O Gujariya 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi do big talk and Big works…Mr jaiswal comes and ask what happened..Mr rao tells he gave a test to Vaibhavi in which she passed…MR jaiswal asks what does it means..Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi lied…Students didnt got any project for which they have to go museum..Mr jaiswal tells he knew that…MR Jaiswal tell he hopes Natasha is not with Vaibhavi… Till that…Vaibhavi..Ada..And Natasha comes…Both Mr Rao and MR Jaiswal sees them…
In next scene Mr Rao practises..hockey…Shaurya tells they must have done that..tells If any student get hurt…Mr rao tells thats the test of a IAS OFFICER…MR Rao tells he is impressed by Vaibhavi…Mr Rao asks Matter is solved what is the problem..Shaurya tells compensation Rs 25Lkhs..Mr Rao tells what is the problem…students wil use the money…Vaibhavi enters and gets shocked…Vaibhavi questions Shaurya about 25lacs Shaurya is quiet….Mr Rao asks Vaibhavi is she completed the task..Vaibhavi tells yes….Mr rao says not to be soo happy.. as he is giving another assignment…Mr Rao leaves…Shaurya holds Vaibhavi”s hand and tells to stop…Shaurya tells he want to explain….Shaurya tells that Like Vaibhavi is trained to handle the situation He is also trained…Shaurya goes in flashback….Tells Mr Rao came to him and said that he want the protest of canteen to be very high…So that Vaibhavi learnes to handle high intense situation…Shaurya asks what he have to do…Mr Rao tells…to keep the compenstion..He tells to become a IS officer first have to obey the orders of seniors..Shaurya sadly agrees…and tell the students..that they are being hospitilised..their future will be spoiled and Mr compensation of 25lacs…Students agrees…While Mr Rao gets impress and goes…Vaibhavi says ok…Shaurya asks why she is taking personally…Vaibhavi gets annoyed tells it is just a task and goes…Shaurya stop..but she goes…Shaurya tells hardly he gained her trust and lost now…..
ADA takes Natasha to library..Natasha says hot girls like her are not made for library…tells she want to search kabir…Ada gets upset…Natsha tells she will giv first time to her best friend..Natasha says where is her lover..Ada tells may be at home..Natasha asks how she stopped hating Vaibhavi Ada says “hate” is a strong word…Natasha tells it is magic of Samar…Ada search book in the shelve…Vaibhavi comes and gives…Vaibhavi thanks Ada..and apologises how she treated them in past…Natasha says to discuss her qualities…Vaibhavi thanks her…Natasha tells Ada said tht she dint like Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi gets upset and goes..Ada stops tells that there are more relationship than friends..Vaibhavi thinks about Shaurya and tells yes…
ON another side…Shaurya scrumbles the paper think about Vaibhavi and throws on the floor….Shaurya tells himself why he is feeling guilty as he was also doin the task…Samar listens and asks any problem…Shaurya tells no..Samar asks where is Kabir..Shaurya angrily replies that he is not kid ..Samar says ok …..Samar tells Shaurya that writing the tension on paper and throwing on floor will not solve questions and goes …Shaurya sits….
In next scene Natasha search about Kabir Suddenly Mr jaiswal asks where she was last night..Natasha replies she is already said…Mr jaiswal tells that she is always a victim…by hiding things..Natasha gets emotional thinks about past…cries and shouts that she is not a Victim and goes…Mr jaiswal is stunned…In next scene Ada comes at Suman”s shop and asks what she want…Ada apologises as she behaved badly…Suman says ok..She tells that new designs came…Ada tells that Suman was correct..she is afraid of junaid..but His father selected junaid..Suman explains..that parents decide good…Suman asks whether she live forever with Junaid…Ada tells that Junaid is little strict…Suman asks is anyone in her life…Suman says to listen from heart..Suman hugs Ada while Vaibhavi sees..

Precap::MR Rao tells Vaibhavi to present in the morning and convince students to come to Canteen

Update Credit to: Ansari

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