O Gujariya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer goes to ICU and apologises to his father…..Cm(veer”s father) tells that he will not accept tells that he already breaked already relations with him…Veer asks then why did got heart-attack…Cm tells that because of his bad faith….Veer friends gives him coffe and food but veer refuses….On Another-side…Kabir is sitting and orders 4-5 coffes…waiter asks whats his problem…kabir shouts at him..Natasha comes and tells kabir she is worried searched him everywhere..Veer’s friends tell him that they have to go to chemist to bring medicine…
Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi why she fought with such big people…Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi that Veer have such power that he change system…and even can do murder and hides.Vaibhavi tells she is becoming a IS officer to change the system…Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi have good qualities of a Is officer…tells to concentrate on her dreams and aim…Vaibhavi apologises and tells that from now-onwards her dream is to become a IS officer….At medical shop Veer comes and sees kabir..kabir takes pregancy pills and goes….Veer comes and tortures the medical shop owner…he admits that kabir took pregancy pills…Veer smiles and tells that Miss jaiswal is pregnant.Veer asks his friend to know about Vaibhavi…On another side Natasha is worried tells if she find that she is pregnant what she have to do….Natasha gets worried….Vaibhavi asks what happened…Natasha tells nothing and goes…while Veer sees…kabir give the medicine to Natasha…Natasha checks and cries….kabir asks what happened while Natasha runs…Veer follows them…Veer goes in girls washroom and checks the pills..and tells that Natasha is preganant tells that he have to inform Vaibhavi…girls knock the washroom while..Veerr opens…Veet tells he is alone this time and just came for experiemce…Veer adjusts his jacket and goes….In the classroom..Veer comes in class while everyone goes..Veer comes to bali…veer says bali that he want to apologise Vaibhavi what to do…Bali tells to talk to Natasha as she is close to Vaibhavi…
Natasha is sitting in class. .kabir tells he will see a gynachologist.. Natasha tells that his father is a surgeon will knoe everything…Kabir tells he have already stress…Natasha asks what type of stress ..as she is pregnant not he …kabir tells that Natasha is at fault…she got pregnant and it is not his mistake….Natasha gets up and pushes kabir tells that she is mistaken forgot and believed….him…kabir tells Natasha to.manage alone and goes….Vaibhavi comes and Asks Natasha what happened…Natasha tells it is personal matter and goes…..On another side Veer thanks Bali as he find Vaibhavi’s weakness..Vaibhavi search Natasha…Natasha cries…Vaibhavi asks what happened…Natasha finally tells Vaibhavi that she is pregnant….Natasha tells she cannot show to any doctor…as if he dad came to know it will be a huge problem…Natasha cries and says she will die….Veer sees and tells finally he can see fear in Vaibhavi’s eyes…

Precap::Veer tells Vaibhavi that Natasha gone to do suicide…Vaibhavi gets shocked ……

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz very much for the update

  2. Thanks for the Update

  3. dr ansari please update 24th septembr epi within the 5mins if u didn’t do it within 5 mins then read my comment again ….byee

  4. @me we need both 24 n 25 sep ka update!
    Plz update it!
    Just say 24th sept ka thoda sa part where veer tels vaibhavi to either say sorry or take his gun n go to a near by shop to bring some stuff for free to eat!
    She goes with the gun but request the lady shopkeeper to give her food n she wil pay her whenever she passes by!
    She comes back to veer n then they go away!
    While going he sees a man crying with pain as he got hurt!
    Veer helps him n gives him some money,vaibhavi gets surprised seeing this behaviour n asks him that u r not so bad but why do u do bad things?to this veer says that its his style n if she asks another question then he will send the msg to media that natasha is pregnant!
    Vaibhavi says sorry to him!
    In college everyone gets to know about natasha’s pregnancy!

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