O Gujariya 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi is shocked to see final.examination papers..Vaibhavi comes in car and sits….asks Veer what is this….Veer tells the breaking news and shows the video Vaibhavi taking the examination papers..Veer tells that her mother may get heartattack seeing this…Vaibhavi tells her mother do not react to small things..Veer tells may be her mother is stonehearted…Vaibhavi says no..tells her mother trust her..veer tells if she came to known that Vaibhavi is suspended from college and no other college os ready to take her..what will her mothet happened..Veer tells he has one more option of saving Vaibhavi..Sitting on knees and apologising to him…Natasha calls Vaibhavi says that her pregnancy news leaked into whole college..Vaibhavi tells dont worry she know who.leaked the news and will be punished..Veer slips from Car and faints down..Vaibhavi shouts what happened to him..Veer thinks Veer is acting…
Kabir and Natasha goes in the college…A boy comments Kabir gets furious and starts beating him..other boys come and stops him… Natasha cries..Vaibhavi tells she will not get chance to run..Vaibhavi takes her bag…and runs some far…Vaibhavi remembers that tells that Veer will not leave her easily it means…Vaibhavi goes back to Veer and takes out water smells it.. .Vaibhavi tells that she is confused…she lies on Veer listens her heartbeat…checks his pulse..Vaibhavi takes out his wallet and sees his mother picture…Vaibhavi shouts for help…Another side Kabir still beats the boy..Proff asks what happened..Kabir tells the boy was talking rubbish..Mr jaiswal comes…Natasha says sorry…Mr jaiswal says he will never forgive her..and is ashmed of her..Mr jaiswal goes…kabir takes Natasha….Vaibhavi somehow takes Veer to a doctor..Doctor checks Veer…Vaibhavi asks what happend to Veer he suddenly fainted…Doctor says may be stomach infection..He says to take jabalpur then only treatment can happened…Vaibhavk tells she cannot take alone..Doctor tells the same how she came on drive with him…Vaibhavi says she did not came drive….Vaibhavi tells to manage somehow…Doctor says no..tells to take to jabalpur..At principal office Kabir and Natasha are standing..Principal tells Mr jaiswal that today’s generation are spoilt…tells they have tried them to compete with other big universities students…Principal tells Natasha and kabir that he didn’t expected that…Mr jaiswal tells to give a strict punishment..Natasha cries and tells sorry…while kabir tells to give one chance to their mistake…Mr jaiswal goes…Vaibhavi stops the car and asks a man the way to jabalpur..Vaibhavi tries to awake Veer but he catches her hand and tells not to leave her alone..Vaibhavi snatches her hand..a medicine falls from Veer’s pocket…Kabir and Natasha still in college…Natasha cries…Both are quiet..are in college till morning…Natasha tells that she think that her father was a super hero..but at difficult situation he.left her…Kabir tells she is not alone he ia there..tells that problem afraid of her(Natasha)…Natasha tells that much he trust her…Kabir says ofcourse Both Natasha and kabir hugs each other…Natasha search on internet about the medicine details and finds out that is Intestional infection medicine…And symptons are heavy sweating amd pain..Vaibhavi tells she have to give medicines to Veer….Vaibhavi puts medicine in water and finds out the smell..tells that she has given him normal water and it was her mistake…Vaibhavi someone give water to Veer..Veer drinks..Vaibhavi cleans Veer’s face with a cloth.and falls accidently..gets close to him sees him.while he is still fainted…Vaibhavi smiles and tells one more face of man who.tease others..

Precap:: Veer tells Vaibhavi she has done a mistake by saving his life…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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