O Gujariya 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi says she is not a 17th centuary girl to obey Veer immediately…She tells she is ready but only on one condition…Vaibhavi asks Veer to not to harm Natasha…Veer agrees..Vaibhavi tells she is ready…
Natasha tells Kabir that they fight…with each other but she scolded Vaibhavi also…Natasha asks kabir why he did he didnt picked up Vaibhavi”s phone..Vaibhavi calls Natasha..Natasha picks up..Vaibhavi tells Natasah that she is going to itteracy to meet her mother..as situation have arised..Natasha asks everything is alright..Veer snatches the phone…Veer asks Vaibhavi to bring water from his car diccky…Vaibhavi gives…Veer tells to give with some love….Veer drinks the water…Veer tells her to drive the car..Vaibhavi tells if accident happened…Veer tells it will be good…as he will die and Vaubhavi would be in jail…
Natasha tells every doctor og jabalpur known her father Mr jaiswal…Mr Rao comes and asks Natasha where is Vaibhavi…NATASHA tells that Vaibhavi went to Itteracy to meet her mother…Mr Rao thinks why did Vaibhavi lied..as in her college admission form it was different..Mr Rao asks Natasha Vaibhavi belongs to..Natasha replies Itteracy…Mr Rao thinks about a person saying Itteracy..Mr Rao goes..Mr Rao tells is it a coincidence or some relation..Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi is Vaibhavi singh Chahuhan…and came to college to take his father revenge…At another side…Veer says Vaibhavi to stop.the car at Dhaba as he is feeing hungry..Vaibhavi asks what he want Veer replies something not like her..tasty and spicy..Vaibhavi takes out money so she could buy food…Veer says no need as he show the pistol and tell to bring the food showing this…Vaibhavi asks as if he has been gone mad..Veer blackmails he will call principal and tell about Natasha…Vaibhavi takes the pistol and goes…Vaibhavi shows pistol to the women in dhaba..she gets scared..
Vaibhavi tells cool down..as she want her help…want some food.
.The women packs the food and give Vaibhavi she asks if had some problem Vaibhavi replies noo…Vaibhavi goes near the car and gives the pistol to Veer..Veer asks if the women eas her relative as she give the food without money…Vaibhavi says no tells that with love anything can be obtained….kabir tells Natasha that it was hard to deal with the situation…Kabir and Natasha goes…Some girls listen the news and tells it is Breaking news that Natasha jaiswal is pregnant…while going Veer sees a Man lying down and crying for help…Veer goes and takes thorn from his foot and washes….Veer gives him money…Vaibhavi and Veer again sits in Car..Vaibhavi asks why he did soo…Veer ask what…Vaibhavi says bad boy image…Veer says the man on road was not his enemy but Vaibhavi is…Vaibhavi tells he only tells but will not do anything…Veer stops the car…Veer types a message saying “Natasha jaiswal pregnant”
.Veer again blackmails Vaibhavi that he will send the message..Vaibhavi apologises and says no..tells that she will do anythng what he want…Vaibhavi tells to take revenge from him not from.Natasha…Veer tells to slap him abuse him but not to give challenge..as he will not move back of Challenge once accepted…In college Natasha apologises to kabir…but kabir also says sorry both argue..kabir tells they both will handle the situation…Natasha tells that she can solve any problem with Kabir…Samar comes and asks Natasha if she is preganant…Natasha replies yes…Samar says that whole college came to known..Principal scolds proff saying that his college reputation is spoiling..He tells to Call Mr jaiswal..On anotherside Veer stops the car at a park..gives a bag and tells Vaibhavi to keep on the bench…Vaibhavi tells if bomb is there in bag she will not keep…Veer tells no bomb is present…Vaibhavi comes back Veer tells to bring the envelope on the bench…Vaibhavi opens the envelope and finds out final examination papers…Veer takes out googles and sees Vaibhavi..

Precap::Vaibhavi gets the message that Natasha is pregnant..She shouts on Veer..while Veer is fainted ….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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