. this show should’ nt end soo soon and missing shaurya

  2. what the helll??????????The show ended???????????

  3. wil miss Veer

  4. Show ebds will miss my hero Shaleen

  5. where did Ada disappear..?? no show since so many epis????

  6. I hope dis nt d end of the show…
    tell us ansari… Is it or not… This serial should not end like dis…

  7. wt d hell?? hw cn d shw end lyk dis? it ended so soon. they dint shw adaa n shaurya. adaa’s reaction on knwing her father’s real identity, shaurya’s cum bak n ol, nothin is shwn. is der a new shw cuming up?

  8. It cnt end so soon!
    There should have been some veer-vabhavi cute fight n romantic moments!

  9. such an abrupt ending…with half the characters missing….such a lol show…huh!! :/

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