O Gujariya 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Natasha tells once the night is over they will go for test..Mr jaiswal comes..Natasha and kabir holds hands….Mr jaiswal apologises Natasha tells that he should’nt have leave Natasha in these times…Natasha hugs and cries…Mr jaiswal thanks kabir for realising that parent will not give punishment but also forgive children…Mr jaiswal goes along with NAtasha and kabir..
On another side Veer and Vaibhavi are sleeping holding hands…Vaibhavi awakes and takes Veer to hospital..Veer is in ICU…Vaibhavi asks how is Veer to Doctor…Dr says that he is alright and tells that Vaibhavi has done a good thing giving medincines to Veer at night..Otherwise Veer would have been serious or must have died…Doctor says Vaibhavi to call Veer’s parents…Vaibhavi goes….Vaibhavi thinks about the time she spent with Veer….suddenly bumps into a girl that is Natsha…Natasha gets shocked…..Asks what Vaibhavi is doing there…Vaibhavi tells she got some emergency…thts why…Asks what about her…Natasha cries and tells that whole college came to known about her pregnancy..and she became a joke everyone laughed at her…tells that kabir stood with her when she was alone…and his father is annoyed but gave second option…to do a test..Vaibhavi tells that is good..Veer awakes and gets up from the bed asks doctor how is he here..Doctor tells one girl brought him here…Veer thinks about Vaibhavi…Veer shouts and asks Doctor where is Vaibhavi and goes out of ward…Doctor call wardboys..goes to Veer and tells why is he angry on that girl(Vaibhavi) as she is helped a lot brought to hospital on time..and gave medicenes on time otherwise his condition would be critical..Veer is quiet..Vaibhavi goes with Natasha to the doctor…Natasha asks about the reports to doctor…Doctor says to Natasha that reports are Negative and Natasha is not preganant..NAtsha asks about the pill she brought from shop Doctor says.the pills may be fault thats why it was seen that she was pregnant…Natasha and Vaibhavi gets happy…and goes from.the hospital…In the way..Vaibhavi is alone..Veer comes Vaibhavi thinks how Veer tortured him…Vaibhavi scolds him tells she know that he leaked Natasha news..Veer tells he did not leaked the news…Vaibhavi tells to stop lying…tells she misunderstood him by seeing how he helped the man.Veer tells he also misunderstood her…Vaibhavi tells that she has deleted the video (the examination papers)from ..phone…and tells that feels pity on him..and never think that he will fall upto this…Veer says its good that she utilised the situation and deleted the video but has done a big mistake saving his (veer) life…tells that now to stay safe from.him..he will try to create problems in her life….
Vaibhavi says all to Natasha.. Natasha says why she have agreed…Natasha says that she will never do suicide infact kill kabir…Vaibhavi says that Veer trapped her in a very difficult situation..Natsha sees Vaibhavi and hugs her…tells that she is superlucky that she got a friend like Vaibhavi..she stand with her(Natasha) even when her father left..Vaibhavi smiles…Natasha tells she have to inform kabir.Vaibhavi says noo…Natasha tells Kabir is her boyfriend..And he should know that his not becoming father..NAtasha goes
In canteen Veer comes along with his two friends..comes to baliram…Bali asks whether girlfriend(Vaibhavi) and he patched up…Veer says noo as Vaibhavi is soo proudish…Bali says girlfrind(Vaibhavi) is soo humble and down to earth…Veer asks Bali why is he calling girlfrien asks if anything going in between them…Bali says noo…Bali says that he will give treat..Today for lunch..Veer says he is not intrested Bali forces…Veer asks whether it is his birthday..Bal says yes..Veer says his friends to sing birthday song…two of his friends make fun of him and sings shouting..”Hum bhi jab bubloo thay ladoo khaatay thay””…Everyone sees at Bali…Bali gets angry and shouts tells Veer as to wish or go to hell..Veer’s friends tries to beat bali but Veer stops…Veer smiles and wishes Bali..tells to give treat Bali refuses..Veer says he will give…Veer tells his friends to bring something to eat..
Vaibhavi comes to bali and asks how someone can sit lonely on b”day..bali asks how she remembered..Vaibhavi says that she is his girlfriend…Vaibhavi asks any plan..bali says noo…as no one is there Everyone will remember him for studies and no body called him from.home also..tell he is a boring person..Vaibhavi sits on bench and says and tells Bali that he is not a boring person..Vaibhavi tells herself she have to do something to make bali”s birthday special…..

Precap::Vaibhavi asks Bali what is his wish…Bali tells he want to dance with her(Vaibhavi)..Vaibhavi and Bali dance..Suddenly Veer comes beating dhol…

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