O Gujariya 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kabir comes and sits..Natasha tells they have to start the relationship with a new begginning..should give a new start..kabir tells that finally talking something intelligent..Natasha tells shut up..Natasha tells from now no one will blame..Natasha promise kabir that no one will do breakup..and do small fights….Another side…Mr Rao sees a Man from.his window..and gets afraid…Vaibhavi waits for Mr Rao…Vaibhavi calls Mr Rao…but he dint picks.up..Mr Rao calls Vaibhavi..asks where is he..Mr Rao tells Vaibhavo and cuts the call…Mr Rao is tied in a dark room…Mr Rao tells to free him..The man tie’s Mr Rao’s mouth…Samar tells thankgod kabir.managed to solve diff between kabir and Natasha…Bali tells Vaibhavi is good..Bali says that she is his girlfriend…Samar tells Because of Vaibhavi ada is his girlfriend otherwise would have been sistet in love..Bali tells lucky people get true love..Samar tells there is no.ego.between true love..But it is also important that Both person should love each other…
Natasha and kabir are standing. Natasha tells where Vaibhavi disappeared..Vaibhavi comes and tells that she is tensed because of MR Rao…Bali and Samar comes…Natasha asks Bali if she has seen.Mr Rao..
Bali says yes at tommorrow night was having an argument with some people..Vaibhavi tells that Mr Rao’s life is in danger have to do something..Natasha asks what happened..Vaibhavi tells she will explain later…Vaibhavi tells she have to and search in Mr Rao’s office…All of them goes near the office and stand sees lock in office..Peon comes and asks what happened.kabir tells they have to go in office..Peon says noo he will call principal..Natasha tells the peon to first clean the area near principal”s office..Peon goes…
Samar..Natasha…kabir and Vaibhavi search in Mr Rao’s office..while Bali stands outside…Vaibhavi gets Veer’s handkerchief….Bali tells that Peon is coming..All of them run..Samar closes the door…
Vaibhavi tells Natasha that Mr Rao that it was really important to.meet Mr Rao..as he was telling about her past..Vaibhavi tells Natasha that her father was not a pilot he was IS officer..tells that 14years ago his father was dismissed..because of scam in Ambinuation factory..thats why her father committed suicide…Vaibhavi tells she came to prove her father innocent..and show the world that her father was not a traitor…Tells that one day Mr Rao confronted her and known the whole truth..
Vaibhavi tells thats why she hide her real identity because no one will give her admission in college and will not even allow to stay in city …Vaibhavi tells that Mr Rao was her last hope..Natasha tell to calm.down as all of them are with her…kabir says he too..Mr Rao tries to free himself..fall from the chair..some how manages to take a wine bottle and free himself..Mr Rao opens the window and tries to run..One man from back wearing jacket places pistol on Mr Rao”s head and tells him to sit…Principal comes and invite CM…CM agrees…..Natasha tells Vaibhavi to calm.down..as they will search Veer…Vaibhavi tells she also wanted to come..Bali tells to calm down and stay..Samar tells that they will search..Kabir.. Samar and Natasha goes..Bali tells Vaibhavi that he has a lot of respect for her..tells that like her daughter should stay in everyone’s house..Bali tells that he appreciate her..and tells that he will promise that always stay with her..Vaibhavi tells thankyou…Bali goes.. Vaibhavi stops and tells that she knoe that Bali loves her..but she just saw him as a friend and tells that wanted to concentrate on studies…Bali tells its okey…It matters that he loves her…Vaibhavi hugs Bali..He smile and goes…
CM call Veer and tells. that he is coming to college and t he dont want any drama there..Veer says okey and goes…Vaibhavi tries Mr Rao’s phone…Door bell rings Vaibhavi opens the door…Veer is standing…

Precap::Principal asks Natasha is it true that Vaibhavi is kidnapped. ..Natasha says yes And she thinks Veer is behind it..CM comes and asks what happened…Principal tells nothing..Cm.asks again…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  5. Hello all….. i used to watchdis serial b4 bt left. Will ny1 pls tel me wer shaurya went n wat abt d track?plz cn sum1 gv a shrt update

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